Are There Any Apps To Spy On Your Wife’s Phone From Other Phones Secretly?

spy on your wifes phone

You are an honest and loyal man, you have a perfect wife by your side, all your friends are jealous of your warm relationship with your dream girl. Until that day. BAM! You noticed the weird changes in your beloved one. She is on her phone more than usual; she is no more coming up to you with that annoying “OMG! I can’t believe Janet wore this dress to her best friend’s wedding, just look at that!”. All of a sudden she goes to meet “Tasha” dressing up like she’s going to Paris on a fashion week.

How can I spy on my wife’s texts for free without having her phone?

Apps To Spy On Your Wife’s Phone

App To Spy On Your Wife’s Phone

You might decide to turn yourself to a little FBI agent or something: following her step-by-step could be considered if we were living in the 20th century. Of course, you might want a little bit of adrenaline running down your veins and try to check her texts when she sleeps or while she is singing the “Titanic” theme song in the bathroom, but there is a high risk of being caught. Even if you manage to get to the phone, you may simply get stuck at the “enter password” phase.  To keep your nerve and reputation, you may use a modern way to seek what’s hidden in the depths of her phone (in other words, text messages of a cheating wife). We can thank the almighty application developers, for they invented little helpers for you to keep an eye on her, or to be more certain – on her cellphone. These little helpers are so-called spy applications.

Tracking messages on your wife's phone

A spy app for Android & iOS is a software designed for tracking applications on the target device without anyone noticing that. The applications don’t act as invaders, meaning that the phone work makes no difference after software installation, so your target won’t even get a hint of someone spying on her. Such applications open a wide range of access to the phone, such as messages, phone calls, location data, website history and some even include social media activity. Of course, with more possibilities comes the higher price, although some of them run a demo for you to make sure it’s the right fit for your goals of spying.

Reading her texts undercover: 3 Steps to install spyware

You’ll need to get into the danger zone. Your wife’s mobile. It won’t be easy, but it’s a nice way to check out your creativity. Let’s say – your phone died and you suddenly have to make an urgent call to your mother. First, you should sign up to get access to the application.

After finishing this task, you’ll have to install the application from the website following the guide. Some applications require jailbreaking/rooting, but it is not necessary for all of them – you can use the ones which don’t need this step. These apps mainly run on the background (stealth mode) and hide their icons automatically, but some still require extra effort not to get recognized. The installing process takes from 5 to 20 minutes. Make sure you examine the device leaving no signs of your little work after you are done. Now, kindly give the phone back to your spouse and let your heart leap, for you’ve completed the hardest part of the game.

3 steps to read her messages on your phone

The last step is getting the power of control to your hands. Download the application or open the web version of it using your favorite browser. After logging in and starting the program, all the requested data from the wife’s phone will be downloaded, and you’ll now be able to choose what specifically you want to check out first.  Be careful, you might overplay with the force and control you own.

Since spying is a direct interruption to someone’s privacy you might wonder – are you entitled to spy on your wife with text messages?

It’s quite okay to ask yourself that question. To be sincere, you’re not. You are being the “bad boy” breaking rules and draining the privacy of your spouse, so you better keep your senses sharp. On the bright side, there are no chances someone will get to know. Spy applications are used by over 190 million people over the world, and the application developers can’t risk their reputation by getting any of their users exposed.

Benefits of Text Messages Spy Apps

What specific features make the spy apps so handy and what can you gain from those options? Well, the most common and useful spy app features are listed below.

Calculate the benefits of text messaging spy apps

Track down location – 1️⃣

Your wife is going to Dinah for a few glasses of wine and stays at hers, all dressed up like she’s in a Kanye West new video?  Don’t you find it suspicious? You might give it a chance and track down her location. But don’t forget to ask your wife that lady’s address before you overreact and give yourself out. Maybe, they are having a cool party.

Monitor internet activity – 2️⃣

We are living in the era of social applications, and nowadays more and more people use it for social interactions. By checking her internet activity, you can explore her Instagram, see what’s hidden beneath her snapchat, find out that she has an active Tinder profile. Also, you can take a look at her recent search history, find out what sort of porn sites she’s into, and even track her latest online shopping details.

Check messaging apps – 3️⃣

The further we go with social applications, the more popular messengers are, so they don’t even compete with phone calls and texts. You might be curious about what she is chatting about with her bestie, whom she is gossiping about, the details of where/when/with whom her upcoming date is, and simply who she is – a mysterious being with hidden desires or an honest and loyal wife.

Remote control over device – 4️⃣

Sometimes things may get way too spicy so you may have the urge to stop your lady from any further move. The applications with the remote control feature give you that advantage. There is another possible scenario – your wife is loyal, and all her mood swings and weird behavior come out to be a sign of her ovulation or pregnancy, which supposed to be a surprise for you. That’s why you may need to stop stalking her and quietly uninstall the app without hurting her feelings. The remote control also gives you that opportunity, you can easily uninstall the app without touching the phone and leave no scent of your presence on her device.

See what calls your wife makes or receives – 5️⃣

Some ladies prefer to keep it classy and stick up to phone calls as the safest option for communication. If so, reading your wife’s text messages may not be informative. On the other hand, spy apps give you the advantage of recording calls and/or having the access to the call log information (such as numbers, time of call, its duration, whether it was an incoming or an outgoing call, etc.)

Well-known apps to reveal the hidden life of your cheating spouse

Cocospy FB monitoring App

Here are some applications that feature all the listed options and are good at spying, easy to operate, and help in proving one’s loyalty.

  1. Spyic
    This application will serve you right. The latest social media updates, duplicating the texts and call log information – anything you request for. With this application, you can even view the profile pictures of her chatmates, regardless of the privacy settings. The web-based (browser) access simplifies the use of the application. The application gives her no chance to find out you spying due to its stealth mode. In addition to all of the above, it requires no extra actions such as jailbreaking or rooting the phone.
  2. Cocospy
    Another indeed unique app to monitor your spouse cell phone activity. It is perfectly suitable for Android 4.0 or iOS 10.0.0 and higher, plus it has a bonus for iOS users – no necessity for the app installation, it only demands the iCloud access. From messages and call logs to the location, social apps, and browser history – what more can a man wish for? Cocospy also gives you real-time updates (read review), a control panel designed for simple use and qualified customer support. It has a free trial, in other words, a demo version. It runs in a stealth mode, too.
  3. Spyzie. A great application to track down all messages sent to your wife without using any extra energy (you’ll need that later, heh). The features provided by this app will indeed make you believe you’ve got a little spy living in your phone. The features include screen capture, keylogger, ambient recording, call log, social app activity, text messages details, media, and gallery admittance. Plus, it includes a restriction function, giving you the ability to limit the use of the target device screen. The guides provided will give you the joy of using the application at its’ fullest.
  4. mSPY. This one is an easy app full of useful specs. Quite simple and fast, it gives you the chance to get all your wife’s text messages, call log, WhatsApp chats and even Tinder interactions (why does your wife have Tinder?) The mSPY app also has a thing with video files – you can view all her videos, see when they were recorded and, to spice the things up, monitor if she visits any porn resources. The main disadvantage is you can’t record and listen to the calls.

We’d be happy to know if this article did help you to find out how to retrieve text messages from a cheating spouse. If you had any experience of using a spy app, it would be nice to see your story shared in the comments. Plus, you can subscribe to keep in tune with the latest articles. Cheers!

    1. It is possible to spy on your wife phone anonymously. The uMobix software provides the unique possibility to monitor incoming and outcoming calls, text messages, all the social media, and location. You will get the updates to the account dashboard. Just log in and do not miss something important.

  1. Yeah! The notion of tracking a partner’s phone to alleviate concerns is worth considering, especially for those who struggle to communicate their worries.

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