12 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on Facebook

10 warning signs

Facebook cheating is real, and our advice is to watch out if your partner is showing 12 Facebook cheating signs. Cheaters usually think they are the smartest, and no one would find out what they are doing. However, there are many ways to understand that something is wrong and that social media cheating is taking place.

How to Find Out If Your Spouse Is Cheating on Facebook

Usually, cheating on Facebook signs about some problems you have in your relationships. According to the research conducted by the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences at the University of Maryland, lack of love, unsatisfied sexual desire, and low commitment are among the main reasons for family infidelity.

A guy is texting on the phone on Facebook

Obviously, the best way to solve them would be to talk to each other or visit a family therapist, but for many, it is a much more complicated way. Facebook secret conversations cheating is one of the easiest and most harmless types of cheating, but it can often be just the first step on the way to more serious wrong-doings.

12 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating on Facebook

How to find a cheater on Facebook

Francesca Di Meglio, a journalist specializing in writing about relationship problems, regretfully admits that technology works in a completely different way from how it was expected to. “Technology, meant to keep us connected, only made our relationships more complicated”, she claims, and it is hard to disagree with her. However, there are different ways to diagnose the problem on time and find a solution. Here are 12 warning Facebook cheating signs to watch out for if you suspect infidelity:

1. They Suddenly Spend More Time on Facebook

One of the main Facebook cheating signs is the amount of time your partner starts spending on social media. Let's say they usually scroll their Facebook feed while in line or traffic jam, and suddenly they start spending all their free time chatting or reading something. Well, you may suggest they join a professional community, for example, and discuss some serious matters there, but it is hardly like that.

Remember the times when you were single, and what could possibly make you get lost on Facebook? We bet you could chat with people who were interesting to you from dusk till dawn. If your partner is doing the same, and the person they are chatting with is not you – then who? It is the question you should ask yourself.

2. They Are Always Private Messaging Someone

Frankly speaking, if your partner sends many messages on Facebook, it should not bother you too much. According to statistics, almost 10 million messages are sent via Facebook messenger every minute. Moreover, around 1/3 of the population of our planet use FBM, and this number still grows every year.

One of the signs of Facebook cheating is, however, if partners cannot stop texting in the bed, in the bathroom, during a romantic dinner, and so on. You may ask them to put the phone away, and if you face an aggressive reaction – it should alarm you immediately.

3. They Frequently Like and Comment on Someone's Posts

A popular internet journal Vice highlighted the main reasons why people give the posts on social networks “thumbs up” or “hearts”:

  • loyalty and good attitude to a person;
  • sex, to show your romantic interest;
  • drunkenness, well, when beer speaks for you;
  • sincerity, to express appreciation.

As you can see, it is not the best way to catch a cheater; however, it all depends on whose pictures they “like” and how often they do that. Liking a co-worker's picture with a cute dog, most probably, does not mean anything. However, liking someone's whole feed is really suspicious.

4. They Have a Hidden Friend List on Facebook

One of the signs your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook is a hidden friend list if she has one. There are not many reasons to hide people from a partner. Thus, it should definitely alarm you. It might be her school love or her ex, with whom she got back in touch, and she does not want you to know that.

Anyway, the best way to reveal your girlfriend hiding friends on Facebook is by simply asking her about them. It might happen that she just made it out of interest and forgot. And if she flushes and does not give you any clear response – she might be hiding something (or someone) interesting there.

5. They Suddenly Start Using Facebook Messenger More Often

Men are usually less social online than women, and they mostly communicate via WhatsApp or Messenger about things that matter. But one of the signs your man is cheating on Facebook can be an increase in Messenger use.

Unfortunately, just asking them about the reason may not be efficient, as men are more closed than women. They may consider such a question as a danger to their freedom and distance from their partner even further. Consider this when trying to find a solution.

6. They Have a Lot of Notifications But Never Show You What They Are

We again get to the point that having secrets from a partner never means anything good. A husband messaging another woman on Facebook will permanently hide the notifications from his wife, while if he is talking to his friends, he might even show his spouse a stupid funny picture from their listing.

It might seem weird why they do not disable notifications in this case, but the reason for this is very straightforward. Gary Lewandowski, a Ph.D. in psychology, is sure that cheaters, in fact, want to be caught. One of the main reasons for cheating is low self-esteem, and many people try to increase it in such a way.

7. They Frequently Delete Their Chat History

Cheating on Facebook Messenger is very simple, as one can delete the messaging history in a few clicks. However, in this case, partners may often start wondering what was so special about that conversation. It is like in spy movies: a person with crystal-clear history is always suspicious.

It might be one of the most apparent Facebook flirting signs, and the fact that they might be questioned why they deleted the history and what is happening makes it even spicier. Fortunately, cheaters often do not know that there are many ways to read even deleted messages; we will talk about them a bit later.

8. They Have Multiple Facebook Accounts

It is very easy to check if your partner has another Facebook account: open the FB app on their phone and long tap on the avatar in the bottom right corner. If your partner has another account – you will see a list and be offered to choose one.

Another question is why they need another account. Many people do business on Facebook and Instagram, but if it is your partner's case, you should probably have already known about it. If the additional account is a surprise for you – it might be one of the Facebook messenger cheating signs.

9. They Change Their Facebook Password Frequently

Frankly speaking, changing password is a standard security measure recommended by many professionals. However, paranoid password change, which happens every day or a couple of days – is 100% among signs your wife is cheating on Facebook (well, your husband as well, of course). There is no objective reason for such frequent password changes.

10. They Frequently Lie About Their Facebook Activity

If your husband ensures you that he spends a couple of minutes on Facebook during his coffee break, and then you see that he has 10+ new posts on the feed and lots of comments with different “time codes”, he definitely has spent there more. The question is, why not tell you the truth? Considering that it is even possible to make video calls via Facebook, your partner might easily talk to a lover, habitually scrolling the feed at the same time.

11. They Changed the Privacy Settings on Facebook

If you want to know if your partner is cheating on you, check their Facebook privacy settings. Most people change their privacy settings when they have something to hide. Don't take it lightly if your partner starts preventing you from seeing their posts on Facebook.

12. They Removed the Relationship Status on the Facebook Page

The relationship status on Facebook lets others know if a person is single or in a relationship. A person in a relationship won't delete their relationship status suddenly for no reason.

If your partner does this, it's because they're attracted to someone on Facebook. People usually lose interest in a person if they find out they're already in a relationship with someone else. 

Your partner taking such a step is one of the most significant warning signs so take note.

How to Tell If Someone Is Having a Secret Conversation on Messenger?

Facebook Secret Conversations

It is usually hard to be 100% sure that someone is having a secret conversation on Messenger. It is a SECRET conversation, after all. Of course, you may check your spouse for all the signs we described in the previous section, but it is impossible to guarantee that they work. Anyway, we have developed a plan to follow if you want to achieve the most effective result.

Step 1

If you want to find out if your husband is cheating on Facebook, you should first try asking him and observing his reaction. Usually, if men want to hide something and get asked about it directly, they become irritable and even aggressive. For women, it is different, as they are often slyer than men and hide their emotions better, hiding them behind some positive feelings and memories. However, you can still notice something suspicious in their eyes or facial expression.

Step 2

Always pay attention to how your partner behaves. A person with nothing to hide is relaxed and chill, while a cheater always fears being revealed. Try taking your partner's phone, sitting at their laptop, and asking for their password “to check your e-mail box” or something like that. It should help you get their true emotions on the surface.

Step 3

Create a fake account on Facebook, add some cool-looking pictures (not your pictures, of course), and try to flirt with your partner. It will help you understand if your partner is ready and open for intrigue. Combine your findings from all three stages, and you will get a more or less clear picture of what is going on.

Free and Paid Methods to Catch Facebook Cheaters

Cheating and Facebook, a girl and a laptop

Suspicions are great, but knowledge is better: you need to be sure that your partner is cheating; otherwise, you will just destroy your couple or family. Luckily, there are different ways to check whether you have anything to worry about.

Free Ways to Catch a Cheater on Facebook

Ideally, you should get to know your partner's password and check their page. If both of you have iPhones, you can get a full copy of your spouse's phone on your gadgets, with all the credentials saved. For Android owners, it would be a more complicated task, however.

You may also check the Internet for free keylogger apps. Catching cheaters on Facebook is pretty easy with them, as you will see every single symbol they type: from passwords to messages.

Finally, many phones use FaceID for unlocking. Just wait until your partner falls asleep, and unlock their device by letting it scan their face. In this case, you should be extremely careful not to wake them up and put the phone exactly in the same place later. Well, at least if you haven't found anything, because if you have, you might not want to see this person near you anymore.

There are lots more paid ways to catch a cheater than free ones. To your service, there are:

  • different cell phone tracking applications;
  • paid keyloggers;
  • Facebook page hackers;
  • paid applications to copy the device.

Of course, before using any of them, you should check the prices and features offered and choose the best fit for your needs. No one wants to spend money on something they won't actually use later.

You Can Follow Their Facebook Account Without Being Caught

To catch your partner red-handed while cheating on Facebook is difficult, but it isn't impossible. You can catch your partner cheating without letting them know by using spy apps

Spy apps are used to spy on people without the user being caught. It doesn't matter if you use Android or iOS because spy apps are available in both.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Cheating Signs:

Can people tell when you look at their Facebook?

People usually cannot tell that someone is looking at their Facebook. The main idea of all such applications is privacy and anonymity.

How to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook?

The easiest way to see whom your boyfriend is texting with would be using a Facebook cheating app or simply asking him to give you his phone “to check e-mail”, for example.

Can you hide friends on Facebook from your spouse?

You can hide your friend list from anybody you want; the main question is, would it not be suspicious?

Who is my wife messaging on Facebook?

Obviously, we do not know whom your wife is messaging, but if you have enough signs she is cheating on Facebook, you can learn it by using one of the methods we described above.

How to Find Out Who Someone is Talking to on Facebook Messenger?

When you visit someone's profile, it doesn't show you who they're talking to. If you want to know, you'll have to go the extra mile. You can hack their profile using a keylogger or by applying a few techniques if you want to. Otherwise, you can also use a message spy app.

How to See if Someone has a Secret Facebook Account?

To find out if your partner has a secret Facebook account, you can search Facebook. Search your partner's name to see if there's any other profile than the one you know of. You can also use details like email id, phone number, school, profession, hobbies, the name of the city, etc. Or, you can use an app if there is one.

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