Motives For Boyfriend Infidelity

Find out if a guy is cheating

What is the topicality of catching him cheating? Starting in childhood, people learn from numerous movies, cartoons, and fairytales that the happy ever after exists for everyone. Surprisingly, studies tell that only four out of five couples avoid unfaithfulness coming from men. Why does such an unfortunate event occur so frequently? Learn the popular reasons for finding a side lover:

  • A person tries to prove their self-worth. For some men, more partners equal more coolness, so they attempt to tempt as many women as possible;
  • A partner turned out to be unready for a long-term relationship. Unfortunately, many dive into new romances without any deep thoughts about the mutual future. Boyfriends like these fail to treat the feelings of their women seriously;
  • A man wants to take revenge on you for an offence. Markedly, some traitors believe that cheating is an acceptable answer when they hold a grudge after an argument.

The boyfriend’s justifications for adultery might be extraordinary. Indeed, catching him cheating often results in the obligation to listen to the most unrealistic excuses. However, traitors can have acting talent and end the scandal smoothly.

Techniques for revealing a dishonest partner

Because the infidelity issue is so widespread, millions of deceived women read books on how to catch a cheating boyfriend, buy expensive courses from coaches and visit fortune-tellers. In short, the majority of such methods seem doubtful and rarely worth their cost.

The guy with the red cap

Nevertheless, girlfriends do their best to get to the root of the matter and glue their couples back together. Naturally, the pain from realisation makes it hard to focus on the logical solutions. Therefore women make a lot of mistakes that only worsen the situation.  To prevent making destructive errors, read the following proven instructions on catching him cheating.

Install a tracing program

Luckily for you, the modern-day geniuses invented mobile apps that take care of collecting evidence. Forget about watching the man with binoculars and searching for fingerprints! A tiny assistant in your smartphone does everything for you. With such a secret instrument, catching him cheating has hardly ever been less troublesome. A tracing application usually carries the following functionality:

  • You may intercept his and hers love letters;
  • You can listen to the traitor’s conversations;
  • You always know where your loved one is.

As you see, applications like these are like a sunbeam in emotionally dark situations. When you are on the verge of despair, a helping hand is out there!

tracing programs

Work with the Find My Phone feature

Assuming that you are too cautious about installing an unknown app, consider utilising the Find My Phone function. In many couples, both a man and a woman prefer Apple products, which works for them. Generally, there are a couple of viable scenarios.

In the first case, you persuade your loved one to install the function mentioned before for safety reasons. Besides, there are many other reasons for you to suggest. Tell a man that you are afraid of phone theft! Undoubtfully, such reasoning barely sounds far-fetched.

In the second scenario, an unloyal man refuses to do something so compromising. Hence, you face the problem of discovering his Apple credentials to catch a cheating boyfriend and his lover undercover. With this in mind, peek over your partner’s shoulder to know the login and password.

Scroll through his Cloud Storage

Another essential aspect in the whole operation of catching him cheating is taking hold of your boyfriend’s media files. Honestly, modern smartphones act as multivolume photo albums where every captured moment of life gets a designated place. People are used to saving special memories everywhere, from physical media to virtual storages like iCloud.

cloud storage

In case the unfaithful man likes taking pictures of his new woman, his spouse hits the jackpot once she obtains the Apple credentials. Maybe, the traitor has a whole album dedicated to the secret romance. Moreover, the dates can tell you a lot about the chronology of this affair. You compare the facts and realise that the business trips or football matches were something else.

Read your boyfriend’s browser history

How to catch your boyfriend cheating if all the methods mentioned before hardly work for you? Fortunately, you have an excellent old option to analyse any browser that your partner uses. Many perceive this method as a privacy violation, so be sneaky once you dare to act like this.

First, make sure that something distracts a cheater, so you have at least several minutes to analyse his computer or another gadget. Otherwise, the boyfriend could react with anger and resentment. Secondly, open the browser and quickly read the recent search queries.

Undoubtedly, the search history is a reflection of a person’s mind. Also, visited sites perfectly mirror the interests of an individual. Thus, if you see that your significant other looked up dating sites or love hotels, you understand the whole state of affairs.

Turn to a keylogger

Numerous technical experts persuade the average users to get a keylogger as the ultimate solution for grasping secret information. Of course, passwords and logins are something that only one individual is supposed to know. For the sake of cybersecurity, people put effort into hiding the credentials from the outer world.

Because these groups of symbols let you see if he’s cheating, consider snatching them via a keylogger. Hence, even the applications that are password protected become an open book for you. These are the things you may analyse from now on:

  • Boyfriend’s e-mails;
  • Payment applications;
  • Profiles in social media;
  • Website accounts.

Generally, keyloggers allow you to act as the owner of a mobile device.

Find a tool for recording the sounds

Granted that all the previous ways seem not efficient enough for you, think over utilising a sound recorder. On the positive side, instruments like these quietly run in the background mode and collect the data for you. Whenever you listen to the records, you might hear something unusual and catch a cheating boyfriend right away.

What exactly can you notice? In the first place, you see a lie if your partner promised to go to the supermarket, and you hear his conversations with an unfamiliar woman together with clinking glasses. Next, you may listen to him discussing you and your relationship. Such things are unpleasant, but you need to know the truth.

Hide a secret camera

Similarly to the previous technique, a girlfriend who craves to find out if he’s cheating on her might as well record the video proof. A visual sequence is more informative than a simple sound, so many choose this particular way of spying.

Luckily, multiple companies offer mobile apps which serve as surveillance cameras. For more severe cases, actual spy bugs are an excellent choice. Usually, people hide the cameras around the house or in a car. Put such a thing in an unobvious place and watch the show!

Follow his location through Google

By all means, this method is relatively easy and widespread. Anxious girlfriends appreciate the fact that Google Maps demonstrates previous routes of the phone owner. Markedly, this program detects the slightest movements of an individual. You just open the app and watch your man heading to a luxury hotel instead of going to a corporate meeting as he told you.

Furthermore, the service saves the history of your boyfriend’s mysterious journeys. Therefore, you find out if he’s cheating by looking at the unexpected stops in his way.

Check his deleted files

A point often overlooked is that the necessary evidence of two-timing frequently lays right before your eyes. Try to recall, how does the computer screen look? Indeed, there is lots of stuff, but one thing never changes, and it is the trash folder. The inattentive traitors forget to delete the files from it now and then, so take this chance! Do your little investigation.

How can you descry a traitor?

Ponder how to catch your boyfriend cheating if you have little trust towards new technologies? By happy chance, the approaches to spying include methods that have nothing to do with complicated programs! To put it differently, you better study human psychology and behaviour.

For what reasons my boyfriend might cheat

Indeed, wrapping your head around the fact that someone cheats on you is hard. Nonetheless, fight for the truth with all viable instruments!

Visit him suddenly

The first psychological method on this list is your unplanned appearance. It works perfectly in those couples where the cheater knows that his girlfriend rarely does something sudden. Under those circumstances, the traitor feels free and relaxed enough to start a corporate romance, for instance.

Hence, to get him a personal minute of fame, go to his workplace uninvited. Forget about anxiety because you aim to see what exactly your man does in the office.

Make changes in your schedule

Another way to reveal a blatant lie is to be a little sly yourself. Create the perfect artificial conditions for you man to cheat. Namely, pretend that you go to a spa for a whole day, but get back home in the afternoon. You might catch the boyfriend in a compromising position.

Ask him directly about infidelity

In case your partner fails to lie skillfully, use this peculiarity in your favour. Suggest him to have a face to face talk about adultery. Once you bombard the man with questions, he has no other choice than to admit his guilt. Besides, watch the physical reaction as red skin or rapid breathing. They also demonstrate the fault.

Go after your boyfriend

For those women whose partners hide elsewhere to cheat, the following option is suitable. Analyse the cheater’s schedule and leave the house right after your boyfriend steps over the threshold. Then, follow the man like a ghost to see his final destination. Maybe, he used to meet his lover on the other side of the city or the parallel street.

Notice any signals

Generally, when two people live together for too long, they know each other’s everyday routines by heart. Due to this fact, any deviations scream that something is wrong. Imagine that your significant other spends more time in the bathroom or a closet. He shaves more carefully and fights every wrinkle on his costume. Often, such behaviour is an attempt to attract a new girlfriend.

Snatch his phone

In addition, a favourite smartphone could be a setup for an adulterous partner. If he has a side affair, he most likely uses it to communicate with his new beau. Normally, taking a phone without permission from an owner is wrong, but cheating is an extreme situation that requires extreme measures.

Wait for the moment when your boyfriend leaves the gadget unattended and study it in a hyper-speed mode. Messages and photo gallery can easily give the backstabber away.

Monitor his social media activity

In the modern world, a social media account is the mirror of an individual’s soul. In other words, people create an avatar that looks, talks and behaves like the perfect version of them. Consequently, those men for whom one romantic partner is barely enough to use social media for finding new experiences.

social media

As an illustration, his Facebook page could indicate that your boyfriend is single and seeks a relationship. This way breaks more than one heart since other naive girls might believe him.

Ask your partner’s friends

To clear out the situation, have an honest talk with your boyfriend’s close circle of friends. However, your success depends on whether they take your or his side at the moment. If they cover your man’s wrongdoing, be ready to hear zero information from them. On the other hand, honest people may prove their dignity by telling you everything as it is.

Study your statements from the bank

The final cheating signal on this top-list is the sudden shopping mania of your boyfriend. Provided that his usual spendings are moderate, everything that goes out of the budget looks suspicious. A mutual bank account shows you all the bouquets, candies and designer items your man bought for someone else.

FAQs regarding discovering adultery

How To Act When I Know About My Girlfriend’s Infidelity?

First of all, always act with a cold head. Calm down, find the proof of cheating and confront your partner.

Is True Love Compatible With Cheating?

Most people believe that true love only equals undoubtful loyalty.

How Do You Know That They Are Lying About An Affair?

Frequently, nervous behaviour is what gives away a liar.


a guy is sitting alone on the bank of a body of water

Overall, trust issues emerge in numerous couples for a reason. Sadly, the number of people who face infidelity is shocking, and all of them seek a solution. Currently, experts suggest a lot of trusted methods for spotting cheaters. They cater to different tastes!

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