What We Do

We Support People Affected by Infidelity

01 — Educate on the signs of cheating

Our experts provide information on the common behavioral and emotional changes that may indicate infidelity in a relationship.

02 — Recommendations for confronting your partner

We offer guidance on how to have difficult conversations with your partner about infidelity, including ways to express your feelings and concerns in a constructive and compassionate manner.

03 — Support reconciliation

For couples interested in exploring the possibility of reconciliation after an affair, we offer counseling and therapy services.

04 — Provide self-care strategies​

We offer guidance on how to take care of yourself emotionally and physically in the aftermath of infidelity, including self-care strategies and coping mechanisms for dealing with the pain and trauma of betrayal.

05 — Refer to other professionals and services

We provide referrals to other professionals and services that may be helpful in dealing with the effects of infidelity, such as legal counsel, financial advisors, and support groups.

06 — Catching Cheaters Apps

We provide information on the latest apps and technologies that can help you uncover infidelity in your relationship, along with guidance on ethical and responsible use of such tools.

Happy stories

Sarah and David

Sarah and David had been in a committed relationship for over five years when Sarah discovered that David had been cheating on her. At first, she was devastated and unsure about what to do. However, with the help of our support group and counseling services, Sarah was able to confront David about his infidelity and work through their issues together. Through open communication and a renewed commitment to each other, Sarah and David were able to rebuild trust and strengthen their relationship. Today, they are happier and more in love than ever before.

Michael and Emily

Michael and Emily had been married for ten years when Michael began to suspect that Emily was having an affair. Rather than confront her immediately, Michael reached out to our team for guidance on how to handle the situation. Through our support group and counseling services, Michael was able to process his emotions and develop a plan for addressing the infidelity with Emily. With our guidance and support, Michael and Emily were able to work through their issues and rebuild their relationship. Today, they are happier and more committed to each other than ever before.

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Infidelity Support Group

Our Infidelity Support Group is a community of individuals who are seeking support, understanding, and guidance in dealing with the emotional and psychological aftermath of infidelity.