Narcissist Cheating Signs

A guy with narcistic tendencies looks at himself in the mirror

Before we get into the signs of a cheating narcissist, we need to know who the Narcissist is.

A narcissist is self-centered and manipulative. To demonstrate their strength, they entice numerous people at the same time. They desire complete control over their companion. All of the Narcissists were overconfident in their intelligence. However, some indicators can help you identify a narcissistic cheater.

Do Narcissists Always Cheat On Their Partners?

A study published in PLOS by Nurseven Kilic and Ahmet Altinok discovered that youth with narcissistic features are less content in their relationships and cheat on their partners more easily. They are careless about their relationship and have strong intentions of cheating on it.

Is every narcissist a cheater?

Although narcissistic behavior tends to cheat, not all narcissists are cheaters, and not all cheaters are narcissists. However, If a person has a narcissistic personality disorder (NDP), he or she will have the potential to lie or cheat with everyone for no apparent reason.

How Do You Tell If Your Narcissist Is Cheating On You?

One of the most obvious symptoms that a narcissist is cheating on you is that he or she is always lying. They will fabricate a story about their betrayed ex. How their ex-partner betrayed them. They try to persuade you that you are their sole love and that they will never cheat on you. Another evidence of their deception is that they always cancel or postpone plans and provide a false justification for doing so. They frequently lie for insignificant reasons. They avoid you for no apparent reason.

The Top 13 Cheating Narcissist Warning Signs

Dangerous signs that a narcissist may be cheating

The Top 13 cheating signs of a narcissistic partner are listed below:

Sudden Behavioral Changes

Suddenly, he stays late at work for no apparent reason, or he avoids being at home with you. When he is away, he does not take your call. He is concerned about their physical appearance. He does not converse on the phone when you are present. These are the clear-cut narcissist husband cheating signs if you noticed these sudden behavioral changes in your narcissist spouse.

Advises You To Pass The Time Apart

Because narcissists dislike being alone, this is one of the most revealing signs of a narcissistic cheater. If they ask you to spend time apart from them, it must be a hint that they no longer want you to be with them or that they have found a new partner.

Accused Of Cheating

Yes, this is the narcissist's preferred mode of escapism. If you inquire about their affair, they take the conversation in a completely different direction. They try to disclaim all responsibility at first, and then they accuse you of cheating. To defend themselves, they go on the attack, forcing you to quit the conversation.

Discuss Their Ex

They frequently discuss with their ex-partner. They like making you jealous. They are continually lying about their affair with a third person to gain your attention.

Lavishly Spend Money

Narcissists spend a lot of money on their partners to please them in any manner. They don't want to lose them at any cost. They start spending money on other people once they married them because they are so careless about their relationship.

Very Active on Social Media

They communicate a lot through their Social Media Accounts. They make steamy remarks on other people's photos and videos. Even if they are seriously involved with someone, most narcissists join dating apps. They purposefully follow specific accounts.

Over Possessive About Their Phone

They are highly protective of their phone. The phone is always password secured. You are not even allowed to touch their phone. Don't you think you should keep a watch on your narcissistic partner’s phone activity?

Their Ex May Warn You

Narcissists are always lying about their ex-partners. They portray their previous relationship as a nightmare. But, in any case, if their ex-partner warns you about them, don't dismiss them outright; instead, listen to them at least once for your good.

Constantly Lying

Narcissist cheating and lies are two words that practically every narcissist associates with. They are skilled liars. Especially when they cheat on you, they will constantly lie to protect themselves. They are born liars, and as they mature, they lie unnecessarily to impress others.

Envious About Your Male/Female Friends

Narcissists are self-centered individuals. They are careless about your emotions. When they see you with someone of the other sex, they become envious. They will not tolerate your disloyalty to them. They accuse you of deception. This is also one of the signs that they are cheating on you.

Sudden Change in Sex Habits

Continue to observe their sex habits; if they are less demanding, it suggests that they have found a new partner to meet their supply; if their need suddenly increases, it indicates that they have recently experienced a breakup and have returned to you to fulfill their needs.

Take Extra Care by Giving Gifts Unreasonably

If your narcissistic partner suddenly becomes more concerned about you than he or she was previously, this is a warning sign. If he or she suddenly buys a lot of surprise gifts for you, this should be a red flag.

Obsessed With Their Cravings

According to the American Psychological Association, Narcissists will go to any extent to satisfy their craving. They continue to lie to project a positive image to others. They require increasing amounts of attention from others. They can sometimes accept bad attention to stay in the spotlight.

Is It Possible for a Narcissist to Be Loyal?

Narcissus can be committed

Narcissist and cheating go hand in hand. A narcissist isn't known for his or her loyalty. Why do narcissists cheat? This is a question that everyone has. A person with Narcissistic personality disorder tends to cheat. They have personality traits such as being less caring, less warm, and more likely to cheat. They are easily involved with more than one partner at the same time because long relationships bore them. They will not be faithful if they become bored. You must continue to watch for their cheating signs.

Why Are Relationships With Gaslighters Or Narcissists So Hurtful?

Narcissism and emotional affairs should never be combined. As a companion, gaslighters or narcissists can cause a lot of pain. Everything will appear to be perfect in the beginning. They will lavish you with affection and make you believe that there is no one more gorgeous in the world than you. Will look after you as if you were the only person in their life. As soon as gaslighters/narcissists believe they have you firmly in their grip, they begin to despise you and begin cheating on you for someone else. Narcissists keep you apart from your loved ones, whether they are friends or relatives. They make you fall so deeply in the eyes of others that even if you want to, you are unable to return to them and are left alone.

What Is the Best Way to Deal With a Cheating Narcissist?

Are there signs a narcissist is cheating? We've gone over plenty of cheating signs of a narcissistic relationship. Once you've confirmed their cheating, you have two options: leave them alone or confront them.

How To Confront The Narcissist?

After gathering sufficient evidence of their adultery, confront your narcissistic partner about their cheating. You must be prepared for their false explanations. First and foremost, they will deny having a relationship with anyone other than you. After presenting the proof, they will become enraged and attempt to stop the conversation. If they admit that they were cheating on you, they will completely blame it on you, stating that your actions prompted them to cheat. Confrontation, on the other hand, is vital in the case of a breakup or, finally, divorce.

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