What Is WhatsApp Used for Cheating in a Relationship

Is WhatsApp Used for Cheating

The urge to scour one's partner's messenger for signs of infidelity is not always ill-founded. If your suspicions have already evolved into obsessive thoughts, you'd better learn how to quench your curiosity properly.

As researches tell us, cheating is not uncommon in the US. Acts of infidelity taint about 25% of marriages and 40% of relationships. Do you think that men do the most cheating? The same research tells us that the gap between men and women cheaters in America keeps narrowing every year. As it turns out, men and women almost caught up!

What is WhatsApp used for cheating, and how do you infiltrate it secretly? Is it some special version of the app with bolstered privacy, or the same messenger that you use, only adjusted to conceal unwanted chats? Let's find out.

Is WhatsApp Used for Cheating?

what is whatsapp used for cheating

With the advent of the omnipresent 2-factor authentication, almost any messenger became more or less equipped for building an affair, and ‘micro-cheating is more common than you think‘, says Gwen Butler, therapist. Do cheaters use WhatsApp, among other messengers and social apps? Definitely. The World Wide Web allows people to participate in various infidel activities without actual sex. For example, there are chat rooms for flirting and cybersex. Then, there's much more popularized things like sexting via phone apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Instagram Direct Messanger, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. Is this your particular case? There are only so many ways to know, so let's explore the options.

How to Know If Someone Is Cheating on WhatsApp?

That gnawing question, ‘Is WhatsApp used for cheating in my relationship?', can be answered in a relatively fast and convenient manner if you resort to using spyware. This beats any other methods you may come up with, including over-the-shoulder peeking and bombarding your common acquaintances with disquieting inquiries.

Find Out if Your Girlfriend is Cheating on WhatsApp

Upon thorough testing of a dozen trackers, we've selected four that give optimal results – you'll find an overview of each below. As per WhatsApp tracking, they all handle the job in a similar manner, providing the user with a detailed message list. What sets these apps apart, though, is the combination of other features, so we'll mention them as well for a clearer picture.

Why are we focusing on phones and WhatsApp cheating in particular? To answer your question, we should go through some unnerving statistics.

  • Almost half of the world’s population have smartphones. And what about the US? It turns out that only less than 1/3 of Americans don't actively use mobile devices in their daily lives. That's why phones are the most common way to flirt online for both genders.
  • Approximately 22% of people are basically addicted to their phones. 1 out of 5 of the US citizens is glued to a phone screen, while half of us check our gadgets at least a couple of times per hour.
  • 1 out of 10 real-life relationships begins online. And you shouldn’t be fooled about the “innocuous” texting. Almost 40% of all “online” cheating via WhatsApp usually becomes physical later on.
  • WhatsApp is an immensely popular social application. It’s the second most used messenger app with over 1.5 billion users. It is currently being topped only by Facebook Messenger only because it's implemented in the world's biggest social network.

Based on the popularity of smartphones and WhatsApp, cheating using this messenger is incredibly widespread among the populace.

Its popularity has its advantages. For example, there are many proven ways to find out if your partner is cheating on WhatsApp. Need examples? Continue reading to learn about them.

How to Catch a Cheating Husband on WhatsApp with uMobix

uMobix is considered to be the jack-of-all-trades of mobile tracking owing to its ever-expanding roster of supported features. If you want to spy on husband's iPhone deleted WhatsApp messages, or something equally specific, the app can pull it off with flying colors. The registered messages are stored as a simplistic log, but it gets the job done, and no details you might want to know are lost in the process.

uMobix tracking app
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Speaking of uMobix's versatility, it's nearly impossible to name a tool that it doesn't have. The tracker currently boasts about 70 features, from app restrictions to deleted data recovery. True that such a selection comes at a price, but it's better to have a feature when you don't need it than vice versa.

How to Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on WhatsApp with Hoverwatch

In addition to WhatsApp, Hoverwatch can handle most other apps guys use to cheat, including dating platforms. All the text contents of the chats, as well as media attachments, are well organized in a dedicated WhatsApp tab that gets updated according to your preferred settings.

hoverwatch logo
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The app has the lowest pricing on the list, but this comes with a less diverse feature pool. You won't see any remote control options, like ambient recording in Hoverwatch, but this doesn't prevent the software from delivering great quality on all other fronts.

How to Catch a Cheating Wife on WhatsApp with Cocospy

Cocospy has reasonable pricing but comes with a paywall that makes WhatsApp monitoring unavailable in the basic plan. This is justified by the fact that the tool manages to catch cheaters on Android and iOS without phone hacking on either of the platforms.

Cocospy FB monitoring App

To get the job done, Cocospy utilizes its keylogging powers and access to the incoming WhatsApp data. What you get as a result even looks like a messenger chat on your dashboard, but it's a mix of all the registered conversations.

Cocospy's true forte is GPS tracking. The app's interface allows for maximum detail about your wife's whereabouts crammed into one tab. In addition to real-time data, you get a location history with coordinates, addresses, timestamps, and Google Maps links.

How to Monitoring Your Spouse's WhatsApp with mSpy App

Frankly, we've been saving the best for last. If you want to be absolutely certain if your girlfriend cheats on your – you should use spy software like mSpy.

What is it? mSpy is one of the leading tools for monitoring all kinds of activities on the target phone. You can see incoming and outgoing messages, hear her calls, and even track her GPS locations.

To make use of the mSpy app, follow these instructions:

  1. Follow this link and register.
  2. Select the OS (we are talking about an operating system on your girlfriend’s smartphone).
  3. Get one of the packages available and verify your email.
  4. On your girlfriend’s phone: open Security – Settings – Device Administration. Authorize downloads from unknown sources.
  5. Download and install the mSpy app (or APK file).
  6. Don't forget to hide the application's icon when prompted. That way, she wouldn't know that your spying on her.
mSpy premium feature for WhatsApp
mspy install: instert code after registration

– instructions from the mSpy official blog

Sneakiness and deleting messages won’t help. You are going to see everything in real-time. Additionally, you’ll have logs to back up your findings of WhatsApp cheating.

How to Check Messages of a Cheating Girlfriend on WhatsApp with XNSPY

The fourth and final app on our list offers three options that only differ in terms of license duration. Upon settling for one, the app will generate a link to the installation package and an exhaustive setup manual. Note that WhatsApp photos are available by default on iOS and Android, but Calls and outgoing messages in Chats require a rooted device.

search someone's facebook posts with Xnspy

Social apps aside, XNSPY specializes in remote control features, some of which may even be too powerful for our taste. Rooting is not needed for ambient recording, erasing certain data, or locking the device – whatever your partner is up to, it won't be a secret anymore.

How Do Cheating Partners Hide Their Infidelity on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does what it can to provide basic privacy, but it was never intended to make someone's life easier as a cheater. That said, one can still manipulate the app in a number of ways to turn it into a fairly reliable medium for love letter exchange.

1. “Preview Disabled” – They Disable Message Preview on Their Device

Opting for no previews on your lock screen is not that easy to explain to an inquisitive spouse. Don't let them get away with it until you hear something more coherent than ‘I like it more that way' or ‘I simply feel overwhelmed by all those pop-ups'.

2. “Silent Mode” – They Have Disabled WhatsApp Notifications

No matter whether it's Snapchat, Telegram, or WhatsApp used for cheating, a silent mode is a must. No other ploy is so easy to justify if confronted by one's partner, and the list of risks you can avoid by muting the messenger is simply too long to include here.

3. “Secret Alias” – They Save Your Love Partner's Number Under a Code Name

Unless you can actually read the chat contents, this trick is ridiculously effective for affair concealment. Even if you have their full contact list, the chances of realizing who's who are still slim. Imagine if they do not only have aliases but also use coded language in conversations.

4. “Clean Sheet” – They Permanently Purge All WhatsApp Messages with Religious Fervor

If your partner wipes their messenger history every so often, it can only mean two things. One – they have developed paranoia or OCD. Two – there is a party for two happening in those chats, and you're not invited.

5. “Disappearance Mode” – They Have a Hidden “Last Seen” Status on WhatsApp

It is fairly common to conceal the last time you went online in WhatsApp, and cheaters will use that for their benefit. An explanation like ‘My boss just keeps throwing more work at me each time he sees I was online minutes ago' is quite believable, isn't it?

6. “No Autoloading” – They Have Disabled the Automatic Downloading of Media Files on WhatsApp

When using WhatsApp for cheating, it makes sense to apply restrictions to picture downloads and video playback. Thus, someone exchanging nudes with their secret passion will not only eliminate the chance of oversight but also win some precious seconds if their partner does get suspicious after all.

7. “Traffic Cleanup” – They Remove Signs of Excessive Data Usage on WhatsApp

It's fairly exotic to establish whether someone has an affair by monitoring their network usage, but some cheaters don't take chances. Hence, they will either limit the overall time they spend on the app or clean up the traffic stats after a particularly busy conversation.

8. “Fake Location” – They Can Give Their Spouse a False Location

This one's impossible with the stock WhatsApp features – whenever you share your live location, it's going to be accurate. However, there are several apps that circumvent this by tricking your phone's GPS module into believing it's somewhere else on the map.

9. “Call Eraser” – They Delete All Call Logs and Video Calls on WhatsApp

Erasing all the evidence of voice and video chatting looks far less suspicious than taking down everything. Yes, the lovers probably won't be able to converse freely when their legitimate partners are around, but you'd agree that isn't much of a sacrifice.

10. “Blocking” – They Block Their Lovers So As Not to Arouse Suspicion

It may sound counterintuitive, but blocking someone is a feasible way to keep secretly conversing with them on a daily basis. The point is to quickly remove the chat from the prying eyes into the ‘Blocked contacts' folder and restore it at will.

Why Choose a Spy App Over Some Other Way?

By investing in a mobile tracker, you are killing two birds with one stone. Firstly, you won't ever need to touch their phone again after you're done with the installation. Secondly, the range of tools provided in an average spy app gives you dozens of other ways to catch a cheater in case your partner contacts their lover using some other means.

FAQs about Cheating on WhatsApp

Is WhatsApp a cheating app?

The list of WhatsApp features available to date makes it a viable option for anyone longing for a concealed conversation. However, apps like Signal are way more protected and can be rightfully called ‘WhatsApp for cheaters'.

How can you determine if someone is cheating by checking their phone?

Take a moment to analyze your partner's communication habits. Chances are, they use a similar pattern with their paramour. Depending on their level of carelessness, you may find the evidence in the contacts, calls, or messenger conversations – in that order.

How to check my husband's WhatsApp?

If you can't access his phone for a period sufficient to scour the messengers, but 5 to 10 minutes are still an option, you can use that time to install and hide a tracker app. The good idea is to try it on your phone beforehand and, thus, plan everything up to a second.

What are the tricks of cheating on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is pretty well-equipped for clandestine liaisons – an industrious cheater can cover up their tracks by using aliases, self-destructing messages, manual deletion, etc. Catching someone well aware of these and other WhatsApp cheating tricks is an ordeal.

Can you read WhatsApp and text messages without his phone?

Any spy app that has been properly installed on the target phone will let you do that almost in real time. The quickest refresh rate is 5 minutes, to save the device's battery and to distract you from thinking, ‘I need to check my husband's WhatsApp' every few seconds.

What app can I use to see if my husband is cheating on WhatsApp?

The trackers featured above are all efficient in retrieving WhatsApp cheating messages. uMobix is the best choice if you also want real-time updates, Hoverwatch boasts a stealth mode, Cocospy is second to none in GPS tracking, and XNSPY offers limitless remote control options.

How to unblock someone on WhatsApp?

The contacts that were restricted by the account owner are all kept in one directory. To access it, go to the Privacy settings from the Account menu of the app, find Blocked contacts, then tap on the desired contact and confirm the unblocking.

How to record WhatsApp calls?

This is possible with spyware, but not all mobile trackers can pull that off. As of now, the feature is available as an extreme-tier purchase in FlexiSPY. mSpy and Spyzie claim to have this tool as well.

How to unarchive a WhatsApp chat?

Archived chats are usually kept at the bottom of the conversations list in the app. You can scroll down until you find the one you need or use the search-by-name feature. Upon locating the chat you want to restore, just tap on it, and WhatsApp will do the rest.

How to hack into someone's WhatsApp?

To do that, you'll need mobile or desktop spyware that is capable of making screenshots or logging the device's key input. You'll find the overview of some relevant products in the corresponding section above.

Final Words: Why Do Cheaters Use WhatsApp?

Considering the recent alleged leak of 500 million user records and other security concerns, WhatsApp is far from perfect when it comes to preserving the integrity of your personal data. This, however, doesn't discourage your average cheater from using it as their go-to app for affairs. After all, the existing security measures, coupled with the protection embedded into their phone, make for a decent romancing playground.

After revealing cheating on WhatsApp

Obtaining the evidence to expose an unfaithful partner can be problematic unless you resort to the existing blessings of technology. The easiest way to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp is to plant a tracker into their device, but you must evaluate your chances of getting five minutes alone with his phone prior to buying such an app.

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