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Cheating in a relationship is a highly intimate subject that few are willing to discuss, even with their kin and close friends. Unable to enlist the help and support of people they could trust, those betrayed by their spouse turn to the web in search of feasible solutions to the problem. 

If you want to cut to the chase right away and handle your partner’s unfaithfulness fast, you’re welcome to explore the limitless possibilities of these apps to catch a cheater:

This website is for everyone who mustered the strength to deal with the problem on their own and is looking for the right means. With our guidance, you will hopefully feel empowered to decide on the right course of action. 

Ways of Catching Cheaters in the Act

Even though cheating itself didn’t change much, attitudes and ways to approach adultery have evolved significantly in recent years, and here are some figures to illustrate that: 

  • According to the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, the percentage of people condemning extramarital sex in any form plummeted from 76% in 1992 to 58% in 2021;
  • Dr. Annette Lawson, formerly of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Stanford University, claims that today, about 50% of married women and 75% of married men had an affair at least once (compared to the 1980’s rates of 40% and 55% respectively);
  • Ashley Madison, the world’s leading ‘married dating’ site, enjoys an annual revenue growth of 13% and passed the 70 million accounts mark back in 2020.

Technology has contributed a lot to the arsenal of cheaters – from regular texting to advanced instant messengers with self-destructing and secret chats. Thankfully, it also spawned the spy app industry, which has been steadily advancing the methods of catching cheaters – up to a point where no data on a tracked cell phone can remain hidden.

сheck his cell phone with this app

If you still have doubts about your partner, check the activity on their phone:

Apps to Catch Cheaters 👀

Though mobile trackers share several basic features, such as monitoring calls, SMS, GPS location, or social media like Facebook, each cheater catching app specializes in a certain approach to digging up evidence on a potentially unfaithful husband or wife. With the brief overview of several market leaders below, available both on iPhone and Android, you should have no problem deciding on which app suits your needs best. logo

SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble Pro positions itself as an app that catches cheaters and is equipped accordingly. In addition to the fundamental features we featured in the intro, this tracker excels at advanced social media monitoring. You don’t only get to see their Instagram DMs or viewed and liked Youtube videos but even track their online status and see alerts for whenever they launch any app.

spyzzz logo


If your goal is to thwart your target’s cheating plans, Spyzzz is the way to go, owing to its unrivaled remote control options. At any given moment, you’re free to restrict their access to certain websites, prevent them from going online by blocking Wi-Fi, or even delete an especially concerning app like Snapchat or TikTok from their phone.

uMobix Facebook Activity Tracking


The guilty conscience of a cheater often compels them to delete exposing messages, contacts, or media, but uMobix won’t let that happen. A perfect app to catch a cheater who tries to cover their tracks, uMobix updates and archives everything happening on their phone as often as every 5 minutes and will even alert you if they rename someone on their contact list.

Cocospy catching cheaters app


Cocospy is primarily a parental control app, but it packs as imposing a tool set as other apps to catch cheaters on the list, along with unique positioning features like geo-fencing. This tool allows you to mark any area on the map as unwanted, and Cocospy will instantly notify you when the target enters or leaves such a zone. If the phone owner turns off their GPS when heading towards the affair partner, Cocospy can still pin them down with a Wi-Fi connection history.

GEO-Location Services 🌍

Tracking by phone number can be a feasible alternative to spy apps if the whereabouts of your boyfriend or girlfriend are your only concern. Geo-location services are web-based and hence need no installation. However, the successful outcome of tracking may depend on your inventiveness or power of persuasion.

With, you can send the phone owner a GPS-sharing request accompanied by a text message from an anonymous sender. The best strategy is to disguise your bait as something innocuous while still making sure your target feels an impulse to click on the link. A ‘promo’ of their favorite shop, gym, or restaurant is likely to do the trick. exploits a similar pattern, only with a different approach. The idea is to upload any image to the site and get it back with an attached GPS request. Then you send it to the receiver and wait until they click the link. While it can’t be done anonymously, this method may be more efficient if you and your target have a history of exchanging media.

Free Methods to Catch a Cheater

Since the development and upkeep of spy apps require considerable resources, it’s only natural you’d be hard-pressed to find a truly free app to catch cheaters. Products like Google Family Link and Screen Time have severely limited toolboxes compared to any of the apps above and are not designed for discreet use. Thus, your best bet is to collect the evidence while the trial period of your tracker lasts.

Physical Devices

Various gadgets can form a powerful duo when combined with your catch a cheater app of choice. Here are some notable tools and their potential applications:

  • Spy Gadgets: Such devices are designed to blend into everyday objects, allowing for covert surveillance. Consider getting a hidden camera disguised as a household item or a voice recorder camouflaged as a pen.
  • Cameras: From traditional security cameras to miniature spy cams, these may be harder to hide in plain sight but offer a surefire way to gather visual evidence.
  • Airpods and Similar Devices: Wireless earpieces do not arouse suspicion when lying around and thus become a virtually invisible means of eavesdropping if placed strategically.

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