How to Catch a Cheating Spouse on Facebook

cheating on facebook

I consider cheating on Facebook to be a disease of the digital era because it infects people so easily. Married couples are prone to getting this infection as their daily routine, children, and always tired partner seem to be so boring comparing to the bright photos of another beauty (or handsome). But how to catch a cheating spouse on Facebook? We are ready to tell you about the 5 most common symptoms of it.

Why married people cheat on Facebook in the first place?

There are several reasons for that:

why married people cheating on facebook messenger

What Drives People to Cheat?

A good question with an even better answer. We all have our reasons. Sometimes, it has to do with money, sometimes – with love. I cannot guess what reason is more common out of the two given as most people are materialistic today for the consumerism is another big parasite of modern society.

A respected American behavioral neuroscientist Richard Thompson wrote in his work “Emotional and Sexual Components of Extramarital Relations” that both men and women cheat to bridge certain emotional or sexual gaps in their existing relationships.

Taken to account all the romantic novels, women’s magazines, and marriage counselors’ experience, we single out the following causes of adultery:

#1 Unhappy marriage 😞

For example, it happens when people marry because of the pregnancy, or affection at a very young age, out of material necessity, forced by their parents, with a strong feeling of adoration from one side and mixed pity+comfort from the other when the love is one-sided, etc. I would say that there is no better way to end an unhappy marriage than divorce. At least, you have to show respect to your partner and be fair with them… and yourself.

#2 Stereotypes 👉

Even today many men believe that a male is polygamous and it is in his nature to have sexual intercourses with as many females as possible. Surprising as it is, other men (and women) seem to support this view. Others believe that men must cheat to be a real alpha in a pack. Nonsense.

#3 Carelessness 🤕

Yes, there are cases when a person gets drunk and wakes up in a bed with a stranger. However, I can’t even imagine how much you should drink to forget about flirt, way to his/her place, and sex itself.

Alternatively, a person may be easily influenced by friends who cheat on their spouses. Even with no direct calls to action, they may cheat out of the idea that others do that and there is nothing wrong with one-night affairs.

#4 Revenge 👊

Sometimes, a person betrays on their other half to hurt them in response to something the latter have done (or haven’t done). The booster could be anger, rage, or hatred. In most cases, adultery comes as an answer to adultery (no wonder).

I wouldn’t say I approve of those who prefer to take revenge. Yet, I belong to the people who like to get even. Um…it is just how the human brain works.

#5 Lack 🤷‍♂

It could be a lack of attention, love, sex, talking, time spent together, etc. In this case, of course, it is better to speak with a spouse or visit a marriage counselor together. But it is also difficult. It takes courage to admit that a problem exists. Finding a lover on the side is way easier and fun, isn’t it?

With Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, and other social media means, it has become even easier for the cheaters to follow their desires and leave the righteous (yet, boring and needing to repair and cherish) path. However, things are not that bad as it may seem as following the all-embracing social media, spy apps came. They can help you track down the Facebook activities of your spouse and their hidden contacts. But, first, let’s talk about how to catch a cheating spouse on Facebook?

5 Mistakes Cheaters Make and Get Caught

5 mistakes people make when cheating on their spouse via Facebook

Many people cheat on their partners through Facebook and make critical mistakes in doing so. We will tell you about the 5 most obvious ones:

1) Several FB Accounts.

This one is tough to spot if your spouse is good at hiding. If you have seen them using a different account on Facebook, first, you need to ask about it. I bet their answers will be vague and they will likely blame you for intruding into their personal space.

They will try to protect themselves with lies as they probably believe you don’t have to be privy to their affairs. Do not listen to them – you shouldn’t be fooled and feel miserable – you deserve to get to the truth.

All you need to do is getting access to the phone of your beloved one and either checking if he/she has another login and password saved on Facebook or installing a spy app. People who have several FB accounts are usually up to no good.

2) Hidden Friends.

Well, if you know the exact number of friends on their FB page and suddenly see some are missing, it is time to worry. Just log out of your account and see if you can see those “other friends” or borrow the account of your friend. However, smart cheaters usually predict that your friends can help you and hide even from them. Get creative then. Ask an acquaintance for a little favor.

3) Phone Addiction.

Cheaters do not want to get exposed. That is why they are likely to keep their belongings such as a smartphone or any other gadget to themselves. You can try to take the phone of your spouse to check the weather/time/email or call you to help find your phone and check their reaction. If they are tense and nervous, they might be cheating.

All the apps of the cheater are usually secured with a password or a graphic key. The most you could do is indeed check the weather forecast or time. Even the fact that your partner has the apps secured has to seem suspicious. Especially if there weren’t any secure passwords before.

Compulsive Facebook usage will not do any good even if he/she is not cheating. But, if they are, it is even worse. A person becomes a psycho who is ready to kill for his device if needed. I would be careful if I were you.

4) Late-Night Texts.

This is rather risky to receive texts late at night when your other half lies beside you in bed. Who are they chatting with? Mom? Dad? Granny? Sister? Brother? You choose. It is a rare thing to have such a close relationship with a relative.

It may get annoying for the spouse when the cheater chuckles and smiles with no reason and explanation. Try asking your partner who is texting him/her or ask to tell you what is he/she laughing at. It is a good sign if they answer, but, in most cases, they won’t.

5) They Get Over-Defensive.

Whenever you ask to put their phone aside or beg to spend more time with you, your wifey or hubby gets angry and complains you are a pain in the neck. You want to confront him/her about late-night texts but takes the blame on yourself because “you overthink and play the victim card”.

Sometimes, they are the ones who start a quarrel. Because they are pretty insecure about their position in the relationship and expect you will suspect something. Their worry is perceptible and, all in all, let them down. They are human, and it is natural. You may start to get suspicious because you notice drastic mood swings and suffer from constant conflicts.

What to do if you feel there is something wrong?

If you feel that your spouse is betraying your love by cheating on Facebook but do not want to throw a tantrum, try to install a spy app like mSpy on the phone of your significant other. Such an app will come in handy when you decide to see what is going on on their screen.

If you feel something is wrong and it has to do with your husband or wife's Facebook

To catch a cheating spouse on Facebook, you only have to install the app and wait. All the notifications from social media and messengers will be available for you to check. Besides, the program works following a ‘Teamviewer’ principle. You see all that happens live.

Now cheating on Facebook or other social media is easy to spot for you with these small helpers. Besides, you will have access to all the files, photos, videos, and browser history of your spouse.

You will never be caught because these apps work in the stealth mode and make your presence impossible to track. This is the best friend of those who want to dig the truth up.

Wish you luck, my friend, and hope, you will never have to look for the info on how to catch a spouse cheating on facebook

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  1. This is very handy, what you recommended in the article worked! My husband is relieved, and of course I’m upset(

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