SpyBubble Review: A New and Improved Way to Monitor Cell Phone Activity


These days, there are apps for everything. While most of them are used for efficiency, some can be applied to hide things like messages and pictures. This can cause trouble between couples, creating a sense of unease, not knowing what they might be hiding or who they may be in contact with. That is where technologies like SpyBubble come in handy, giving partners the opportunity to know.

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There are tons of different software monitoring technologies out there, but not all are the same. In this SpyBubble review, we'll take a look at how the technology works, learn about its features, and see what customers have to say.

Not everyone likes the idea of monitoring smartphone activity, but it could come in handy for several reasons. It is not only preferred by suspicious spouses but also concerned parents. Children can access social media apps, secret chat apps, and inappropriate videos on the web, all of which could put them in danger. Monitoring cell phone activity can prevent children from accessing these sites, giving parents a better idea of what their children are up to, thus keeping them safe.

What is SpyBubble?

SpyBubble is a monitoring software that is easy to download and discreet. They have been in the business since 2010, helping husbands and wives, parents, and even government agencies access information to prevent dangers.


Upon a quick installation, couples and parents can access and monitor phone calls, text messages, and notifications coming from many sources, including Facebook and WhatsApp, all in real-time. Among the many uses, the main goal from those at SpyBubble is to put people’s minds at ease, providing them with information that ensures their partners are faithful and/or children are safe.

A Brief History

The SpyBubble monitoring app was initially released ten years ago, in 2010, as a simple tracking tool. 

Source: https://web.archive.org/

A couple of years later, it turned into one of the first programs that introduced a real-time spying function. Another two years have passed, and the demand for the application has increased to 5,000 users. A bit later, in 2016, the product has won the hearts of users throughout Europe.

When the popularity of SpyBubble began to grow, many lookalike sites with domain names almost indistinguishable appeared, like thespybubble.com (2011), 

Source: https://web.archive.org/

prospybubble.com (2013),

Source: https://web.archive.org/

These sites hooked the company's name, playing with it and creating confusing domains, because for an inexperienced user they may appear indistinguishable. 

Thanks to webarchive that fixes all domain’s stories, one can easily check which brand is real, and which one is fake. However, many people confused the real brand SpyBubble with its fake analogues. Which was, actually, the idea behind creating those websites.

When talking about the establishment of the concept of the discussed tool, Nick Harris, CEO of SpyBubble, indicates that the idea to create such a spy software arose because of a difficult personal situation. Only when he was faced with the necessity to collect audio, visual, and textual proof promptly, Harris realized how challenging and almost unfeasible it was.

What started as a few ideas written down in a notebook has eventually turned into one of the most in-demand monitoring programs due to the engineering degree Nick obtained at the university.   

What are the principal advantages of SpyBubble that make this tracking software so popular among those wanting to check on their loved ones or employees? Boasting broad experience in spy app development, the company produced and perfected a helpful investigation tool bringing inward tranquility and mental stability to the thousands of users.

So, How Does SpyBubble Work?

SpyBubble works fast and easy, giving anyone the ability to start monitoring in three simple steps. It is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including Android- and iOS-powered gadgets. From the home page, they offer new customers the opportunity to check whether their device is compatible with a quick check. All you have to do is enter the device's model when prompted and click to get an instant response.

Source: https://spybubblepro.com/

Once the device is verified as compatible, you can start the installation, following these three simple steps.

1. Register

When going through the SpyBubble registration, you'll first need to choose your subscription plan. You'll have 4 options to choose from, each with its own set of unique features. After selecting your plan, you'll need to complete your purchase, after which you'll receive an email with a link. This link will provide you with further instructions on how to install SpyBubble on the chosen device.

2. Set Up

To properly set up SpyBubble, you'll need access to one of two things – either the target phone or the iCloud information corresponding to the phone you wish to monitor.

Once the setup is complete, you'll receive a message to your account informing you when SpyBubble is linked to the mobile device of your choice. Once this message arrives and accounts are linked, you can start monitoring the target device, getting the answers you're looking for in seconds, gaining real-time access to your partner's smartphone activity.

While the setup is simple, and you can access hidden chats and photos in no time. Beware, though, that this technology is meant for partners or parents who wish to monitor smartphones or other mobile devices. Due to privacy laws dealing with online information, it cannot be used in any incriminating way. Remember, this is a way of putting suspicions at ease, giving you the information you need to make decisions about the future of your relationship, or getting a better idea of your children's habits. If you mishandle any information you come across or misuse it, you could violate privacy laws and face penalties depending on the severity.

SpyBubble's Features and Pricing: Choose the Best Package for Your Needs

Source: https://spybubblepro.com/

The main reason why SpyBubble has captured attention over the years is the advanced features that work well on a large number of devices. Many of the features cater to doubts an individual might have about their significant other, including access to messages, photos, and deleted content from their mobile phones. Anyone that is having doubts can download the SpyBubble software on the target phone, enjoying the advanced features, including:

Access to Top Messaging Apps

Partners use messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat to hide certain content from their devices. SpyBubble will help you uncover the truth, especially if your partner is sneaking around behind your back and attempting to use these popular messaging apps to cheat on you.  

Facebook Spy App

Facebook is a popular online source used by cheaters. While online, they can like, comment, and PM many people, often feeling safe and hidden from their partner through the app. SpyBubble can intercept all contacts and content passed through Facebook, including messages, photos, and other private information.

Access to Phone Calls

With SpyBubble, you can have access all calls made from your partner's phone. When a call is made, or a call comes in from anyone, the caller's number and information will be recorded and saved. You can access this information from your account, keeping track of call logs if there is a suspicious number that keeps reappearing in the call logs.

Access to Location

When you're concerned about your partner's location, you can log in and check real-time results. On top of that, you can monitor their movement throughout the day. This can help clarify any doubt if your partner starts to visit locations outside of the ordinary, normal day-to-day routine.

Hidden Chats and Photos

Perhaps the best feature with SpyBubble is the opportunity to gain access to deleted content, including messages and photos. Anything that is held on your partner's device, no matter where it is, is accessible through SpyBubble. Whether they are stored in hidden folders or apps used to hide files, this mobile monitoring technology can find it, giving you a better look at who your partner is when you're not around.

All of the features come with the software, which downloads to the phone and remains discreet the entire time. Your partner will never know that they are being monitored, as SpyBubble is untraceable in any way. Once the app is linked to your user account, you can simply log in and find all the information you're searching for in your user space.

Pricing and Packages

Before you create an account, you first have to choose your package. SpyBubble has two different packages to offer, each with its own features. You can choose to pay per month or keep the technology for up to a year, renewing if you want to keep accessing information. The two package options and their features include:

Basic Package

The package is a monthly subscription that comes with basic features. With SpyBubble's current online promotion of 15% savings, the total comes to $25.49 per month, including access to all calls and contacts saved in the phone and all SMS and text messages. Those with iOS devices can also access iMessage, photo, and video anywhere on the device. Included in the Basic package is a look at browser history, bookmarks, and any notes held within the phone, providing a detailed preview of your partner's activity. 

Full Package

With the full package, you can choose from a few variations. There are three in total, each varying in price depending on the duration of access you want. If you pay for the full package per month, it's $42.49 per month, without any obligation to continue. For a 3-month subscription, you can pay $79.99 total, which equals $22.66 per month. If a full year subscription is something you're looking for, you can either pay $149.99 upfront one time or pay per month at just $10.62 per month.

With the full package, you get all the basic plan features, plus additional perks like access to content shared via Facebook, Instagram, and Skype. Even apps like Snapchat cannot hide from SpyBubble, with the ability to see chats and take a look at photos shared between your partner and their contacts.

Source: https://spybubblepro.com/

SpyBubble's pricing is competitive and highly affordable for all that is offered along with it. Choosing a package should depend on a few things, including the information you want access to and the amount of time you'd like access to it. The best deal, hands down, is the full package with a year-long subscription, coming in at under $11.00 per month. With all that it includes, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that your partner cannot hide anything from you.

Even if they try to be smart and hide content in popular apps like Snapchat and Instagram, you can still uncover it, putting your suspicions to rest. You can't put a price on the feeling of confidence you will have, knowing that your partner is faithful and honest with you.

SpyBubble's Mission

Like many people in relationships, Harris had doubts that kept him from taking his relationship to the next step. It can be hard to dedicate your life to someone if you're unsure whether they are faithful and honest. That is how the foundation and mission of SpyBubble started, with the company promising to:

  • Help people save time, catching their cheating spouses quickly
  • Help couples make informed decisions
  • Create an affordable and accessible way to monitor smartphone activity

User Reviews and Verdict

The main reason behind SpyBubble's success is its numerous success stories. Take Karen, for example, a concerned wife that suspected her husband was cheating. Using SpyBubble technology, she uncovered secret messages between her husband and his mistress hidden within an app known as Telegram.

Using the information she received, she confronted her husband and started to move on with her life after filing for divorce.  Karen is like many others out there, relieved from the information they have uncovered with the help of SpyBubble. Take these for example:

SpyBubble: Is It Worth It?

There are many couples out there with suspicions. While some may pass, others stay and fester, turning into mistrust and resentment. While privacy is a big part of a relationship, some people can take things too far and attempt to hide things from their partner. You have a right to know and move on with your life if you find your partner is dedicating time to someone else. For all of the advanced features included with SpyBubble, it is definitely worth a shot if you suspect your partner is unfaithful. There is nothing like putting your mind at ease and enjoying your partner's company, knowing that they are honest and faithful to you.

Plus, for just $149.99 for an entire year, it is a price and a feeling of ease that you cannot beat. It is not fun to think that someone you hoped to share your life with is unfaithful. Today with all the apps and access to the world wide web, cheaters have several ways to sneak around, hiding things from their spouse. SpyBubble is a chance to take control and really see what is going on when you're not around.

  1. I have a Galaxy s7 and my boyfriend has a phone I don’t know which one. Will I be able to use this app? He always keeps his phone in his pocket. How will I be able to put this app on his phone? Or can I just put it on mine and provide his number? Thanks.

    1. Dear Tashay, Thank you for your question.
      1) First of all, you have to find out what device your boyfriend uses — is it Android or iPhone?
      2) If it’s an Android, then you’ll have to find a way to take his phone in your possession for several minutes. Ask him to give it to you or take it when he’s sleeping. Purchase your subscription on the spybubblepro.com by clicking on “try now”, open your email and get the instructions on how to install the SpyBubble on his phone. There will be a link that you’ll insert on his phone, download the SpyBubble, and make a few settings following instructions. Don’t worry, it a completely easy procedure. You’ll understand what to do quickly.
      3) If your boyfriend has an iPhone, you’ll have to discover his iCloud ID and password. How to do this? ID is easy to find, but you’ll again have to get into his phone.

      If you manage to do this, proceed with the following:

      • Go to Settings;
      • Tap the first clickable line (with the name of a person);
      • Search for the email under the name of a person (that’s the Apple ID).

      The password is harder to get. You can ask him what his password is (just pick the right time), motivating him to share his iCloud password because you want to download some app, or just ask him to share all his passwords with you because this way you can trust him fully. Give him yours in return. Or try to guess it.

      Sometimes the iCloud password can be found like this:

      • Open his Google Chrome browser;
      • Go to Settings > autofill > passwords;
      • Google Chrome will display all passwords saved in the system;
      • Search for icloud.com and tap the eye icon on the right;
      • If a target computer is password-protected, you’ll need to enter the password;
      • If it’s not locked, you may found the Apple ID password displayed on the list.

      If you have any questions left or need our help, don’t hesitate to write in the chat

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