31 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

signs he's cheating

Do you suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you, but you're not sure? If so, here are signs he's cheating but brilliant at hiding it.

Is It Possible to Know If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating? 

Yes. While catching a cheating boyfriend is not easy, you can notice things like behavior changes that are clear signs your boyfriend is cheating. Even if it's the first time, your partner will find ways to hide it.

Your man can have a unique personality that enables them to cover the infidelity. That means he can fool around with another person and tell you to your face that he loves you whenever you meet him. But there are ways of spotting the signs of a cheating man in a relationship, and you only need to be careful.

15 Physical Signs He's Cheating

physical signs he's cheating

Maybe the thought that your boyfriend is cheating on you has crossed your mind several times because his behavior has changed. Perhaps, he doesn't pay attention during your conversations, or he no longer maintains eye contact when talking to you. Here are more physical signs that your man is cheating but hiding it.

1. Your Boyfriend Buys New Cologne and Clothes

One of the signs a man is cheating on you is changing his appearance. Ideally, he wants to look fantastic for his new partner. He will use new cologne to attract her and buy new clothes to make a good impression. You may notice that his style has changed, and he looks different.

2. His Weight or Appearance Changes

You know how your boyfriend looks if you've been together for a while. So, if there are sudden changes in his appearance, it could be one of the signs he is cheating. Maybe he starts working out and loses a lot of weight. Or perhaps, he lets himself go and gains weight. He could also change his hairstyle or grow a beard.

3. The Guy Becomes Irritable

Another sign that your boyfriend is probably cheating on you is his behavior. He may become short-tempered and snippy over little things. Things that never bothered him before now set him off. He may also be more irritable with unusual mood swings. And this could be because he's under a lot of stress from trying to juggle two relationships.

4. Your Boyfriend's Daily Routine Has Changed

One of the physical signs he's cheating on you is if his daily routine has changed. If he used to come home from work at 6 pm and now comes home at 8 pm, something could be happening. He may say he had to work late or there was traffic. And this is one of the signs he could be cheating if it happens more often.

5. He No Longer Invites You to Restaurants

In a happy and healthy relationship, couples do things together. They go out to eat, see movies and attend events. But if your boyfriend no longer wants to do these things with you, it's a sign he may be cheating. He may say he's too busy at work or not feeling well. But the truth is, he'd rather be with his new partner.

6. He Acts Aloof

One of the subtle signs he's cheating is acting aloof or distant. He may not be as present during conversations, or he may not seem interested in what you have to say. That's because his mind is preoccupied with thoughts of his new partner. He's also trying to keep his distance so he won't give anything away.

7. He Freaks Out When You Text or Call Him a Lot

In a healthy relationship, couples are open with each other. They don't have anything to hide, so they don't mind if their partner texts or calls them frequently. But if your boyfriend freaks out when you do this, it's a sign he may be cheating. He may say he was in a meeting or he was busy. But the truth is, he didn't want you to know he was with someone else.

8. He Gets Secretive

Among the most common signs of infidelity in men is secrecy. Couples in a healthy relationship are open to each other. So, your boyfriend might be cheating if he is secretive about things like his schedule or phone.

9. His iPhone and Mac Passwords Have Changed

his iPhone and other things are now off limits to you

If your boyfriend has changed his iPhone and Mac passwords, it's a sign he may be cheating. He may say he did it for security reasons. But the truth is, he doesn't want you to see what he's been doing.

 10. Lack of or Change in Sex

Your boyfriend is probably cheating if you notice changes in his sex life. Your man might not even want to make love to you. Sometimes, having sex with you might even feel like cheating on his new partner. Also, you may notice that your boyfriend has lost interest in having sex with you because he has the other person in mind.

11. The Guy Is Busy All the Time

One of the signs your boyfriend is cheating is if he's suddenly busy all the time. He may say he has to work late or he has to travel for work. But if this happens frequently, it's one of the signs he may be cheating. He's probably spending time with his new partner instead of you.

 12. Unexplained Expenses Have Appeared

One of the most obvious signs he is definitely cheating on you is when you notice unexplained expenses on your boyfriend's credit card. He may say he had to buy something for work, or he had to get gas. But if the costs are for hotels or restaurants, it's a sign he was with someone else.

 13. He's Flirting with Someone in a Store or with Someone in a Pen Pal

If your boyfriend is flirting with someone in a store or with someone he's talking to online, it's a sign he may be cheating. He may say he was being friendly. But the truth is, he's trying to get attention from someone else. That's because he's not getting the attention he needs from you.

 14. Your Boyfriend Has a Dramatic Increase in Libido

Among the most common signs a guy is cheating is a dramatic increase in libido. He may say he's just feeling friskier. But the truth is, he's probably getting sexual attention from someone else. That's because you're not giving him the attention he needs.

 15. He Takes Frequent Showers and Brushes His Teeth

If your boyfriend is taking more showers and brushing his teeth more often, it's a sign he may be cheating. He may say he wants to be clean. But the truth is, he's probably trying to get rid of the evidence of his new partner. That's because he doesn't want you to know he's been with someone else.

11 Emotional Signs That Boyfriend Is Cheating

emotional signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you

Maybe your man no longer expresses his feelings towards you as he used to when you started dating. Here are the emotional signs of cheating boyfriend.

1. He Doesn't Talk to You as Much

A prominent sign that something is off in your relationship is when your partner starts to pull away from you emotionally and physically. If your guy suddenly stops confiding in you about things that are going on in his life, or he starts to keep more to himself, it could be a sign that he's cheating.

2. Your Boyfriend Has Stopped Saying “I Love You”

If your partner suddenly stops saying “I love you” or expressing affection, it could be a sign that he's cheating. And this is especially true if he used to be very loving and affectionate with you but has now stopped completely.

3. He Compares You or Your Behavior to Someone Else

One of the signs your man is cheating is if he starts to compare you or your behavior to someone else. If he says things like “you're just like my ex” or “you're nothing like the other girls I've dated,” it could signify that he's not happy with you and is looking for someone else.

4. The Guy Doesn't Want You to Tag Him on Social Media

he doesn't want you to tag him on social media

If your partner suddenly stops wanting to be tagged in pictures with you or doesn't want to share anything about you on his social media, it could be a sign that he's cheating. He may not want people to know about you because he's embarrassed or doesn't want people to figure out that he's cheating.

5. He Prefers Not to Talk About His Friends or Co-Workers

Maybe your partner has suddenly started distancing himself from you by not talking about his friends or co-workers. And this could be a sign that he's cheating. He may not want to talk about the people he's working with or may not want you to meet them because he's afraid you'll figure out what's happening.

6. Nightly Calls or Texts on His Phone

If your partner starts receiving nightly calls or texts from someone he won't let you see, it could be a sign that he's cheating. He may try to hide his phone from you or keep it with him at all times so that you can't see his conversations.

7. He Brings Up Conversations About Taking a Break from the Relationship

Does your boyfriend bring up conversations about taking a break from the relationship? If yes, it may indicate that he's cheating. He may say things like “maybe we need some time apart” or “I'm not sure if this is what I want anymore.” Such conversations are common signs he's cheating with his ex, and maybe they want to reconcile.

8. He Lies to You Even About Little Things

Your boyfriend could be cheating if he lies about little things. For instance, he may lie about where he was or doing so that you don't find out that he's cheating. In that case, it's crucial to talk to him about it so that you can figure out what's going on.

9. Boyfriend Calls You By a Different Name

Calling you by a different name is among the apparent signs boyfriend is cheating. He may call you by the name of the person he's cheating with or a nickname that only the two use.

 10. He Changes His Mind About Your Future Together

Has your boyfriend started saying things like “I'm not sure if I want to get married” or “maybe we should live together instead of getting married?” Such comments could indicate that he's having an affair with another woman and doesn't see a future with you.

11. He Has Changed His Mind About Getting to Know Your Family

Your boyfriend might be cheating if he suddenly changes his mind about knowing your friends or family. He may say things like, “I'm not sure if I'm ready to meet your parents” or “maybe we should wait to meet each other's friends.”

6 Weird Signs He's Cheating

some strange signs that he is cheating

A cheating boyfriend can act weird. Here are weird signs that he's cheating and doesn't want you to know.

1. Prefers to Go Out With Friends

Your boyfriend might suddenly prefer to go out with his friends instead of spending time with you. If he's never been the type to go out and party all the time, and this is a new behavior, it's a sign that he could be cheating.

2. He Accuses You of Cheating

You know that your man is cheating when he starts accusing you of cheating, even though you know you're not. And this is a definite sign that he's feeling guilty about something and projecting his guilt onto you to make himself feel better.

3. They Smile a Lot on Their Phone

You can mistake this sign for a mental health issue, but it's not. If your boyfriend is constantly smiling and laughing on his phone, it could be a sign that he's talking to someone else. Maybe he's texting or chatting with another girl and trying to hide it.

4. The Guy Prefers to Fall Asleep on the Couch in the Living Room

If your boyfriend used to sleep in bed with you but now prefers to fall asleep on the couch in the living room, it could be a sign that he's cheating. He might be trying to distance himself from you because he feels guilty about his actions.

5. He No Longer Posts Photos of You Together on Instagram or Facebook

Maybe your boyfriend used to post photos of you two together all the time, but now he's stopped. And this could be a sign of cheating because he doesn't want to share the relationship with anyone else. After all, he knows it's not real.

6. The Boyfriend Starts Talking or Suggesting a Threesome

If you've had a gut feeling about your boyfriend cheating, and then he suddenly talks about or suggests a threesome, it's a clear sign that he's cheating. He may say he wants to try something new, but it may be a tell-tale sign of infidelity.

What to Do If All the Signs of Your Boyfriend's Infidelity Converge?

he's really cheating.

Maybe you have all signs he's cheating online or locally. In that case, have a candid talk by confronting him about your suspicion. Allow him to explain and decide whether to believe him or not if he denies it. If he confesses, determine the action to take. Cheating is a serious issue, and it's up to you whether or not you can forgive him and move on.

  1. It was already so obvious. But your article once again emphasized that even the smallest changes in my boyfriend’s behavior can signal possible infidelity.

  2. She’s perfect right, unfortunately….. It’s a wake-up call to the fact that cheating can sometimes be well-hidden behind seemingly innocent behaviors.

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