Top Tips to Track Your Girlfriend’s Phone

Track Your Girlfriend's Phone

Mobile phones have become a must-have in everyone's life. They are almost our shadows, following us everywhere. However, not everyone understands their full potential: they are not only our personal assistants but also spies.

Why Would You Want to Track Your Girlfriend's Phone?

track gf

When it comes to infidelity, men are more often considered more “polygamous”. However, if we check the latest General Social Survey, the difference in the percentage of men and women cheating on their partners is not very big: 20% and 13%, respectively. Thus, if you are a man in a relationship, it might be a good idea to track girlfriend's phone, at least just to be on the safe side. However, if you dig deeper, there are much more reasons to use different apps to track phones secretly.

Trust Issues

Joe Bavonese from the Relationships Institute of Michigan alerts everyone that we live in a time when people's mistrust of each other has reached its records. According to him, the main reason for this is that individualistic culture is being promoted nowadays: people care for their careers, focus on their interests, and do not pay enough attention to their personal life and relationships.

keep track of what the girl is doing

It especially concerns men who come home after a long working day: they are “too cool” to talk about their concerns with their partners. As a result, they will accumulate discomfort and mistrust until blowing out one day, destroying the relationships. Tracking girlfriend's phone is a compromise for them, as they can still “stay cool” and get rid of their concerns at the same time.

Safety Concerns

It is not a secret that we live in a dangerous world. The World Health Organization issued a report in 2021 stating that one in three women worldwide had experienced physical or sexual violence in their life. This number is genuinely terrible, and there are a couple of reasons for this:

  • women are generally weaker than men;
  • movies and computer games often sexualize woman's image;
  • due to the dominance of patriarchal culture, many men still have a twisted perception of women.

In such a way, being able to track girlfriend's location, you may once save her life if she gets in trouble.

Suspicion in Infidelity

LA Intelligence Detective Agency has recently reported that 68% of women would cheat on their partner if they were sure it would remain a secret and won't damage their relationships. Sounds funny, isn't it? “Won't damage current relationships”… Anyway, it would be a great idea to get all information about your girlfriend's mobile phone, you know, like, “just in case”? Forewarned is forearmed. If she is faithful – fantastic, you are a lucky one, and if she cheats on you – you will be able to terminate your relationship before it is too late.

How Tracking My Girlfriend's Cell Phone Is Possible?

How to track the phone of a suspicious girlfriend

There are plenty of ways to track your girlfriend's cell phone. We will focus on the most reliable ones in this article to make your life easier.

Built-In GPS Tracking

Modern mobile devices are all equipped with standard ways to track them: 

  • Find My to track your girlfriend's iPhone; 
  • Find My Device to track your girlfriend's Android;
  • Find My Mobile if she prefers to use a Samsung.

It is pretty simple to access all of these services, as they are represented by corresponding applications preinstalled on cell phones. Using any of them, you will see the location of the device on the map, nothing more. But in case you need to track your girlfriend's movement, what else would you need?

Mobile Tracking Apps

Reasons to Track Phone Gf

There are plenty of cell phone trackers on the Internet, and most have location tracking as one of their main features. Compared to the previous method, the downside of all such trackers is that you won't be able to track your girlfriend's location for free. Anyway, let's take a look at some of them deserving our attention.

How to make use of uMobix to track your girlfriend’s erased texts?

Let’s presume that you are currently undergoing a series of unfortunate events connected to your relationship. Your girlfriend barely sticks her nose out of her phone and keeps texting with somebody. Even in the middle of the night, you wake up from the screen light wondering what is going on. Yet, your partner explains that she just likes to chat with her friends.

How do you know whether your date tells the truth? The case is bizarre if a woman’s cheeks blush every time she receives a notification. Of course, secretly ransacking through her phone may result in a grandiose scandal, so another plan is necessary.

You are on the lucky side in case you hear about uMobix! Undoubtedly, this girlfriend tracker is state-of-the-art technology. Working with uMobix is a no-brainer even if you hear about it for the first time. Truly, choosing this program means getting a whole bunch of capabilities all at once.

uMobix Solution

So, are there ways of tracking her phone without her knowing? Definitely, we have many features you can use in our uMobix solution. Below are the seven leading ways of tracking her phone secretly.

  • Track Location

If she keeps lying to you about her location, you don't need to worry. You can use our app to track her movements. This feature enables you to end her traditional lies that she was “at the salon” when she left it three hours earlier to engage in her cheating escapades.

  • Track Text Messages

Never worry if you have been asking, “My girlfriend seems to be texting another man; how can I track my girlfriends cell phone and be sure?” Our app now lets you see who she texts even when she deletes the messages. You only need to log into your control panel to get a full report with their true identities.

  • Monitor Call History

Our call history feature lets you monitor anyone she calls or receives calls from. You don't need to worry about her “cleverness” by deleting her call history. Fortunately, you can track all these activities and confirm your fears.

  • Track Online Activity

If you suspect she is communicating with other men online, you can easily track her cheating adventures. Our solution enables you to know all the web pages she visits and what she does there. For instance, if you notice she visits adult sites, it's most likely she will cheat (or does this already) in real life.

  • Track Calendar and Schedule

You can also track her cheating behavior by spying on her calendar and schedule. Our discreet solution lets you monitor her weekly or daily schedule to give you an idea of her suspicious activities without her knowing. You can read her schedule, address book, and notes.

  • Monitor Messaging Applications 

Our app enables you to track her activities on messaging applications, such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Track Multimedia Files 

Never again worry about which multimedia content she exchanges on different platforms. Our solution allows you to monitor all the videos, pics, and text messages she exchanges without her knowing. If you discover she shares or receives nude images, you can confirm your fears and suspicion.

Consequently, this instrument soaks in the information about messages too. However, could it be helpless if a person deletes their correspondence to avoid getting caught? Luckily, uMobix keeps records of everything that happens on the gadget. The instrument board contains several informative columns with contact names, message content and time of sending or receiving. Therefore, erasing compromising texts from her phone is now pointless for an unloyal girlfriend.

What to do to track your girlfriend’s online activity through Cocospy?

Cocospy - Spy Phone App

Cody Walsh, an experienced blogger who writes about technology, considers Cocospy one of the greatest location-tracking applications. It takes a deserved place among several strong competitors and even outshines them in certain aspects. For instance, Cocospy creators made sure that their product fits all gadgets regardless of their brand and type.

Cocospy, along with other complimentary spyware, can quickly turn a phone inside out for you in just a matter of minutes. Additionally, there's a bonus option available where you can purchase a phone already equipped with this program. This offer may sound tempting since there's no work required on your end. You simply make the payment and the promised package arrives right at your doorstep.

Full review of the 💎 Cocospy App.

Regardless of the method you choose, once the setup process is complete, you can begin searching for signs of adultery. Typically, a person's internet activity is what reveals whether they are a potential or accomplished cheater. One way to start is by analyzing your girlfriend's online bookmarks on her phone. Often, people save a few favorite pages to revisit in the future. It's possible that your partner has something suspicious in her list of bookmarked sites.

Also, search queries open up about people’s interests and plans as well. For instance, you see a woman regularly visiting the official page of some luxurious resort while she supposedly spends her business trips in two-star hotels. It could be that she lies to you. Maybe, your girlfriend simply hints at her dream, hoping that you read her browser history.

Can you track your girlfriend’s iPhone with the help of Hoverwatch?


Imagine that the woman you are currently dating seems to be the perfect one from your dreams. She is flawless in every way possible, and you may hardly point the finger at her disadvantages. Sounds marvellous, right? Sadly, your fairytale could be the one without a happy ending if you notice strange patterns about your beau.

Hoverwatch Review ->>

Ordinarily, a cheater utilizes her phone to have confidential conversations. Hence, think over employing an application that has the specific purpose of finding out the truth about liars. One of those instruments is Hoverwatch! It confidently wins the hearts of people who feel like they are at a dead end. However, there is one little reminder. The program seems to be compatible with multiple operating systems except for IOS. Keep this information in mind!

Conversely, Hoverwatch reveals disloyal girlfriends when they use a personal computer, for instance. Yes, cheaters often decide to do less obvious things for keeping their secrets. A girl believes that you would rather check her phone than turn a laptop upside down. So, she forgets to erase the history of Skype calls or search queries, and Hoverwatch quickly retrieves them for you!

How to employ Spyic to track my girlfriend’s cell phone coordinates?


Generally, people in romantic relationships have certain expectations about each other. Some believe that knowing the whereabouts of the other one is crucial for avoiding trust issues. Oppositely, some people give their loved ones carte blanche on spending their free time.

If you have any reasons to think that your girlfriend abuses your trust, find the confirmation through her phone. One thing that would help in completing the mission is the Spyic program! Together with other apps on the market, it fills all your needs in fishing out essential details. Correspondingly, Spyic leaks designated gadget coordinates in a snap of the finger.

First, sign up Spyic web page and then make a purchase. Finally, you finish setup on the chosen device or remotely for iPhones. The girlfriend’s phone location is in your user board now! Because of this, you know for sure whether she is meeting her best friends for gossiping or spends the night at an unknown address. You may see if you show up directly at her current place.

Is there a costless way to track my girlfriend’s cell phone messages using SpyBubble?


At present, texting elevated the infidelity issue to a whole different level. First, messages created a blurred line between innocent communication and straight-up flirting. Hence, placing accusations becomes complicated because your girlfriend could accuse you of being jealous and paranoid. Secondly, the accessibility of billions of interlocutors online leads to dangerous temptations. People often fall in love with profile pictures and beautiful words!

On the condition that your girlfriend is seeing somebody behind your back, she probably messages them from time to time. Unless a woman is too cautious, revelatory conversations remain in her phone as a silent reminder of her offence.

However, getting to them could pose a problem. By a happy coincidence, instruments such as SpyBubble already exists! This pocket assistant makes retrieving messages simple as ABC. Furthermore, SpyBubble grants its clients a chargeless trial time to get a taste of extensive possibilities.

The tracker gives you updates in the form of several columns with grouped information. Owing to the simple interface, you see messages content opposite to the contact names. You see the oddities and react accordingly. For instance, it would be a bit weird if a girl sent declarations of love to somebody under the “Car service” name.

Use Spy Hardware

It may seem old-fashioned method, but it is still possible to buy spy hardware, like listening devices or cameras, and put them in the car, in your house, or even in her bag. However, you should understand that if she accidentally finds such devices and you do not get confirmation of your girlfriend's infidelity, you will have huge problems.

Use Google Maps

Looking for a way out to ‘how tracking my girlfriend's phone for free is possible?' You should definitely take a look at this method. You simply need to turn on location sharing in the settings of the Google Mapps application, and you are all good; you will always know where your girlfriend is.

Use iCloud

Similarly to Google Maps, you can find your girlfriend's location using the iCloud Find Devices feature. To do that, you only need to log into iCloud and choose the device you want to track on the Find Device toolbar. 

Use Social Media Monitoring

The simplest way (well, one of them) to find your girlfriend's location is to check her social networks. People often mark the places they visit on Facebook, not even thinking about that, just as a habit. So, the chances are pretty high that you will find your girlfriend's location by simply checking her social networks.

Simple Ways to Track Your Girlfriend's Phone Location Using Spy App

If you say, “I need to spy on my girlfriend's activities and know her exact location,” you need to remain with this section up to the end. We will show you simple steps that will put you in control of matters.

Simple Ways to Track Your Girlfriend Phone Location

Step 1: Download Spy App to Track Her Movements

You start your discovery journey by creating an account with us. Fill out all the necessary details to create your account and fortify it with a secure password. Next, we send you a confirmation link to finish the signup process. You will go to your email address and click on the link to activate your account.

You will also need to choose a subscription plan that fits your needs and budget. We have various plans that run from monthly to annual.

Step 2: Install App to Track a GF's Cell Phone

After signing up for a particular package, install our app on your desired gadget. You do this by following our setup link. You log into your account using your account and allow it to access the information on the target smartphone. After completing this process, delete the application's icon from the home screen. Otherwise, you could defeat your spying mission.

Step 3: Spy on Her Phone; Works Completely in Stealth Mode

Afterward, return to your dashboard on your PC. Here, you can access her smartphone and look for all the features you wish to monitor. Next, click all of them to allow our app to monitor them. For instance, you can click on messages, multimedia, browsing history, social media platforms, and call history if you want to track them. So, if you have been saying, “I want to track my girlfriends cell phone secretly,” you have moved a step closer to your target.

Secret Tips for Tracking Your Girlfriend's Phone

There are several more things to check on girlfriend's phone to track her movements if you get her phone in your hands.

  1. Check her photos, as the location where they were taken can often be marked on the map.
  2. Open the maps application she prefers, as it may save her latest location requests.
  3. It might be handy to take a look at Uber or any other taxi application installed on her device; there, you can find out the latest addresses she called a taxi.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tracking Your GF's Phone

You will always know where she goes, and in such a way, not only check her faithfulness but also help her if she gets to a dangerous area.It definitely breaks trust in your relationships, and you may feel guilty for not believing your second half.
If you use a girlfriend phone tracker, you will not only know where she is but also what she does online and whom she talks to.If your girlfriend finds out she is being secretly tracked, you might have huge problems in your couple.

Alternatives to Tracking Your Girlfriend's Phone

Monitor my girlfriend's cell phone activity

There are many other ways to solve possible problems you might have in your couple. It is not a must to track her location or use phone spies. The University of California conducted research in 2013 where 403 couples were questioned on their relationships and how they solve problems arising. The results were not surprising: 90% of couples with trust problems were those with a lack of communication. Thus, several things are recommended to strengthen your connection with your girlfriend.

Open Communication

Before struggling with ‘how to watch my girlfriend's password for social media?' simply talk to her if you have any concerns about her presence on that social network. Explain, what bothers you, and what possible solutions you see. Ask her to be sincere, and ask her to help you to get rid of suspicions and discomfort.


It is never shameful to apply for a professional's help if you have problems in your couple. A good counselor may help you understand the reasons and find the best solutions. However, it is important that both partners agree on that, so before planning your first visit to a counselor or psychologist, discuss this idea with your girlfriend and try to convince her that you need this.

Relationship Building Techniques

Instead of tracking your girlfriend's phone without her knowing, try to work on your relationships using different RBTs – relationship Building Techniques. There are plenty of them on the Internet; psychologists often share them on their blogs or Instagram accounts. So why not try? It definitely won't get worse if you do.

FAQ Regarding How to Track My Girlfriend Cell Phone Data

Our team answers all these questions based on the feedback and inquiries we received from our readers to give you workable solutions.

How can I track my girlfriend's location for free without her knowing?

There are plenty of methods to do that: standard phone GPS trackers, different spy applications that offer free versions, and old-school spying equipment; it all depends on your preferences and budget.

How to track my girlfriend's phone by number?

There are tackers enabling location tracking by phone number without installation required. They are anonymous and work for all phone models. Some of them include,, etc.

How can I read my girlfriend's text messages without her phone?

Cell phone spy apps allow you to get all the information about the target phone, including both sent and received text messages.

Why can't I find my girlfriend's location?

Most probably, she has turned her phone off. Trackers do not work with devices that are offline.

How to track my girlfriend's phone without her knowing and get all information about her activities?

If you need to get all the information about your partner's phone, you should consider installing a spy app on her device. Or simply ask her to share her password with you if she has nothing to hide.

Why is my girlfriend always on her phone when we are together?

If your partner spends a lot of time on their phone, do not start suspecting them right away. They might simply watch TikTok or surf the Internet. The best way to ensure they are not doing anything wrong is to do it together. Or you can install a spy app on their device; it is a pretty decent alternative.

How to Secretly Track My Girlfriend’s Cell Phone via GPS?

Most mobile spy tools can indicate the coordinates of the device that you choose. Also, they are unnoticeable in their performance.

How to track your girlfriend's iPhone or Android devices?

With a monitoring app for iPhone, you’ll no longer wonder, “Where is my girlfriend right now?”. After securing a subscription, you can set up the tracking process with iCloud credentials or access the device physically. Once done, the question of how to find my girlfriend will disappear – you can track your partner's cell phone anytime.

How to listen to your girlfriend's calls?

One best way to catch a cheating person is by listening to their calls. Call records are one of the things to check on girlfriend's phone if you suspect she is cheating on you. And you can use an app that records the target person's calls, allowing you to listen to them later through an online dashboard.


There are many ways to track your girlfriend's location or even spy on her phone. However, it might be a better way just to talk to her and share your concerns; at least, it is what psychologists state. However, if you are not keen on serious conversations, you can install a spy on her device or track her location via standard services, such as Find My Device or iCloud.

  1. I appreciate the thought-provoking perspective presented here. Trust is undoubtedly a cornerstone of any relationship, and it’s disheartening to see how rising mistrust in society impacts our personal lives.

  2. Great insights in this article!
    I agree that in this era of individualism, maintaining healthy communication and addressing concerns is crucial.

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