Signs He Regrets Cheating

Signs He Regrets

Some men tend to cheat, which is a widely-known truth; they say that they are polygamous by nature. However, sometimes they ask for a second chance, saying they are sorry and want to fix everything. How to determine that your significant other is genuine?

20 Signs He Regrets Cheating and Wants to Rebuild Trust

If your partner has been unfaithful and you're considering giving them another chance, it's important to look out for signs that they regret their actions and want to rebuild trust. If they're truly remorseful, they'll be willing to put in the necessary work to make your relationship stronger. 

1. He Has Decreased His Social Media Activity

When social networks are one of the main means of finding a new partner, whether for a night or a longer period, decreasing social network activity is definitely one of the signs your ex wants to reconcile. In such a way, he wants to demonstrate that he is not interested in other women and does not want to come across someone he might be interested in, even by accident. In such a way, he tries to change his mindset of a cheating man.

2. He's Trying to Flirt with You and Compliment You

One of the signs he regrets cheating with you is his increased attention to you. “Honey, you look great today”, “You are sexy in this dress but even sexier without it”, and even “I want to eat you all now” are very common phrases in this case. Yes, we know it sounds terrible, but this is what men are. They think such wards help them fire their woman and make her horny. At least it is better than having sex with another woman in your bed.

3. He Sends You a Grand Apology

Simple words “I am so sorry” are not one of the signs he regrets cheating but are least he understands or pretends to understand that something happened and he needs to apologize. As people say, realization is the first step to action. On the other hand, nothing stops him from apologizing and continuing to cheat on you in a more sneaky way. If there is no emotional involvement, the price for his words is not even 0, it is negative.

4. He Is Asking Your Girlfriends About You

If your ex-boyfriend or husband starts asking your girlfriends about you and your life – it is one of the signs he cheated and feels guilty. But it also might actually mean completely opposite: he hopes to hear that your life is miserable without him, and it would guarantee your ex even more pleasure. So, if something like this happens, ask your friends to tell him that your life is better without him. Instead, make HIM feel miserable and destroyed. Make HIM envy you.

5. His Emotional State Says It All

Of course, on the one hand, a man can be worried about what happened and really regret it. Your ex is also a human being, and he can also be upset, stressed, or broken. But his emotional state is only one of the signs your husband wants to reconcile, and it needs some “support” from other indicators. So the main question is does he really repents his deed?

6. He Takes Full Responsibility for His Actions

If your man admits his fault and reflects on it – he is on the right path. It is similar to anonymous alcoholics and any other society like it – nothing can be done until someone accepts that they have problems. 

Do men regret cheating? Can men regret cheating? The answer for both is yes, they can. They are not soulless stones (at least, we believe so). So, if your significant other accepts the fault and is ready to work on his mistakes – you may think about giving him a second chance.

7. He Asks for a Second Chance

It is great if your ex-partner asks for a second chance, as this means you mean something to him. In this case, it is worth talking to him and finding the reason, maybe even visiting a family psychologist. On the other hand, he may be asking for a second chance with you while kissing someone else. So ask him what he is ready for to restore your relationships. Words mean nothing if they are not supported by actions.

8. He Gives You Time to Be Alone with Your Thoughts

“I understand, you need to think about it” – this phrase might seem to you noble and generous. He might even offer you a long-distance relationship to come to your senses and re-estimate your life. The main point here is how well you know your man and how much you trust him. It can be a real attempt to make up for you and get everything normal. Or he wants you to be his backup plan. You are the one to decide.

9. He Removes His Cheating Partner from His Life Completely

If your ex decides to break up completely with his cheating partner, it usually means it was just sex and nothing more. Of course, it is still awful, but yet, the chances that it was just a single mistake in his life are quite high. If you decide to give him a try – keep an eye on the signs of cheating you already know. Removing a lover from his life does not mean he won't find a new one. You must keep an eye on him to ensure that it is not happening again.

10. He Offers to Do Couples Therapy

Men do not usually like psychologists, so if he offers you to try couple therapy, it is a good sign, unless… Well, we will talk about “unless” later. It can be one of the signs of remorse after infidelity. UNLESS he wants to avoid further responsibility by doing this and make the psychologist guilty for all his deeds. “Honey, his therapy did not help, you see? What can I do now?” – you can hear such a phrase. Thus, you should know, what your man is capable of, and decide whether he is sincere yourself.

11. He Adjusts to Your Needs

One of the characteristics of a cheating man is that he always thinks about himself. If you see that your ex is trying to cooperate with you and is even ready to put your desires and needs in the first place – he is definitely interested in getting your good attitude back. It is almost impossible for a man to pretend he is doing this because it is impossible to imitate selflessness and dedication. So enjoy being the queen of his life.

12. He Often Apologizes… And Sincerely

It is often difficult to understand how sincere a person is, especially if it is a man. Especially if it is a cheating man. If he really does this from his heart – his words are worth your attention. We still recommend you to be careful with apologies and never accept the first one said. Let your sweaty and hairy male sweat in his own juice and get into a proper condition before accepting him back.

13. He Communicates More

If he starts to communicate with you more than he used to, more than with his friends, phone, computer, console, and colleagues, he is open to changes and realizes who is the most precious living being in his life. As they say, you only lose when you snooze. Of course, everyone would like that they have shown such an attitude from the very beginning, not after doing some stupid stuff, but unfortunately, we cannot do anything here. 

14. He Makes It Clear That It Was a Mistake He Doesn't Plan to Make Again

He is cheating with a coworker and then says it was a mistake. Sounds like a story for a cheap romantic comedy on Netflix, but they do not take such plots from anywhere, do they? It is great if a man can admit his mistake and promise it won't happen again. But you should not be obliged to forgive him. Listen to your heart first, decide whether you need him and trust him.

15. He Is Willing to Work Hard to Rebuild Trust Between You

Men never do anything without a reason and profit for themselves; we have already mentioned that they are self-centered creatures. Thus, if he is ready to work hard on rebuilding the trust after emotional cheating, it is possible to assume that he is really interested in this. A logical question may arise, why he cheated, then? Well, men may be not only selfish but sometimes stupid and inconsistent in their actions, so you may confront him or not bother with this question at all.

16. He Gives You Access to His Phone

A huge step for him, and one of the main and most obvious signs of remorse after infidelity, is giving you access to his phone as a gesture of openness. Phones, for men, are the most precious and the most personal thing, and they are often sure that no one can ever get access to them without them knowing. Silly. So yes, he is into you if he does this. But the first check, maybe your husband looks at other females online from another gadget. Men are so tricky.

17. He Changes His Routine to Spend More Time with You

Same as adjusting to your needs and giving you more attention: if your man is ready to give you more of his time and attention, it is among the top signs cheating husband wants to reconcile. Unfortunately, men understand what they were doing wrong only after they have already harmed you. So if your man tries to fix it – it is a sign that he is on the right way.

18. He Calls You More Often

He calls you more often, and every time you see his name on your phone screen, you may be confused of whether he deserves a reply, but his calls are only one of the indirect signs of remorse after fidelity. Obviously, it is not bad, but only calling you means nothing. You must understand that to call you, he does not even need to move his ass from his sofa, so wait for other actions from his side as well. Calling might be just a first step or … nothing.

19. He Talks About Improving the Relationship

Girls, please remember that everything he says is only an indirect sign of his regret. There is nothing easier in this world than saying something. IIf he does not do anything to improve your relationship but only talks about it – erase him from your life. On the other hand, if actions support his words – it is a completely different story. In this case, add this item to your list of signs my separated husband wants to reconcile.

20. He Is Nostalgic About Your Relationship

Nostalgia is a very strong feeling, and it can become his first step. Remembering the old times and how good it was with you can indeed push him forward to any of the steps we mentioned above. We only recommend you not to dive into nostalgia yourself, as in this case, you may actually forgive him for everything he did, which you should do only if you feel like it.

What Should You Do?

First of all, you must know the signs of a cheating husband and keep an eye on them. His desire to reunite is great, but those who cheated once can easily do that twice. Secondly – we hope you know your ex well enough to be able to understand if he is sincere or not. And finally – trust but verify, always! Remember that men are cunny bastards, and you may expect from them literally everything!

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