Tracking My Husband’s Phone

track my husband's android phone for free

The infidelity statistics revealed that men are more likely than women to cheat on their spouses. We listed down the best phone trackers to expose your husband's concealed affairs and clear the clouds.

Determine Why You Want to Track Your Husband's Phone

track husbands phone

Question your intentions for using a spy app against the person closest to you. Are you suspecting a potential liar or curious about your husband's whereabouts? Determining your purpose of tracking will help you find the best spy app that meets your needs.

What Apps Can I Use for Tracking My Husband's Cell Phone?

The rapid emergence of spyware apps makes it sometimes difficult to find the best hacker. Besides, Android and iPhone variations can complicate the process. Below we listed down the most popular mobile spy apps you can use to track husband's phone.

How to Track Husband's iPhone

Check your husband's phone to confirm or deny his cheating on you

Nowadays, online infidelity has become a serious concern among couples that paved the way for a  hidden online life in the world's most secure OS: iPhone. A YouGov Survey on phone snooping revealed that 36% of women found evidence of something they'd already suspected. If you have a hunch that your partner is cheating, you are most probably right, and one of the best ways to reveal it on iOS is using uMobix spyware.

Use uMobix

uMobix spyware is a comprehensive tracking tool compatible with iOS devices. It requests one-time physical access to the target device for iCloud credentials. It is a well-known spouse phone tracker around the world, providing accurate information.

uMobix iPhone spy is able to track husband's internet activity and report it on the dashboard. You can monitor the visited websites, bookmarks, and browsing history of the iOS devices and get to a conclusion for a potential betrayal. It helps you be sure of your husband's intentions and catch any glitch you suspect. By using uMobix, it is possible to locate the restaurant your husband had dinner at by an SMS receipt or pin down the fake names by accessing his contact list and social media connections.

uMobix is a quality and affordable spying app compared to other iPhone trackers. The 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month subscriptions cost $49.99, $29.99, and $12.49 per month, respectively.


  • Full access to all social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Tinder
  • Log in to the social media accounts of your husband as your own and track connections, chats, posts, and shared media
  • Read iMessages and track your spouse's spending and whereabouts
  • Hack chats and media files included in instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, and Skype
  • View the call history, timestamps, duration, and contacted names
  • Detect contacts under fake names and restore deleted call history
  • Track the visited websites, bookmarks, and browsing history

Pros & Cons

An affordable spy app with advanced featuresRestore deleted messages, call logs, web history, and contactsMore than one subscription needed to track more than one iOS device
Online chat with customer supportHas a demo versionPhone calls cannot be recorded

Use Cocospy

Cocospy is one of the best phone tracker apps for iPhone without jailbreak. One-time access to iCloud credentials is enough to activate the app on your spouse's phone. It is a perfect tool for those who want to keep an eye on the online activities of their husband. The phone tracker eases the curiosity and doubts of distressed spouses with a deep investigation.

Cocospy pricing is relatively cheap compared to other spyware apps in the market that lack most of the shiny features it offers. There are 3 subscription plans for iOS devices with 3 different license options – 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month. It costs $10.83 per month for the annual license of the Premium Pack, $33.33 for the Family Pack, and $83.33 for the Business Pack. You can track 5 devices in Family Pack and check 25 devices in Business Pack. 


  • View call history, date, and time of call logs, and contacted names
  • Read sent/received/deleted SMS messages, iMessage, and WhatsApp chats
  • Access the gallery of your husband and detect any sent or received media files
  • Track husband's phone web activity, browser history, visited websites, and bookmarks
  • Spy on installed applications your husband uses
  • Get notified on the real-time location of your spouse

Pros & Cons

Affordable subscriptions for extensive featuresPay with cryptocurrencyInstagram tracking feature is not available on iOS devices
Online chat with customer supportPhone calls cannot be recorded
Has a demo version 

How to Track My Husband's Android Phone

Did you know that snooping on your spouse's Android device is much easier than you think? Android is the leading OS in the global market and is preferred by most phone brands worldwide. It owes its popularity to the variety of applications it supports. This becomes an advantage when it comes to spying on your husband's Android phone.

Use Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a basic phone tracker app to spy on your spouse's Android device and online activities. The registration and installation processes are quick and simple. Downloading the app on the target device will do most of the work.

The subscription plans are monthly, and the pricing varies according to the number of devices. The Personal subscription allows tracking one device with an annual pricing of $8.33 per month. The Professional subscription checks 5 devices and costs $3.33 per month/device. The Business subscription lets you track 25 devices at $1.67 per month/device. Hoverwatch is one of the popular phone tracking apps you can try to track your husband's Android phone for free since it offers a free trial.

Full Hoverwatch Review


  • Track SMS messages and incoming/outgoing call history
  • View address book, email accounts, gallery, and installed apps
  • Track social media and instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook
  • Screenshots for online and social media activities
  • Get access to the front camera and receive a photo every time your husband unlocks the screen of his phone
  • Locate your husband's cell phone and monitor his whereabouts

Pros & Cons

Easy installation and handy dashboardTrack multiple devices with affordable pricingSome of the information provided on the website (such as ‘Sign Up Free') is not actually accurate, and several services do not function properly based on Hoverwatch reviews (such as social media tracking)

Use SpyBubble (read review)

A recent survey showed that 8.3% of cheaters confessed to their spouse about cheating when asked or accused. One of the best ways to bust a cheating husband and make him confess is to use the SpyBubble phone tracking app. It helps you to meet your gut feeling with accurate information. You can track a cheating husband and nail down his deleted messages, call logs, emails, and secret apps that he does not want you to know about.

The monitoring spyware offers its users three full-feature subscription plans with a 15% discount. Per-month pricing for 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month subscriptions are $42.49, $25.49, and $10.62, respectively.


  • Full access to call logs, messages, and contacts
  • Track instant messaging, social media, and dating apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Tinder
  • View gallery and sent/received media files in chats
  • Access microphone and camera
  • Record web activities, visited websites, and browser history
  • Restore deleted messages, call logs, contacts, and apps
  • Locate your husband's cell phone with the Geofinder feature
  • Receive extensive and accurate activity reports with the keylogger feature

Pros & Cons

Affordable spyware with profound featuresReal-time monitoring with short update intervalsPinpoint deleted or renewed contacts according to social media connectionsGeo-fencing feature is not availableMultiple subscriptions necessary to track more than one Android device 

How to Track Your Spouse's Phone with uMobix

uMobix is one of the best tracker apps that has the easiest set-up process for cell phone users. Both the official website and customer service provide guidance for the installation. Start tracking your husband's phone by following the set-up steps below.

1. Create an Account

  • Enter the official website and click on “Try Now” and enter your email address to create an account
  • Select the type of device you want to monitor (Android or iOS)

2. Choose Your Subscription

  • Pick up the subscription plan and complete the payment

3. Access the Dashboard

  • Go to your email and click on the login URL sent by uMobix
  • Sign in with the account details and registration code received via email and access the control panel

4. Complete uMobix Installation on the Target Phone

  • Check the instructions on the dashboard for the set-up process

For Android

  • Get access to the target phone and disable Play Protect from Play Store
  • Copy the link on the browser and initiate the installation process
  • Allow permissions for download and complete the set-up
  • Enable the keylogger feature
  • Enter the registration code to hide the spy app in the system and complete the installation

For iOS

  • Enter the iCloud login credentials of your husband's phone on your uMobix account. Follow the instructions and complete the settings

5. Track Your Husband's Phone Without Him Knowing

  • Go to your dashboard and start monitoring the target phone discreetly

How to Find My Husband's Location with Phone Number Right Now

track my husbands cell phone without him knowing and for free

If you want to skip the installation steps, you may try basic spying tools with one or two features. Geolocation is a popular feature for such trackers. Discover and start tracking your spouse's phone with the useful spying software below.

Locate My Husband's Phone with GEOfinder.Mobi

The logic behind GEOfinder.Mobi tracker is quite simple. The only thing you need to locate your husband is his phone number. It works on all mobile devices, and the tracking starts right after you complete the payment. The tracking software offers a monthly subscription for $39.99 and applies to all devices.

After you sign up and complete the payment, GEOfinder.Mobi asks for the phone number you want to track. Once you enter it, the software sends a regular-looking SMS message or email to your husband's cell phone. The phone owner needs to click on the link in the SMS message or email to allow location tracking. Like in many advertising messages and emails, most phone users do not think twice while clicking on such links. Thus, the odds are in your favor.

The phone tracker starts precise tracking as soon as the phone owner clicks on the link. The exact location of your spouse is marked on a map on which you can zoom in and out. The tracking is totally anonymous, and your husband will never know you are watching. If you prefer, you may also choose the recognized tracking option, which lets the phone owner know what you are trying to do. The tracker does not work when the target phone is off, and the users can send one SMS every three hours.

Localize.Mobi for Tracking My Husband's Location with Phone Number

Localize.Mobi is the perfect choice for you if you want to find where your spouse is in minutes. Like GEOfinder.Mobi, it does not need a set-up process, IMEI number, or IP address. It has worldwide coverage and functions well for all phone brands. Once the sign-up is completed, the phone tracker sends a common SMS message to your husband's device, which will not raise any suspicion, and when the phone owner clicks the link, geolocation starts. The phone number tracker also allows users to send customized messages to disguise their identity better.

The spyware tool works in stealth mode and protects your confidentiality. It offers a 24-hour trial for $0.89 and a 1-month subscription for $49.99. What's best is that it allows multiple phone number tracking without an extra fee.

Find My Husband's Phone with LocationTracker.Mobi

Rather than sending an automatic SMS message, LocationTracker.Mobi asks you to create an interesting message with a photo. You upload a picture on the website and create a custom message with interesting text. The spy tool sends you a link. You may send this link using WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook and start getting the coordinates.

LocationTracker.Mobi uses an IP logger and Wi-Fi tracker for geolocating the target device. You can also check the VPNs used by your husband and trace the phone carrier and model of the device. The tracker has monthly and annual subscription plans for $39.99 and $139.99, respectively, and is compatible with all phone brands.

Alternative Methods to Track My Husband's Location for Free

Find your husband's whereabouts, he may be cheating on you

There is more than one way to spy on your husband's phone without drawing attention. Some of these free tracking methods are primarily designed to track lost or stolen devices, while others are used for spying. Let us discover the more common alternatives for spouse tracking and locating.

Utilize The Find My App To Track Your Husband's iPhone Location

Find My App is a phone tracking service of Apple that helps iOS users locate their missing devices on the map. You may also use the app for a device other than yours if it is in one of your sharing groups or by using the iCloud username and password. It is possible to geolocate your spouse's iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch after you download the app from the App Store.

Locate My Husband's Phone with Google Maps

Thanks to the location-sharing feature of Google Maps, tracking the real-time location of a mobile device is easier than ever. It is free of charge, available on all Android and iOS devices, and functions well in every corner of the world. Physical access is necessary for location sharing on the target phone.

Enter Google Maps on your husband's phone, find the Location Sharing option in the menu, click on “Add people”, and add your device. You can now start GPS tracking and get informed about your spouse's whereabouts. Google keeps showing you the coordinates of the target device until the location sharing is turned off by the phone owner.

Track My Husband's Android Phone for Free with Find My Device

Find My Device is a free app developed by Google to locate Android devices. It requires physical access to your husband's phone and the Google Account username and password. First, download the app on your spouse's Android device. Next, go to his Google account and turn on “Location” and “Find My Device”. After these steps, you will see the live coordinates of the target cell phone.

Spy on My Spouse's Phone Activities via Keylogger

Keylogger is a discrete spyware that records everything you type on your cell phone. It uses this data to track your online activities. It can also access your camera or microphone and track social media activities, messages, calls, and even location. Finding a reliable keylogger may be a little tricky. Thus, it is best to search for keyloggers provided as a service by a trustworthy tracker.

Access My Husband's Phone by Hiring a Hacker

If you do not want to leave the faith of your relationship to luck, it is a good idea to hire a real-life hacker to track husband's phone activities. You may never learn the true identity of the hacker, but it is a small price paid for the truth. Besides, it is not free.

Track My Spouse's Cell Phone Using IMEI

IMEI, the International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a code every mobile device has. It is like the identity card of your phone and allows tracking when lost or stolen. Yet, it can also be used to locate a target phone. To track your husband's Android device, visit Google Play Store, and find an app that allows tracking via IMEI.

Is It Possible to See What My Husband Is Looking at on the Internet?

If your husband is cheating, knowing what he's browsing for on the Internet can confirm your suspicions.

What men do on the internet

Websites and History Incognito Browser

The best way to see your husband's website history is to view the history on your browser. However, what if he's using incognito mode?

There's a solution. Besides using a tracking app, which can see all browsing history, use a command prompt to view the browser history if you're on a PC your husband uses.

Run your command prompt as an administrator, then type “ipconfig /displaydns” (without quotation marks.) Hit enter, and you will obtain all browser information, regardless of incognito mode.

Facebook and Instagram Activity

Some information, such as likes on a public account, is visible on Instagram and sometimes Facebook. However, your best bet is to use a cell phone tracker to see his DMs or see what's going on in his private account. If you don't have it, try to log in or use password recovery if you know his email. Unfortunately, this method makes your presence known.

Registering for the Dating Sites

A husband can use many dating sites to cheat, like Ashley Madison. If you wonder if your husband is using any of them, your best bet is to register for one and see if you can find your husband. Usually, there is no possibility to view who's on the dating site until you make an account, so create one and see what you can find.

Messenger Conversation in WhatsApp and Viber

Once again, a phone tracking app is the best way to view messaging apps. If you log into your husband's account, you may be able to view his messages that way. However, your husband may also delete his messages. A phone tracking app makes it simple to view messages, even deleted ones.


How can I install a spy app on my husband's phone?

The installation process varies according to the spyware app of your preference and the brand of the target device. So, it can be useful to choose your phone tracker first and then follow the necessary set-up steps. Usually, physical installation via an apk file is applied for Android, and a remote one via iCloud credentials is applied for iOS.

How can I track husband's internet activity?

According to Nicole Arzt, a family therapist, “Online infidelity can occur through any digital platform, including chat rooms, email, and social media” and “it can be more difficult to spot it than other forms of cheating.” Thus, a reliable and accurate spying app is a must to track your husband's web activities remotely. While most of the phone trackers in the market record online activities, not all provide an extensive service for all mobile devices. Thus, reading between the lines may save both your time and money.

How can I monitor my spouse's cell phone?

You may track your spouse's phone by registering and purchasing a tracker app. Looking for a free app to track husband's phone can be a bold move since you never know who can use your data and for what. The extent of the monitoring service depends on the tracker, device compatibility, and subscription options.

How can I spy on my husband's phone remotely?

Nearly all spyware tools require one-time physical access to the target device and then allow remote monitoring. After you complete the installation at this stage, you may start tracking your husband's cell phone using your account and device.

How can I access the phone calls of my husband?

Once you sign up for a monitoring app, the call history, frequency, contacts, and timestamps are all available on your dashboard. Yet, recording the calls is still a challenge for developers.

How can I detect my spouse's hidden phone?

It is possible to use both spying apps and different platforms to locate your husband's secret phone. Phone trackers with geolocation options and Google apps with the location-sharing feature can do the work.

How can I track my husband secretly with Google Maps?

Access your husband's phone, activate the ‘Location Sharing' feature in Google Maps, add your device, and start tracking your husband's phone. Your spouse will not know he is being followed until he checks the Maps settings and sees your device name.

How can I access the phone camera of my husband?

Accessing the camera is a common feature offered by spouse phone trackers on Android or jailbroken iOS devices. You will obtain full camera control capturing front camera photos whenever your husband unlocks his phone.

The best way is to create a WiFi hotspot or Bluetooth connection. But, of course, your husband does have to approve this connection.

How To Put GPS On My Husband's Phone?

Modern phones have GPS tracking available by default, such as Find My Device for Android or Find My for iOS. Otherwise, your best bet is to use a phone tracking app to tell you his location.

🔒 How to Know My Husband's Phone Password?

You can install a spy app with a keylogger feature on his phone remotely and find out all his passwords. But first, if you’re wondering, “How to find my husband phone password?”, you may do so by peeping past when he unlocks his phone. Then, you can add your fingerprint ID.

👂️ How can I listen to my husband's cell phone conversations?

Tracking husband phone using a secret app enables you to listen to his conversations with other people. Such programs run in stealth mode, allowing you to read his text messages, see the videos and photos he shares with others, monitor his browser history, and use “locate my husband's phone” services.

🚩 How do I find hidden apps on my husband's phone?

Some husbands may use hidden apps to communicate with other women or hide videos and photos. Finding them on the device or determining the fact of use is not easy, but for tracking applications like uMobix that capture everything that happens on the device, this is not a problem.

👀 How to find my husband's deleted messages?

Access to his phone is required to restore deleted messages. You can use the SMS backup & restore App for Android. With an iPhone, it is a bit harder to perform. First, you delete all the data and then launch system backup from iCloud. It will restore all the files including messages.

🤔 How to spy on the husband’s iPhone without jailbreaking free?

There is no actual service that needs an iPhone jailbreak. They work with iCloud and get all the information from that cloud storage. But you can spy for free at a trial period for a month or less. Try spyic, spyzie, or cocospy. There are also free services but make sure to carefully check them before use.

Does Tracking Your Husband's Phone Cross the Border of Ethical Norms?

One issue you may have if you're thinking about tracking your husband's phone is if it's the right thing to do. Depending on your area, there may be laws against it, and we condone following them. Again, however, we're referring to ethics.

Is it ethical to watch your husband

It all depends on the situation. If you have hard evidence that your husband is cheating and is putting yourself in danger, it may be right for you to track your husband's phone. However, you may need to consider your priorities if you have little evidence other than jealousy.

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