Spying on Instagram Direct Messages Without Target Phone

In order to effectively monitor posts and stories on Instagram, you need to choose one of the spy apps

With all the craze surrounding social media, it's hard to find a person who isn't involved in it, and Instagram is clearly on the pedestal of popularity. But what you can see is just the tip of the iceberg, and now you can know a lot more about what others don't with the help of Instagram trackers.

How to Spy on Instagram

The entertaining side of Instagram appeals to the younger generation, and it's clear as a day that it has become so much more than just a site where users admire other users' photos. And while the platform has many restrictions in place, many parents have reasons to spy on Instagram of their kids – those who prefer to take action use the Instagram spy tool to be aware of things that matter.

spy on instagram messages online

Monitoring Instagram Direct Messages

It is so convenient that within one app, you can update subscribers about your life by posting photos and videos online. By monitoring incoming and outgoing messages on a target account, for example, you can increase the safety threshold for children on the network.

Follow private stories on Instagram

Tracking Private Stories on Instagram

Closed from prying eyes and intended only for those whom the account holder chooses, private stories are secrets behind seven locks. Today you can not only use the app to see someone's Instagram DMs but also get a complete Instagram insight with the help of spy Instagram tools like uMobix, including private stories.

Full List of Instagram Contacts

See a Full List of Instagram Contacts

This is another piece of information that does not lay out there openly. When toggled on, this feature allows the user to sync contacts stored on the iPhone or Android device or Facebook and follow people whose phone numbers they have in one click.

you can track hidden photos on instagram

Spying on Hidden Photos on Instagram

Posting and sharing photos and the ability to make them look even more extraordinary helped Instagram cater to both professionals and ordinary users. Instagram spying app is perhaps the only solution for those who need to see hidden images – here, you cannot do without a third-party digital tool.

Take a look at the best of them and unearth ways of tracking the super popular social network you didn't know about.

Best Instagram Spy Apps

Since Instagramming has become an integral part of our lives, it helps parents and other concerned people to be in the know. Know if their child is being bullied, prevent trauma from threats, and simply avoid irrelevant content using modern Instagram spyware.

1. Glassagram

Glassagram - Instagram tracking app

This Instagram spy app was designed specifically for those who need to know everything that happens on the Instagram of a loved one as on their gadget.

reviews of the Glassagram app

Even if you are not a user of the social network at the moment, this will not stop you from getting even more information. See yourself – the benefits of the tool include:

  • viewing stories, even deleted ones
  • viewing and managing messages
  • seeing who put them likes and vice versa
  • using location tracking
  • watching their videos

I have a young daughter (parents with children in their teens, you feel me), and she spends a lot of time on socials. She is obsessed with Instagram, and Glassagram helps me ensure the line in her communications isn't crossed.

Brody Lister

2. Cocospy

If Instagram isn't your only area of monitoring interest, Cocospy has you covered. This is a professional product that will allow you to read chats, access timestamps, and not only on Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, and of course, Instagram without the need for root. The program will work in stealth mode and update the user no matter what the distance is between them and the target device. This is not a free Instagram tracker app, but it has a demo version for your reference.

I have been delaying choosing a monitoring tool for a long time, and I am very glad that I used Cocospy. This is a solution with a balanced choice of services, and I am very pleased with its productivity!

Jules Bowden

3. eyeZy

They say it's impossible to have your eyes everywhere, but Instagram spying software, eyeZy, is ready to challenge that claim. This is a comprehensive program that takes parental monitoring to a new level. With the help of the screenshot tool, you will be aware of what your child is chatting about and possibly what messages they delete without access to the target device. If a photo slips through chats, it won't hide from you either.

Maybe I was just lucky because I didn't search for long when I found eyeZy. Everything works as stated on their website – Android device monitoring works great.

Margaret Landry

4. Hoverwatch

People always have something to say on social media, whether in a public or private realm. And as for Hoverwatch, this tool manages to effectively show this data on your user board. Instagram activity that can be monitored with this solution includes:

  • all direct messages, present and deleted ones
  • shared links
  • location on the photo
  • follower requests
  • access to the Instagram gallery
  • monitoring Instagram stories, likes, and comments

I could no longer be in the dark worrying about my daughter’s safety. Whenever I look, I can find out her location, see her private messages on social networks… Hoverwatch really is a good useful innovation, and I am no longer nervous.

Brenda Velez

5. Spyic

When you are not looking, a lot can happen in just the blink of an eye, and parents will especially agree with this. They acquire more opportunities and help in tracking social networks, calls, and other information in the face of Spyic, which allows you to spy on Instagram. However, tracking activities in this social network may be needed under other circumstances, both at home and at work. Therefore, the Spyic offer is customized for both single and multiple devices.

I really appreciate the GPS location and geofencing feature in Spyic. Other features may also be needed by parents.

Corben Connor

6. SpyBubble

When dealing with an Instagram spy tool, users can expect it to find the best moment to fish out the right information automatically for them. With easy installation and quick monitoring start for Android and iOS devices, SpyBubble provides a wide range of services. Tracking Instagram activity is one of them – spy on messages and content attached to them. What's more, you can uninstall or see the hidden app on the target device!

SpyBubble helped me catch my husband in a lie. He deleted, then installed the dating app again, and this time it didn't slip through unnoticed.

Libby Davidson

7. Spyzie

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the friends they have. In modern realities, they are especially active in communicating with your child on social networks. If you want to know exactly who your child is friends with and chats on Instagram, Spyzie will answer these questions of yours. This program allows you to spy on Instagram messages and monitor how much time the child spends on networks.

I could not even imagine that everything would work so smoothly. I am very happy to be able to know so much information about my child's life on social networks.

Michael Lopez

8. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is a highly compatible solution that runs its monitoring errands on smartphones, tablets, and computers. This tool is touted as an assistant in recording calls, monitoring social media messengers, and Instagram direct message spy tool. FlexiSPY focuses on social media and instant messengers and provides detailed insights into what a person does during the day.

Since this is my first experience with this kind of app, I had a hard time getting to grips with installing FlexiSPY. I tried the basic features, it's great that the tool works on phones and laptops.

Glenn Russo

9. mSpy

When it comes to monitoring, many choose to stay in the background and track the activity on the target device without disturbing the device holder. This is exactly what mSpy does. You can absolutely discreetly read their conversations on Instagram, view shared photos, monitor received links, and so on. Finally, you will know why they spend so much time glued to the phone and whether they have a secret affair.

My son suddenly became such a grown-up mister. And still, I worry about him and use mSpy to know where he is at times and with whom he makes friends online.

Sylvia Everett

10. uMobix

Despite the fact that for many Instagram is the king of social networks, do not forget about other social platforms that definitely contain loads of substantive information. uMobix allows you not only to receive frequent updates when monitoring Instagram but also to be aware of what is happening on other sites like:

  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Tinder
  • Reddit

The undoubted advantage of the software from uMobix is that the user can log into the target device account and manage it as their own configuring settings as needed.

After several unsuccessful attempts to “make friends” with monitoring applications, I finally found what I was looking for. uMobix allows you to see the most extensive activities. Excellent!

Harrison Rivers

How to Install an Instagram Spy App

You have probably come across programs that work like Instagram monitoring software. There is nothing complicated here: as a rule, you register on the company's website and get access to the user panel where data from the device you will monitor will be uploaded and displayed.

install instagram spy/tracking apps

Users often have the question of how to get started with Instagram spy app without target phone. The good news is that this is possible if the target device is running iOS. So, after opening an account and buying a subscription, the following scenarios are possible:

  • If we are talking about iPhones and other Apple products, you will need to enter data to enter iCloud or from Instagram itself to use Instagram DM spy no verification.
  • In the case of Android, it is usually suggested to install the program on the target device – but access is required only once, then the data will be transferred without intervention.

FAQ About Instagram Spying

🕶 Is It True That Instagram Is Spying On You?

It is true that social media apps track and collect certain information about their users. Such campaigns are conducted for marketing purposes, safety, age compliance, and so on.

📸 How To Snoop On Instagram?

There are many digital tools on the market for monitoring Instagram activity of your loved ones. You can access more or fewer features depending on the product you choose.

📩 How To Monitor Instagram Direct Messages?

Direct messages on Instagram allow you to reveal information about what a person can hide from you – cheating, deceit, fraud. With the help of Instagram spyware, you can read messages as they are and not only.

😘 How To Know If Someone Is Chatting On Instagram?

You don't have to constantly look over the shoulder of your child, spouse, or co-worker. An application that monitors activity on Instagram will regularly upload chats from this social network to your user board.

✨ How To Spy On Private Instagram?

The easiest way is to send a follow request and wait for a positive response. But if this option does not work, there is another way around – you can see more using comprehensive Instagram trackers like Glassagram.

🆓 How To Spy On Instagram Dm Free?

Free direct message tracking options are very scarce and can even be unsafe. Monitoring tools that work on subscriptions seem to be more efficient solutions.

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