Catch A Cheating Boyfriend: Spy On Text Messages Online

Catch a cheating boyfriend using a variety of effective methods

Guide on how to catch a cheating boyfriend: Reveal the truth

If you’re reading this article, then you're worried about something. Fed up with talking? Try to spy and catch a cheating boyfriend. If you want to spy on boyfriend’s messages, apply all your feminine wiles. Believe me, our creativity can do crazy stuff. Women are sensitive creatures. We usually notice even the slightest changes in human behavior. So if you’ve noticed such a change in your boyfriend, it’s time to prove you right or wrong.

Signs that a Boyfriend is Hiding Something

your boyfriend might be cheating

Catch a cheating boyfriend by paying attention to the following signs:

Secrets 🤫

He prefers short and inconsistent answers. He’s not honest and sincere with you. It may even come to hiding something from you.

Anger 🤬

He perceives your questions as a threat. Doesn't matter how simple and non-intrusive they are. He thinks you may suspect something and gets mad every time you ask them. What is more, he may get angry when you ask to give you his phone. A person who has nothing to hide wouldn’t throw a tantrum over the phone.

Cleared messages 💥

If you asked to give you his phone, and he agreed, it doesn’t mean he’s a liar. It can mean he knows how to clean everything. In order to hide cheating texts, people get too far. They make mistakes and delete the messages that wouldn’t have caused suspicions. So if everything is super-clear, it may be a bad sign.

Sudden good looks 🕺

After three years of your marriage/living together, he suddenly looks like Brad Pitt? Time for research. Usually, when a man has a mistress, he tries to make an impression on her. And what is a better way to do it than dress up a bit? Yeah, not only women use this trick.

No sex desire 🔞

If you have sex once in a week or month, it must be a wake-up call for you. All mature human beings have the needs that must be satisfied. One of them is sex and everybody knows it. So if you feel that your sex life became poor, test a cheating theory.

Put-up fights 👊

You know, if your boyfriend has someone on the side, he’ll try everything to sneak out from the house. Sometimes, it may come to fights when your partner gets “too emotional” and demonstratively leaves the house “for a walk” or “to breathe some air”. Such fights usually happen over trifles and are always initiated by him.

Excuses 🥱

“Honey, my boss is killin’ me. I’ll be in 3 hours, sorry” or “I need to help my aunt Annie who leaves outside the city. Can’t make it for dinner” are excuses men make to confuse you. However, if it’s made once and the reason is verified, don’t make a scene.

How to See Your Boyfriends Text Messages Without Him Knowing?

Unfortunately, if you identified your partner’s behavior with at least five of the previously listed points, you must take some action. Don’t rush things yet, it can be a mere misunderstanding. If you’re sure it’s not, try to spy on your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing about it.

The future is here, ladies, because, finally, there are texts’ spying apps that help people sort things out when it comes to infidelity. You may think such apps are sophisticated and it’s impossible to do this kind of stuff. However, these apps are as easy-to-use as any social network like Facebook or Telegram. You just sign up, create an account, adjust some settings, and get a personal sort of truth-digging. There’s nothing easier than catch a cheating boyfriend!

see boyfriends text messages

If you try such an app, you’ll get access to all his messages and be able to read them whenever you like as the app stores them. You need to make sure the phone operating system is compatible with the app. Sometimes, the app works either on Android or iOS so developers create 2 versions of the apps.

The only possible drawback of these apps is that they’re not free but there’s no such thing a jealous girlfriend can’t do to find out the truth. With the app, you’ll get a real superpower – reading his mind. You’ll always be in the loop and get all of his notifications first. Isn’t it great to spy on your boyfriend?

Signs that Your Boyfriend is Talking to Another Girl

Congratulations, you finally have access to every last one of his bloody messages! But if you can’t figure out whether he’s cheating or not, spy on your boyfriend’s chats with friends:

Fake names 🕶

The most cunning cheaters call their lovers fake names in order not to get caught. That is why, in reality, Sam can be Susan. Get into any chat you can to see whether he has fake friends or not.

Strange/coded messages 📋

Some people can code their messages to mask them and seem to be innocent at all. In this case, if you’ve never seen him do this stuff, he’s probably cheating on you. A bastard can change and develop new skills. If he does so, he’ll change his usual behavior. Anyway, you’ll suspect something. Long story short, hire a detective, he’ll know for sure.

Too many notifications 💬

If he’s never got many texts before and now he gets too many, watch out. Such innocent and silly things as notifications can give out many secrets.

Phone addiction ☎️

Your loved one is probably cheating on you if he’s inseparable from his phone. Think about it: you cheat on someone whom you don’t want to find out about it. Moreover, you live with this person in one apartment. Thus, your privacy is questioned because your phone can easily hand you over. What to do? Eureka! I’ll better fuss over a phone like an old hen! The most brilliant minds even manage to get a fake phone.

upset emotional lady

Ladies, remember that if you think there’s something wrong but the facts say that it isn’t, maybe you made everything up? Flying off the handle and driving yourself crazy is what you’re doing if your boyfriend turns out to be faithful. However, it never hurts to “trust but verify”!


Hopefully, this will help you in your decision-making and also serve as a useful starting point for your own exposure of a cheating boyfriend:

➕ Why is my boyfriend always on his phone?

There may be several reasons for that. You can find out the truth by yourself though; it's not that difficult. First, provide answers to these questions: Does he like to stay tuned with recent events & news? Is his fond of social media? If yes, then he's probably busy idling, scrolling through Instagram or Twitter. You can always check his online activities by installing monitoring software on his device. You can spy on boyfriend's phone or just ask him directly what is he doing on his phone all the time.

➕ Why does my boyfriend not let me see his phone?

He can consider this as overly controlling. And it doesn't necessarily mean he has something to hide. Besides, if you're not be going out long and haven't got the “talk”, he may consider your desire to get access to his phone as a bit inappropriate. You can always spy on boyfriends phone without him knowing and check is there some kind of activities that can be considered as crossing the line.

➕ Why is my boyfriend so secretive with his phone?

There is plenty of things he may want to hide from you: maybe he's randomly sending a friend request to some hot girls, or texting his ex from time to time. Anyway, there is no other way to find out except for asking him directly or using a special app able to provide you with access to his phone. Some monitoring solutions allow you to spy on boyfriends phone without touching it.

➕ What is the best app to catch a cheating boyfriend?

Almost all monitoring apps allow you to catch the cheater off-guard. However, such top-notch solutions as uMobix are admired by a large number of people. uMobix provides a number of features for seamless spying on the target device. uMobix is considered the best app to spy on boyfriends phone given its excellent price/quality ratio, friendly interface, and dedicated customer support.

➕ How can I catch my cheating boyfriend? 

You can opt for your own private investigation, that you can perform by yourself, or involve industry specialists. However, the smoking gun evidence is usually on their phones. Find out what's he hiding by sneaking into his phone or tablet. There are many apps as of today that allow you to spy on boyfriends phone without touching it.

➕ How to spy on your boyfriend's social media?

You easily spy or track social media profiles, Instant Messaging apps with the latest monitoring solutions, such as uMobix. The software gives you access to the target phone and provides data flowing through user dashboards to see each event that took place on his phone.
You can easily catch a cheating boyfriend by taking screenshots of him messaging with someone, or arranging a meeting with his mistress. 

How to spy on your boyfriend Instagram?

With the help of monitoring apps, you can remotely access another person's Instagram account while remaining completely undetectable. The latest monitoring apps, such as uMobix can be used on both Android and iPhone devices. For iOS, you don't have to access the phone physically to install the app. You can do it by providing the iCloud credentials of the target phone. Once you've set up your personal space, it retrieves data from the target phone and collects it in reports.
You can scroll through his Instagram feed, see likes, comments, and messages sent and received. There is no easier way to catch a cheating boyfriend then getting access to his Instagram Profile.

  1. My boyfriend has an affair with someone. He uses a password on his phone and hides the screen from me. How can I check his phone and spy on text messages? Pl help me.

    1. Hi, Bandara. If he has an Android phone, you can try bypassing it via Android Device Manager. As for iPhone – it has similar programs that allow you to get past the locked screen (like iBypasser and LockWiper).
      It can be easier if your husband uses Face Unlock (Android) or Face ID (iOS). Try pointing out the phone’s front camera in front of his face while he is sleeping (note: this method may not always work with some phones).
      What’s next? We already talked about how to catch a cheating boyfriend. Do not hesitate to read our guide if you want to get exhaustive information about it.

      We believe we were able to give a fairly comprehensible answer to the question, “How to catch a cheating boyfriend?”. Do you want to learn more?
      We plan to regularly bring more stories about cheating, as well as guides about how to catch unfaithful partners. So, stay tuned for more updates!
      In the meantime – feel free to ask any questions that come to your mind, and we will try to answer them in the next articles. Thanks 🙂

  2. My boyfriend has been acting weird for about three last weeks now. I feel that he lost all interest in me. When I’m around, he acts like I’m not even there. Does that mean that he has an affair and how can I know for sure?

    1. Hi, Ashlee. The declining interest (or even neglect) is a clear indication that your boyfriend doesn’t feel the same about you as he did before. However, it doesn’t automatically mean that he is cheating on you. You can try having a sincere talk with him before you decide to check his phone without him knowing.
      Do you think that your doubts are justified? Maybe, you have proof already, but you want to catch a cheating boyfriend online (in real-time)? It’s up to you. If that’s what you desire – we recommend you to catch a cheating boyfriend with a spy app like uMobix.

    1. Hi, Modie. If you want to check his text messages, then you need a special app to spy on boyfriend’s phone, like uMobix.
      it will be easy to catch your boyfriend cheating with this spy app. You can believe me.

  3. My sweetheart has been acting abnormal for around three last weeks now. I feel that he lost all interest in me. At the point when I’m near, he behaves like I’m not even there. Does that imply that he has an unsanctioned romance and how might I know without a doubt?

    1. The signs you’ve described can be a clue to the affair. But to catch a cheating boyfriend you can use the uMobix tracking app and see all the partner’s activity. For instance, to track the places he visits, read his chats and see how he acts on social media.

  4. If you observe him talking to someone on the phone and seemingly flirting, do not waste time, your boyfriend is most likely cheating on you.

  5. Listen to my advice. You have to be very careful with your cheating partner. Cheaters can be very jealous and dangerous, so think well ahead.

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