Top Snapchat Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

Snapchat Spy Apps

In this post, we will discuss the finest Snapchat surveillance applications currently available on the market. These tools allow you to secretly monitor Snapchat activities and even recover deleted messages.

How to Spy on Someone's Snapchat

The best Snapchat spy app for iPhone and Android will allow you to track the data listed below. In rare circumstances, you can even access data that has been destroyed. The following are some methods for spying on someone's Snapchat using Android and iOS spy applications.

how to spy on snapchat

Track Snapchat Conversations

All incoming and outgoing messages will be recorded by the best Snapchat spy app. The record is kept up-to-date at least once every 24 hours—or less, depending on the frequency of updates you specify and the program you use. Although Snapchat instantly deletes messages after recipients receive them, Snapchat spy app for iPhone records these communications and shares them with you. 

Track Snapchat Pictures

Are they sending or receiving Snapchat photographs and videos? You will be able to view as well as download the aforementioned media files. This is despite the fact that the photos will be deleted from their Snapchat account.

Monitor Snapchat on iPhone

A spy app is one of the simplest methods to watch your children, employees, or partner as they use Snapchat on iPhone. A good spy program collects private messages, photographs, and videos before they are purged from social media.

Are you ready to use a Snapchat spy app on iOS to monitor the target device? Be careful of spy software providers that offer to assist you in monitoring your children's Snapchat activity because fraudsters are many. In the parts that follow, we will tell you about the programs that are reliable and efficient.

Spy Snapchat on Android Devices

If the target device is Android-supported, you can also view Snapchat activity using monitoring software. Today, the market has a number of apps that you can use to record and view Snapchat activity on Android without access to target device. In the next sections, you will learn more about the top products you can use. 

Read Someone's Private Snapchat Messages

Because we want a dependable and functional Snapchat private message reader, we have tried different solutions that we are about to discuss and recommend to you in the following sections. We can assure you that they work flawlessly and allow you to view private texts in a couple of minutes. 

Monitoring Snapchat Activity

The Snapchat viewer also helps you see the target's daily Snapchat usage. This might help you determine the amount of time that has been spent on the site. When your kid is using this app, you will be able to verify the photographs stored by Snapchat or even record a real-time screenshot. This is crucial for regulating what your youngster does on Snapchat. It also helps control how much time kids spend there. 

Best Apps to Spy on Snapchat

The following are the best apps to spy on Snapchat:

uMobix – Saves Snapchat Photos Before They Disappear

uMobix is the greatest Snapchat surveillance software accessible right now, as well as our top selection for the best hidden Snapchat spy app for Androids on the market.

uMobix Snapchat

uMobix has among the most powerful Snapchat spy capabilities of any smartphone spying app on the market. Most of these features do not necessitate jailbreaking or rooting your phone.

The software is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so no hidden detail on any target phone will escape your notice.


uMobix is the most comprehensive Snapchat surveillance tool available. It gives you access to the target phone's Snapchat messages as well as conversation history. You may see stored media files from the user's account.

What makes uMobix the best spy app for Snapchat is that it is not limited to Snapchat tracking. You may snoop on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other social media platforms.

It provides numerous features for various social platforms. These include:

  • Tracking deleted texts and calls
  • Tracking online status
  • Monitoring dating apps
  • Saving Snapchat photographs before they disappear
  • Restricting and deleting irrelevant applications
  • Disabling messaging and restricting access to specific websites


  • Live technical support
  • Tracks more social media networks than any other program
  • The best app to spy on Snapchat on the market
  • Jailbreaking is not required for iOS


  • Some features work only for Android

Cocospy – Spy on Snapchat Easily

Cocospy is the other leading Snapchat spy. This is an app that provides top-tier functionality at a cheap price. Cocospy has millions of users worldwide. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Snapchat Spy App – Cocospy

Cocospy has established a reputation in the industry for dependability and stealth.

It provides an incredible variety of features at an unbeatable price. Cocospy can help you remotely monitor Snapchat by:

  • Reading all outgoing and inbound Snapchat messages
  • Viewing someone's Snapchat history
  • Verifying Snapchat contact data such as names and display photos
  • Downloading any exchanged media assets.

Furthermore, Cocospy includes a keylogger capability that may be useful in determining someone's Snapchat username and password.

Here are some of the app's highlights:

  • Cocospy is simple to set up.

Cocospy can be installed easily. To use the software, you do not need to jailbreak or root the target device. You only need a computer or a smartphone.

  • Using Cocospy to snoop on Snapchat is risk-free.

Cocospy provides a covert technique to spy on Snapchat. Cocospy for Android is a covert program that operates in the background without depleting the battery. On the other hand, the iOS version is a web-based application that is hidden. The Snapchat spy no human verification feature makes it risk-free.

  • Cocospy has a variety of handy functions.

You can do much more with Cocospy than just spy on Snapchat. The program includes a message reader, location tracker, browsing history viewer, media file downloader, and many others.

The only limitations are:

  • No free trial provided
  • Does not include a call recording feature

XNSPY – Snapchat Screen Recorder for Android

Snapchat screen recorder for Android - Xnspy

XNSPY is an app that allows you to view all Snapchat messages on the target mobile device. This software allows parents to keep track of their children's Snapchat activities.

XNSPY app has the following useful features:

  • You may examine call and text message logs
  • You will have access to instant messaging, multimedia, and chat rooms
  • Monitoring social media channels


  • There will be no lags on the smartphone
  • It is simple to use and allows you to trace deleted texts


  • Physical access to a target Android device is required

FlexiSPY – Top Snapchat Monitoring App Feature

FlexiSPY was one of the first spy programs to hit the market. The functions are still excellent, but the user interface is a touch old.

FlexiSPY - Snapchat spy

With this software on your side, you may obtain any information regarding Snapchat messages sent to the target smartphone. You can keep track of all the facts about Snapchat messages, such as the time and date. The software also allows you to trace communications.

This app has the following features:

  • You can track your child's GPS position
  • A keylogger that allows you to monitor what your child is typing
  • You can also specify keywords to receive notifications anytime a text containing those keywords arrives on your child's phone
  • You may snap screenshots of the application they are using


  • It is a stealth application that will operate in the background of the target device secretly
  • Easy to install and use


  • This program does not allow you to ban numbers or websites

Hoverwatch – Hidden Snapchat Tracking App

Nothing beats a Snapchat spying app that has the ability to monitor a target's accounts on social media. Hoverwatch empowers you to wield such power.

Hoverwatch monitoring also includes messages, phone logs, multimedia files, video calls, GPS locations, and online browser history.

Snapchat spy free hoverwatch

This Snapchat spy app operates in the background and remains hidden while downloading everything that occurs on Snapchat, including media files and text messages.

It downloads whatever you need on the designated target device invisibly, and the best part is that it does not drain the battery in the process.

You may also put your faith in Hoverwatch's customer care staff. Whether it's about price, ordering, or technical assistance, Hoverwatch's customer care staff will provide easy solutions and excellent service.


  • Excellent customer support services
  • Monitors social media accounts, including Snapchat
  • Easy access to browsing history


  • Compatible with Android smartphones but not with iPhone

Who Needs Snapchat Monitoring

You've learned from experience that your child, coworker, or loved one will seldom admit to wrongdoing. If they send or receive an improper Snapchat message, they will erase it, assuring you will never know.

Who needs to spy on snappchat

As it turns out, this can have disastrous repercussions. So, the following people need Snapchat monitoring apps for different reasons discussed below:

For Parents

Snapchat is extremely popular, particularly among teenagers. You may send snaps to anyone, and they will be automatically removed after a certain period of time. While most people consider this trait to be advantageous, it does raise certain concerns. This may encourage your children to use Snapchat irresponsibly, failing to self-monitor.

This will then fall under your duty as a digital parent. Take a look at their pictures, messages, and other Snapchat activities. Monitor interactions, particularly those of their contacts, using Snapchat spy app Android- or iPhone-based. Such spy software will assist you in protecting your loved ones from Snapchat and other internet predators.

For Cheating Partners/Spouses

Snapchat may be utilized by a cheating partner or spouse since it is a quick and easy way to share messages and photographs with others. One of Snapchat's distinguishing qualities is that it deletes messages automatically when both participants leave the discussion. If you want to track someone's Snapchat cheating behavior, this is a huge issue. As a result, you'll need a Snapchat monitoring app to help you recover deleted messages. 

For Business

If you provide your staff with mobile devices, make sure they have Snapchat monitoring and spying software for an iPhone or Android device. This will deter inappropriate or improper usage of company-issued phones. Spy software also allows you to monitor Snapchat and other messaging app communications, as well as corporate files and data transmitted over the smartphone.

How Do I Choose the Best Spy App That Monitors Snapchat?

tips on how to choose a snapchat spy app

You should be aware of various aspects before choosing a spy app that monitors Snapchat. They are as follows:

1. Consider the capabilities you prefer.

To begin with, understanding one's preferences is an excellent place to start. Many Snapchat surveillance programs provide simple extra features like accessing targets' e-mails, text messages, phone records, social media, and so on. Complex functionality like recording targets' phone calls, intercepting calls, or turning on the microphone may not be available in all spy programs.

2. Compatibility.

Device compatibility with the Snapchat spyware is critical. Different mobile devices use various operating systems, the most prominent of which are iOS and Android. While some surveillance programs work on all operating systems, some may be more particular to which device they cater.

3. Know Your Target's Phone.

The type and version of the target device also play a part in Snapchat tracker compatibility since certain spy applications do not support specific versions of a particular device model. Because of Apple's strict ecosystem constraints, jailbreaking is frequently required for iOS devices. Meanwhile, for more advanced services, rooting is necessary, while Android devices have fewer built-in limitations.

4. Verify the company's validity.

Furthermore, to ensure a decent purchase, users should extensively examine the company's validity and the developer's trustworthiness. Developers are in charge of practically every aspect of the app development process, and customers may anticipate high-quality software by double-checking if they have the necessary certifications from the relevant authorities, SSL encryption, and positive feedback from users.


How to see someone's Snapchat history for free? 📜

There isn't a free Snapchat spy app worth the time and effort of installing. Because free applications are never updated, their features and accessibility are severely limited, and many do not operate at all. The so-called free Snapchat spy app without target phone might be fraud or malicious malware for your phone.
Furthermore, the majority of spy programs that can track Snapchat demand a subscription fee. If you pay more, you can access their basic plans in addition to their premium options. However, keep in mind that some tools offer a free trial, allowing to test their features for 1 day or more for free.

How to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak? 🔒

Knowing how to watch Snapchat without jailbreak comes in handy in a variety of scenarios. One of the best ways to monitor Snapchat is to utilize one of the many spy apps accessible online. All you need to do is install these surveillance applications on the target iPhone with the help of iCloud credentials, and then you can remotely monitor Snapchat or any other activity using a web interface.

How to see someone's Snapchat messages? 💬

You can see someone's Snapchat message by using spy apps. Although Snapchat discards messages as soon as they are received, spy apps capture these conversations via screenshot or keylogging and share them with you.

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