Physical Signs Your Wife is Cheating

Physical signs your wife is cheating

Marriage is not a walk in the park. It's more like running through the hills: one day you're on the top, watching the beautiful scenery ahead, and the next day you're rolling down, with all the sights left above, as if you're never going to breathe fresh air again.

Some couples are holding their hands together and going through this journey together. When they're down, they encourage each other, hoping there will be the hill's top again. When they're on the top, they're celebrating, because sharing victory with a friend is ten times better than being a single winner.

Unfortunately, some lost each other at one point. They're still running, but separately. As a result, one is going faster, and the other is slowing down, discouraged by the tempo, the loneliness, the lack of strength, etc.

 what are the physical signs of a cheating wife

When an emotional connection between couples is fading down, they're not the players of one team anymore. The secrets enter the scenery. Other people may feel like more important than your spouse.

Sometimes other figures come in sight too. Once the connection is lost, it doesn't hold up the barriers anymore, so anyone can enter your lands without permission. Your territory, which once was so carefully guarded becomes a place where anyone can put their foot onto.

Under such conditions, when a family becomes a “student campus”, giving shelter under its roof to everyone comes there, there is no wonder cheating takes place. Not only it's not a surprise, it's a natural course of events.

Why women cheat

Men and women cheat for different reasons. If infidelity can be about something purely sexual for a man, for a woman turning her head toward another man is usually a sort of compelled measure. It means an average woman won't risk her family unless the situation forces her to.

Let me explain.

It's natural for women to be stuck to their families. It's rarely a man who offers to “start things over”, or pulling the breakup off until the last moment. What should happen than for a woman to start seeking happiness someplace else?

Very simple. It's a lack of attention.

Women cheat because they crave intimacy. Having fun together, warm family dinners, cuddling, simple talking, is not something that can be neglected without consequences. If a woman doesn't get emotional interplay, she'll be seeking it someplace else.

Let me be clear here: support is not an emotional connection. Buying presents is not an emotional connection. Spending time together is.

The point is, for the majority, families become something so mundane and habitual, that they forget the value of intimacy. It gets replaced by business, taking care of children, household chores, different life problems, etc.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: what to pay attention to

So, we've discovered what makes a woman think about someone else.

When a woman loses an emotional connection with her partner, she becomes very… ill. Mentally. Sometimes she cannot explain this feeling even to herself.

Being depressed while single is a dream state compared to the one you feel here. If you're single, you know the reason for that feeling and make your peace with it.

What physical signs of cheating on your wife should you pay attention to

When you're in a relationship and feel lonely, it's twice harder, because you cannot assemble the puzzles to determine the reason. Especially when a man thinks it's not that big deal. Your head is heavy, your chest is burning, and you're going through such disgusting emotions that whoever shows off the signs of understanding becomes like a miracle for you.

One thing you need to know: if a woman gets engaged with somebody else emotionally, she'll feel very awkward. So will be her actions. If the feeling is strong, she won't be able to resist it, no matter how hard she’ll attempt to hide the trails.

If you're a trusting person, it may be easy for you to overlook some signs pointing to your wife's infidelity.

Below we've gathered 12 subtle signs to watch out.

You can go through each of them to compare your situation. But remember, infidelity is not the worst thing that can happen in a marriage: lying is. And lying to yourself is even worse.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: her spirit rises

A woman is taking new courage at the thought of having someone by her side who understands her. She gathers her efforts in his crush's direction and gets obviously lighted up.

Adversely, your relationship seems like losing the last sparks that lighted it up. She picks up fights, gets irritated at small things, shutting the door behind her loudly, screaming, and needs more time to “be alone with her thoughts“.

Here spirits rise though, as soon as you leave her company.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: “dress to impress”

When was the last time your wife visited a beauty salon?

Is she a kind of girl who cannot live without beauty rituals? Or has it never been a number one priority for her?

Wife buys new dresses

If your spouse has never been into her looks (except when you first started dating), and then suddenly cannot get off the mirror, juggling with lipsticks and mascara – then she has probably found the new reason for dressing up.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: always on her phone

Remember how you used to talk over the kitchen table, telling each other about your days, discussing a movie, and other simple stuff that you liked?

If now, instead of all the above, you're dividing roads into different rooms, separating in evenings after your kid falls asleep, and your wife just is lying on the couch, surfing through social media, it's a definite sign something got broken.

She won't let her phone go even while meeting with parents, during your cousin's wedding, or while sitting next to you in the car. She will be talking to someone/messaging when you take her out of the city, traveling, and even shopping: there always will be someone more interesting on the other side of the phone.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: finding new hobbies

Your wife can be a person of many interests: however, if she suddenly picks up like, ten new hobbies, it only tells she doesn't feel comfortable enough at home and wants to spend more time away from you.

What's she doing there: meeting new people, having a nice time with another guy, – it’s difficult to say. However, all the signs from this article brought together clearly points on her infidelity.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: new presents emerging

Some stranger won't dish out compliments for a married woman, nor will he make presents. A male friend can pick a gift for you two as a couple, not her exclusively.

my wife gets new gifts from unknown people

If you've been seeing gifts emerging at your home from some strangers, like vases, paintings, clothes, toys, etc., it can mean two things:

  • either your wife is a very famous lawmaker;
  • some other man is hitting on her (mind you, she's not returning them back; hence, she's rather excited than insulted).

Physical signs your wife is cheating: talking about “a new friend”

Some women just can't hold their mouths shut. Once they've found someone they like, they will talk about it with her female friends, and maybe even with you.

She will insist though he's only a friend, and also doing her best not to arouse suspicion. She may intentionally mask her crush, stressing on her new cool “friendship”. She may even let you two get acquainted.

If you cannot fish the word of truth out of your wife, listen carefully to what she's talking about to her friends/sister/mom.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: your opinion no longer matters

If a woman is cheating, you're going to lose your authority pretty soon. Everything you say will be compared to things her crush's saying. And because those feelings are fresh, it will always tip the scale toward him.
She may not even understand her own reactions, but your behavior will irritate her more than before and she won’t be able to resist it.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: schedule changings

It's not like she's wrapped up at work, but her working hours are suddenly moving, making her finish close to midnight.

She has constant changes in her daily routine

Of course, she'll be saying her new project is on fire, and everybody needs her, which actually may be true. However, refusing to take you to her office, despite the fact that you're her lawful husband, is at least weird. And truly a red flag pointing that something's going on to keep an eye on.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: gets nervous

Each time you're initiating a conversation about your relationship, it takes the same scenario: her cheeks are blushing red, she changes the subject, someone “from work” breaks into with a phone call, she gets distracted by the color of the sky, the size of a bird flying behind the window, and other unimportant stuff.

Nothing can make her produce a concentrated and clear answer. You start to think she’s high, so light-headed and different she is. In reality, things may be much simpler: a crush, an affair that has just started blooming.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: spends less time with her female friends

When a woman is bored, she's trying to bring more color into her life, in particular, by hanging out with girls. Or getting drunk. Or hitting the gym. It depends.

But if she has met another guy, she'll leave her energy at their dates, and won't need the “girls' nights out”anymore.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: talking about a possible breakup

One of the most surefire signs your wife's cheating on you is when she's dropping hints about a possible breakup. Like she wants to move out for a bit to “think things over,” needs to clear her head, and so forth.

she's always talking about breaking up the relationship.

In this case, it can mean she's drained and really needs a pause, but women rarely initiate breakups just for taking a pause, unless they have the basement for “relocation”, or in case the situation became so intolerable, she has no other choice and is forced to leave.

Thus, if you know that there weren't any issues lately that may have provoked her deep frustration, then it may be the sign of infidelity.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: picks up new sex moves

Finding reasons for going to sleep earlier each evening, or picking up new sex moves are both weird signs. Avoiding sex, of course, means that your wife doesn't strive for closeness with you, but it doesn't always mean she's unfaithful.

Adversely, being pro-active in sex and engaging new moves means she's learning those things somewhere! At best, she's watching porn, at worst she’s having a hot macho there teaching her all those stuff.

Physical signs your wife is cheating: becomes independent

If your wife has always been a self-made woman, there is nothing to worry about.
However, suppose she suddenly initiates topics about the importance of being independent and later uses those postulates to cover up her late returns or weird behavior. In this case, you may wanna think about what brought those topics in her head in the first place.

How to act if you've caught your wife cheating?

So, if everything matches and pointing to your wife is having an affair, we recommend to:

  • Stop panicking and calm down;
  • Talk to your wife and reveal your concerns;
  • Use some tools to get surefire evidence.

If you've initiated a conversation, letting her know about your assumptions, but she denied everything or got theatrically insulted, nervous, covered with sweat, everything except giving calm, clear answers – it's time to turn off the high road!

How to use spy apps to make sure your wife is cheating on you?

We know how unbelievably hard it may be to accept your wife is cheating on you. Perhaps it's going to be the hardest thing you've ever gone through.

Nevertheless, it's essential at this point to pull yourself together and conduct your small investigation, for if your wife hasn’t approved the truth, you'll need to provide evidence to clear things in front of her.

There is still no better and cost-effective way to catch a cheating spouse than using a spy app for tracking their movements. A spy app allows you to sneak into their phones in stealth mode and get the needed information: SMS with restaurant receipts, taxi ordering information, messengers with flirting chats, photo gallery with secret pictures taking in clubs/restaurants, or whichever places you're unaware of. And all the other filthy stuff.

Using a spy app is the most effective and inexpensive way to extract information without hustle quickly.

How much does a spy app cost?

A spy app will cost you no more than an average meal. You can monitor everything on her mobile for less than 50 USD per month, including website history, photo gallery, messengers, and social media accounts.

If you’ve found out she’s cheating on you, there is always a smart way to sort things out. Just don’t get too trapped into thinking and act quickly. We’ve gone to great length to cover you up 😉 Stay tuned!

  1. Are there any instances where she has seemed happy and content but has gone out of her way to hide her absence? It bothers me a lot because I don’t understand her behavior. I’m afraid of making a mistake!

  2. Have you heard this opinion? According to a study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy , more than half of men and almost 70% of women say they would like less sex.
    Women are not as prone to physical cheating as men. However, women are more likely to cheat emotionally, flirting on social media and even sexting on Snapchat or Tinder.

  3. What makes my wife say, “He just doesn’t appreciate me anymore, okay? He’s not worth my time anymore… he doesn’t fucking love me anymore!”
    I sometimes feel like she likes women more! Maybe she’s cheating on me with a woman. What should I do?

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