Signs He Is Not Cheating On You

Boy Is Not Cheating On You

Relationships can get ugly if one of the partners is cheating.  Being faithful in a relationship is the key to happy ties. His openness about the relationship proves he is a loyal man.

How Do You Recognize The Signs That He Will Never Cheat On You?

Jonathan-Bennett - certified counselor

According to Jonathan Benett, a certified counselor and co-owner of Double Trust Dating, “if your partner has had the same haircut for a long but suddenly has a bold new haircut, this could indicate efforts to impress someone.” Just watch out for signs and don’t lose trust.

If your man loves socializing with you and does not keep your relationship private, it means he loves flaunting you. Disclosing his relationship on social media is a positive sign that he loves you and is proud of you. If your person calls you often from work and cares about you then nothing gets better. Most of the times friends often get between a couple’s happy life creating confusion. If your partner prioritizes your opinions over his friends then it’s a positive sign that he is faithful. 

Do Men Cheat That Often? What Do The Statistics Say?

Cheating is an individual thing. Don’t form a common opinion for all. A man won’t cheat unless he is not happy in a relationship or lacks something desired. Lack of love may urge them on cheating. A long-distance relationship is prone to cheating as physical presence is more important to satisfy intimate desires. Sex is also an important part of it.

licensed family therapist David Klow

His commitments like buying a new house or a car for a better future indicates he is serious and in the relationship for a long run”, says a licensed family therapist David Klow and author of You Are Not Crazy: Letters From Your Therapist

According to research, 20% of men are unfaithful to their partner as compared to 13% of women who cheat in a relationship. 

According to the research from the University of Colorado instances of cheating are reported more frequently by men. 

16 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Faithful and Loyal

It isn’t always necessary your boyfriend is a cheater. We put an insight over how it goes:

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1. He Never Tries To Hit On Other Women

If your boyfriend doesn’t care about the women around him then it is a sign of his loyalty. If he never compares your style with someone, he is a great person. 

2. He Deleted All The Dating Apps

His absence on the dating apps means he is feeling happy with you. This is a great floor test. Your boyfriend just loves the way you are and has no desire to meet new people in their life, it’s a good sign of loyalty. 

3. He Doesn’t Get Nervous When Text Messages Or Call Comes

If your partner does not care about hiding his messages or calls and loves sharing, you are lucky. 

4. You and your boyfriend have a normal sex life

Does your boyfriend love an intimate relationship with you and do you have a good sex life? This is a sign of love and passion. Sex often erases all negativity in a relationship and rejuvenates you as a couple.

5. Your Man Is a Highly Moral Person

The moral is a priority for many of us and not compromising on them is a sign of a great character. If your man loves following rules and guidelines, it’s nice. Morel makes the character strong and this is what’s needed. 

6. He Has Female Friends But He Sets Clear Boundaries

You have a loyal boyfriend if he has a set of boundaries for his female friends. He just loves them as friends and does not hold any bad intentions. He is a loyal bf if he loves introducing you and feels proud.

7. He Stands Up For Your Relationship

There might be many arguments in a relationship or some friend who is not happy with you both being together. As long as your partner stands for you and your decision, don’t worry. 

8. Your Couple Has Survived a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are tough and mostly end up badly. If you are still together after a long-distance relationship, it is a great sign of love and passion. These relationships are bonded strongly and hard to break.

9. He’s Told His Family And Friends About You

Disclosing your relationship with family and friends means he is loyal and faithful to you. It develops trust and responsibility and will go a long way. This also builds confidence in a relationship when too many people know about it. Spreading love is a great idea. 

10. Your Man Never Keeps Secrets From You

Does your man hide anything from you? Many be a phone call, text message, or something he may feel guilty about? If the answer is No, your relationship is divine and needs no explanation.

11. He Makes Sacrifices For You

If your boyfriend changes his work schedule to keep you happy, this is a good sign in a relationship. Does he make sacrifices to be with you on vacations and otherwise.? If so, that's great.  

12. His Feelings Are Consistent 

The consistent feeling is an important part of a relationship. If your boyfriend or partner feels guilt for being in a relationship or argues with you that you would've never met, then you need to think.

13. Your Husband Considers Your Opinion And Wishes

If your husband does not treat you equally for decision-making in the family, think once. A husband and wife are responsible for whatever happens and taking care of wishes together is important.

14. He Never Takes You For Granted

There might be instances when you feel that your husband does not value your opinion and thinks that you will always be equally happy with his decisions. It’s a wrong attitude and if he doesn’t do that then it’s a great relationship sign. 

15. They Are Real And Emotionally Open With You  

It is of great significance that couples share their emotions and do not fake anything in a relationship. Being real and emotionally open brings transparency. Nobody appreciates false feelings that might ruin life later. 

16. He Is Not Selfish

A selfless attitude makes for a happy relationship. If your partner is not selfish and makes sure of doing anything to make you feel delighted, this is a sign of a loyal husband and a great life partner. He will always keep you a step forward to make you feel special. 

How To Test Boyfriend Loyalty On His Phone?

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We all have smartphones. Installing spy apps is easy on them. Mostly, your boyfriend or husband would keep their phone locked or hide messages or calls. You can always ask your boyfriend to remove phone locks and let you use their phone for some time. If he is hesitant then there might be something fishy about it. Trust is all it takes for a healthy relationship. 


How To Be Loyal In A Relationship?

Transparency in everything brings loyalty and trust and love gets stronger if you don’t hide anything from your partner. 

How Do You Tell If He Is Thinking About Cheating?

Sudden changes in behavior ad attitude are easy signs to analyze cheating. Mood swings and short-tempered behavior may also indicate the same. 

What Are The Traits Of A Cheater?

A cheater might be very cunning and sweet and may set up his social media accounts privately. He will also make sure that you don’t cross a limit and do not enter his private life.

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