uMobix Review: A full-featured solution for mobile devices’ remote monitoring

uMobix Review

uMobix is a new word among monitoring solutions on the market. Have you ever wondered why your spouse returns from work so late? Or whom your kid is communicating with throughout the day? Then you've probably thought about purchasing monitoring software. The one that will let you keep an eye on your child or deal with an unfaithful spouse.

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Previously the whole process was a bit complicated. You had to root the target device before monitoring. uMobix has simplified all of that once and for all.

Among some unique features, there is an ability to take screenshots from the target device whenever you want. For example, if you suspect that your kid is lying, you can easily access the device and take screenshots of chats, exposing what your kid is really up to.

uMobix can boast to be the one app on the market to offer the screenshot feature along with highly-performing basic features that come at much lower price. You can purchase uMobix and try out its main package, to begin with. Later, if you feel you need to add advanced options, like taking control over the target device, you can opt for the premium package.


uMobix is one of the latest mobile monitoring tools presented on the market, which means it's packed with state-of-the-art features to ease the monitoring process for you.


First of all, it allows you to enter your user space anytime you want and get quick access to the target device. You can track SMS, phone calls, Social media apps, GPS locations, look through contact books, and receive web browser history. The software supplies you with regularly refreshed data and lets you monitor target devices in real-time.

Basic features include:

  • Access to SMS;
  • Phone calls monitoring;
  • Social media/messengers;
  • Photo gallery;
  • GPS location;
  • Contact book.

Among basic features, there is a GPS location tracker. It spots the location of the user and informs you in real-time of his or her whereabouts. You can be aware of where your kid is and check the location throughout the day.

If you suspect the device owner might lie to you, and you know there is something there on the device that you can extract and provide evidence, nothing will help you more in this business than uMobix.

One of the greatest features that come within uMobix's premium pack is tap into the target device and take screenshots. Only a few solutions on the market provide this feature as of today. uMobix, at the same time, offers quite an affordable price for a full pack of features compared to the rival products.


uMobix is compatible with most iOS and Android devices (Android 4 and higher). It doesn't require physical access to iPhones to be installed.

Who will benefit?

First of all, parents who would like to take control of their kids' smartphone usage or track their kids' activities throughout the day.

Who will benefit from using the uMobix app

Also, if you own the device of the person who you're going to monitor, you can easily use the app for checking on how your parents are doing. Some companies use uMobix for keeping an eye on their employees, especially when working remotely.

You cannot monitor devices without receiving consent from its user or legal explicit. You have to either own the device or to obtain permission from the second part. Restrictions may vary depending on your country. In some cases, it is admissible to spy on elder parents if you have full guardianship over them.

By purchasing the monitoring app, you take full responsibility for any kind of damage that may take place as a result of your actions.


uMobix, hands down, is one of the most innovative monitoring solutions that, surprisingly, will cost you no more than a regular monitoring app. It features the latest innovative mechanisms that substantially ease monitoring and give you access to control the device, not just spy on it. At one click, you can tap into the device you're tracking and take screenshots of those things that interest you most.

Among other benefits, I would highlight responsive 24/7 service and continuous evolving of the company and product. New features come to play every month, so chances are by picking up a particular plan, you'll automatically use a lot more features than were originally offered.


I would say that, compared to some other similar apps, uMobix might be a bit hard to start using for non-tech-savvy users. If you own a smartphone and use it a lot, — I'm sure there will be no problems for you. With the help of a support center, you'll get to the point right away. However, for some parents, who are not used to dealing with technologies, it might be a bit difficult.

The hardest part is to install the app on the phone. For iOS, you'll need to provide iCloud credentials, so if you don't have them, think about it in advance. For Androids, you will need to take the phone and install the app by yourself as much as we know. The icon can be hidden or exposed — that's your decision.

Final word

uMobix is equipped with some unique features that allow you to monitor the target device spotlessly. It has all you need and more for an affordable price.

The biggest advantage of this app is its “screenshot feature,” that puts you into the driver's seat and lets you control the device. From your user space you can get to the phone or tablet and take needed screenshots.

As to the navigation, I would say, uMobix provides just the same experience as many other monitoring apps. However, its price makes uMobix really outstanding. As well as quick and responsive support, which is more than crucial in this kind of business. I would recommend any parent try this app and share your impressions. It is the best on the market as of now, with its balance of features and price.

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