Cocospy App Review: Key Pros and Cons

Cocospy - mobile tracker

In the age of digital technologies and mobile phones, it would be weird not to use all their possible advantages. One of them is the ability to spy and monitor the phone of chosen person to know about everything that happens to them.

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What Is Cocospy?

Cocospy is a great and convenient application that allows you to spy on someone's phone. You can always know your target's location, who they talk to, if they are bullied, harassed online, etc. Thus, when it comes to spy apps for iPhone or Android, Cocospy provides you with the fullest specter of features.

How Cocospy Works?

Cocospy app is a spying software that should be installed on the target device first (physically for Android and remotely for iOS). After successful installation, it gets access to all the messengers, social apps, calls, browser history, and location services on the phone. It will send all the data to a convenient online dashboard which you may access anytime to see someone's activity on Facebook, their location, or other information.

What Features Does the Cocospy App Offer?

Many people who have never read the truth spy app review may wonder why one should ever think about turning to such services. However, there are many cases and life situations when it is better to have it installed on the phones of your loved ones.

Live Demo Cocospy

Cocospy review would not be complete without outlining its features. And it has a lot to offer! So, below, you will find a description of some of the services it provides.

Your Kids Are Safe with Cocospy 🧒

There is no need to list all the dangers of the modern world for children here as any parent knows them by heart. Cocospy will allow you to breathe freely and worry about your little ones less, providing you with information about:

  • their location;
  • people they chat with;
  • photos they receive and send;
  • their activity on social networks;
  • websites they visit.

Knowledge is a weapon; that's why it is essential to be aware of everything happening to your children to protect them on time. For instance, sexting on WhatsApp is one of the inappropriate manifestations of social media and online communications a kid can be exposed to.

Track a Cell Phone Location 🗺

One of the greatest things about Cocospy location tracker is that you do not need to jailbreak or root your device to make it work. After installing the application on the target device, you only need to find the location section on your dashboard.

After choosing “Location” in the dashboard menu, you will see a map with dozens of markers on it. Upon clicking on any of them, you will see more detailed information about that specific area:

  • when your target entered and left this area;
  • address of the location;
  • when they have been there;
  • geographical coordinates.

Browser History, Including Incognito 🌐

Same as for the location tracker, it is not necessary to root or jailbreak your device to check the browser history. Access to the information about the websites visited can be found under the corresponding tab on your dashboard. It is also worth mentioning that the information there updates in real-time; all you need to do is refresh the page.

Upon opening the corresponding section, you will see all the browsing data of your object:

  • what pages they opened;
  • when they opened them;
  • what pages were bookmarked.

In a world where people spend half of their life on the internet, browsing history is a real treasure chest of information about them.

SMS Monitoring 📩

Cocospy for iPhone and Android will show you all the short messages (SMS) coming and sent from the target device. Whether you want to know more about your children, partner, or employees, the Cocospy SMS tracker will provide you with the most detailed information possible:

  • the content of messages, both in- and outcoming;
  • deleted messages;
  • the time when the message was received;
  • data transferred via MMS.

Typical for Cocospy, this feature is available immediately when the app is installed and does not require any additional manipulations with the device. Ease of usage is often a crucial factor for users choosing the app.

Tacking Snapchat, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, etc 📷

Tracking Snapchat account or getting access to your object's Facebook messages (for instance) may give you tons of helpful information. Access to this feature can also be acquired via your dashboard. All the messages your object exchanges with others will be accompanied by timestamps, which make it even easier to have a bigger picture of the situation.

Many people underestimate the importance of social networks in modern life. Take a moment to think about how much time you spend on SNs and what information about you is stored there. Done? Now you should not have any more questions about this feature – it is crucial.

Check Incoming/Outgoing Calls 📱

Parents need to know who their children are talking to, partners – who call their loved ones at 2 AM, and bosses – why their employees hide in the bathroom when they get some calls. All these questions can be solved with the help of the Cocospy calls tracker! 

The well-known dashboard is to your service, and in the corresponding section, you will find the following information about the calls:

  • time of the call;
  • duration of the call;
  • how often specific numbers call and are being called.

This feature does not require jailbreak or rooting, just like all the ones mentioned above.

Saving Any Media Files 🎵

Nothing can give you more information about a person in the XXI century than the gallery of their mobile device. Pictures they take, memes they save, and screenshots they save can give you the most precise picture of their life, interests, and secrets. Download Cocospy app to get the full picture.

On the dashboard, in the menu on the left, you will get the Videos, Photos, and Screenshots section; their names are pretty straightforward – you will find the visual data saved on the target device there. It is also updated in real-time – you only need to refresh the page to see if there is something new.

Covert Surveillance of a Cheating Spouse 💑

Despite the common opinion that if one does not know about cheating, all is good – in fact, it is not. Adultery destroys families and breaks couples. Even if one of the partners is unaware of the cheating, they still feel that the attitude has changed, and they suffer. Thus, it is often better to be sure whether your partner cheats on you or they are as faithful as an angel, and there is no need to worry. Guess what can help you catch a cheater with versatile functionality? Cocospy!

How to Install Cocospy on Android

To install the Cocospy Android spy app, you do not need to root the target device, which is excellent news for everyone! The Cocospy installation process on Android devices can be divided into three very simple steps.

Cocospy Android Spy App

1.RegistrationRegister your account on the Cocospy website and choose your preferred subscription plan. Next, you need to get the target device in your hands, allow installation of the apps from unknown services, and disable Play Protect. A detailed manual with screenshots can be found on the Cocospy website.
2.InstallationThe installation process is pretty straightforward. Open the .apk file you'll obtain after signing up. You will also be asked to enable different settings and, in the end – offered to hide Cocospy (we recommend you do that).
3.UsageFinally, open the dashboard and get access to any information you need.

How to Install Cocospy on iPhone

The installation process is even simpler for iOS devices, as it does not require having the target device in your hands; it also consists of three steps.

Cocospy iPhone Spy App Without Jailbreak

1.RegistrationRegister your account on the official Cocospy website and choose the subscription plan that suits you best.
2.InstallationEnter the iCloud details of the user you want to spy on and choose the device from the list provided. Pay attention that 2FA needs to be deactivated and iCloud backup enabled for remote installation; otherwise, physical access will be required. Basically, that is it, just wait for the installation to finish.
3.UsageUse the Cocospy login page to enter your account; proceed to the dashboard and start using the application.

How Much Does Cocospy Cost?

As for Cocospy cost – there are several options available, and it all depends on the set of features you need and the system you use.


$39.99/month, 1 device$49.99/month, 1 device$69.99/month, 3 devices
The basic set of features: calls, location, browser, contacts, message tracking, etc.Full set of featuresFull set of features for 3 devices.


$49.99/month, 1 device$99.99/month, 5 devices$399.99/month, 25 devices
Full set of features

It is also worth mentioning that you can pay for your subscription using Bitcoins, a very convenient feature for many users in 2023.

The Truth Cocospy App Reviews ⭐

Cocospy App Live Demo

To help you make a choice, there is a live demo of Cocospy, which will let you test all the features in a test mode and see how it generally works. Demos are available for both Android and iOS versions. You will get access to the same dashboard, with a  menu on the left, where you can check how different features work.

Where to Download Cocospy

There is no need to download anything on your own device, as you access the dashboard online. The iOS version is installed on the required device automatically without any downloads as well. For the Android version, the download will also start automatically after accepting all the conditions and preparing for installation if you either sign in on the target device or pass through the process using an apk. file.

Cocospy vs. Other Spyware Applications

There are a lot of similar applications in the market, so let's see what other popular tracking solutions can offer.

Cocospy vs uMobix

uMobix is very similar to Cocospy, and they may even be called “twin apps”: both have a demo version, work on Android and iOS, and have a familiar set of features. It is helpful that on the website, you can enter the phone model and see if uMobix is compatible with it. In contrast to Cocospy, uMobix offers a free trial and more affordable pricing.

Cocospy vs Hoverwatch

The main difference of Hoverwatch is that it does not support Apple mobile devices but can be installed on Macs, Windows PCs, and Android devices. It is cheaper but has fewer features available. Finally, there is no demo version, so it would be harder to decide whether it has everything you need before buying it.

Cocospy vs FlexiSPY

What makes FlexiSPY stand out? It is available on iOS and Android devices, Macs, PCs, and cloud operating systems (SaaS). The company also offers an excellent service called “FlexiSPY Express” – they will deliver a new phone with pre-installed software to you. It can be a great idea to buy a phone as a gift for your child, for example, and use this service. Finally, FlexiSPY offers a much broader list of features, but many are not very useful. For example, wallpapers or calendar trackers.

Are There Any Flaws in the Cocospy App?

First of all, it would be great to see Cocospy available for some desktop systems, especially for Windows and MacOS. Secondly, it is great that they offer a free demo, but the further step is to provide a free trial, so their users can try it “in the field”. Finally, there is no limit to perfection, and we hope the company will improve its app's performance, as we have faced some occasionally not working features. We have no idea why it happened because they worked again in a day or two. It is a good sign for us as it means that Cocospy technical specialists work with no breaks to improve the app.

Can You Share a Success Story Using Cocospy?

Cocospy Review

Have you already tried the Cocospy phone tracker? Share your experience to help other users better understand the product. Maybe we have missed something :)


Here you can read the frequently asked questions about the Cocospy app:

Does the app really work?

It would be weird to write a review for a non-working app, so the answer is yes, it works, and its general performance is 4 out of 5 based on Cocospy reviews.

Is Cocospy legit?

Cocospy is a completely legit application developed by FamiSoft Limited.

Are Cocospy and mSpy the same app?

mSpy and Cocospy are two different applications for mobile phone tracking, and their functionality varies.

Is Cocospy free?

Cocospy is not free and doesn't offer a free trial. Details about the subscription plans can be found in this review or on their website.

How to find Cocospy on your phone?

You can look for suspicious apps and folders in the Files Manager on Android or App Manager in iOS Settings. Cocospy hidden tracker operates in stealth mode, so it's not surprising that it's hard to be detected. It is a sneaky spy on the mobile phone.

Does Cocospy work with two-factor authentification?

Cocospy's operation doesn't require you to use 2FA to sign in. However, it requires disabling 2FA or obtaining the code on the target iOS gadget to start the tracking process.

Can I remotely access camera on target phone with Cocospy app?

Unfortunately, the Cocospy website under the .com domain does not have this feature. By the way, one more thing to improve, isn't it?

How to uninstall Cocospy?

You can uninstall Cocospy from an Android device by simply finding it in the Apps menu and taping uninstall. However, before that, you need to make the app visible following this instruction: Phone Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Update Service> Deactivate (tap it).
There is no need to uninstall it from an iOS device, as it works via iCloud service. You may disable it in your user space.

Can Cocospy track if location is turned off?

Yes, because Cocospy tracks the target device via the internet, not only via GPS.

How to stealthy install Cocospy on a target phone?

In case you know the person's credentials, you may sync the phone stealthily if 2-factor authentication is disabled and iCloud sync is enabled. Follow the instructions listed in the corresponding section above, and you should be fine.

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