Top Android Spy Apps! Which One Is The Best For Your Needs?

android spy apps

Has your child been acting out lately? Maybe you suspect your employees are only pretending to be hard working? Does it look like there is a mole in your company? That is not good at all. 

Thankfully, there is a solution that addresses all the mentioned concerns at once. It is called spyware for Android. 

What are Android Spy Apps?

Basically, they are the complex of special software that allows you to see literally everything that they are doing on their phones. Everything means:

  • Chats in social media and messengers.
  • Phone call logs and records.
  • Internet history.
  • Location history.
  • Files, photos, videos.
  • Apps and app usage.
  • Automatic screenshots.
  • Mail.
  • Voice messages.
  • Surrounding sounds.

With hidden Android spy app, you can even see what he or she is doing online. And you don’t have to worry about them finding out. Spy apps are secret. No notifications, icons or alerts!

But there are literally tons of spy apps. How to choose one that suits you the best? As a part of our job, we test different Android spy apps to compile honest reviews so you can save your time searching for the one that can truly fit your needs. Our knack-around equals 1, 5 years of dealing with different monitoring & tracking apps. Let’s begin checking best spy apps for android phones.

Top Spy Applications for Android

There are many spy applications for Android, but not all of them are good. In fact, some of them are downright bad.

In this list, we’ll take a look at the best spy apps for Android:

SpyBubble – All in one place for your convenience

SpyBubble is one of the mastodons on the market of tracking apps. Its history traces 10 years back. With a wealth of experience under belt, this cell phone spy app offers no more than what you came for: accurate tracking, direct access to messengers & social media profiles, phone calls, web browser history tracking, accountable support, and impressive page load speed. 

SpyBubble for instant android monitoring

The biggest advantage is smooth experience that is guaranteed if you choose SpyBubble. It seems they know how to provide frictionless experience for users, balancing between being on the edge of innovation, and providing only the things you need. Incredible support is one of the biggest aces up SpyBubble’s sleeve.

uMobix – on the verge of innovation 💜

uMobix has left an impressive trace once it has been presented. 

First, the software guarantees smooth work on all iOS & Androids. You won’t experience any bugs neither at the stage of installation nor while in the process of usage. 

Android Tracker With Numerous Innovative Features

Secondly, it has been named a groundbreaker due to the recently developed outstanding features: full access to Facebook & Instagram on a target device, all activities capturing on Androids devices (via screenshots), online status indicator, Youtube screening, phone activity tracking, and much more. 

There is a downside, though: some of these features work only on iOS, and some solely on Androids so far.

Spyic: 20+ apps available for tracking

Spyic is a bit more pricey than uMobix or SpyBubble, and it doesn’t provide any of the innovative functions that uMobix does.

Android Spy Monitoring Android Spyic

The main advantage of this hidden spy app for Android is the amount of social apps it allows to track: if you need to access popular messengers or social media apps, including less popular dating apps, like “badoo”, — it will grant you access to all of them. 

The quibbles include the absence of the chatbot on the website. There is no visible support either where you can leave your message in case any question arises. 

SpyEra – For a deeper investigation

Android Spy App - Undetectable Android Monitoring Software SpyEra

SpyEra comes at a bit higher price than rivals but can boast of providing features that no other app does. Among them are live call listening, surrounding listenings, and email monitoring. Other android spy apps don’t offer something even a bit close to these functionalities. 

Clevguard – if you’re on lookout for hot deals

With pretty much similar basic features as any other spy app, Clevguard is well-known for their deals & flexible packages. To get the absolute most out of Clevguard’s capabilities, you only need to catch up with their latest hot deals & discounts. 

ClevGuard - Reliable Android Phone Monitoring & Tracking App

The downside is that Clevguard doesn’t track deleted phone calls & messages, which, in comparison to uMobix, for example, is a huge flaw. There also can be some bugs while playing video in the gallery.

Hoverwatch – for a shoestring budget

The main advantage of Hoverwatch is its price. However, sometimes it is slow on updating that can spoil experience a bit. 

Hidden cell phone tracker app Hoverwatch

On the bright side, for all the basics, there are no complaints: the dashboard is sleek and user-friendly, and they do offer a free trial, which is a rare breed among spy apps.

FlexiSpy – Extensive features for a good price

FlexiSpy is one of the pioneers on the market: their trump card is reputation and reliability. Despite this, some information may be missed or get delays in loading, as users report.

FlexiSPY Unique Android Spy App

FlexiSpy comes with a decent package of basic features: from phone calls & text messages to popular messengers & audio files.

iKeyMonitor – Cheap & Smart

Compatible with all devices, iKeyMonitor is another great option if you’re tight on budget. It records all messengers, social media, keystrokes, phone calls, etc, being relatively fast in data delivery. iKeyMonitor is said to have much lesser friction than its more experienced counterparts.

Compatibility Anroid iKeyMonitor

The rub is its compatibility issues and some bugs that may happen with playing audio files.


Want to know more? Here are the most popular questions we’ve collected during the research on the spyware for android devices:

🤖 I want to find hidden messages on Android, is it possible?

There are several ways to do that. First, try any SMS restoring app. You can find those on the Google Play Store. Further, if you have done the backup before deleting the message, restore your device with it. And last, try one of the mentioned Android spy apps to read hidden or deleted messages on a target device. 

💡 Is it possible to find a hidden spy app?

Check if your device is rooted first. Then check Settings > Security > Allow unknown sources. If something comes up – it means your device could have a hidden app installed on it from the Internet, and not from a safe place like Google Play Market. Then go to Apps > Menu > Special Access > Install unknown apps. Spyware might be there. Delete it.

💡 Which of the listed apps to choose?

It depends on your goal. We would recommend you to start with simple apps that provide the biggest amount of benefits. uMobix, for example, would be perfect if you want to keep the pace with innovations. iKeyMonitor is good if you’re new to the whole business. All android spy apps that we’ve listed are worth your attention. Identify your needs and pick up the one that will be the best fit.

💡 I want it for free! Can I spy on Android for free?

You cannot spy for free forever. You can use only free trials or limited free versions of various apps. But if you find free spyware out there, be aware that your device will be 100% accessible to people who don’t charge you. Isn’t it suspicious?

💡 Is uMobix completely invisible on Android?

Yes, uMobix is completely undetectable on target devices. It works in stealth mode, which means there is no icon in the menu, therefore, a user cannot spot the app on its phone in any possible way. Believe us. 

💡 How a spy app can be detected on Android?

Some malware detecting tools can find a spy app on a device. But with all those apps that we’ve listed, you won’t face any similar difficulties. 

💡 Can I see an Android phone’s activity?

The best hidden spy apps for Android can do this. For example, you can track which app has been launched by the user, when it happened, for how long it operated, and when the user shut it down. You can also check when a particular app has been installed on an Android device and follow all its activities. 

💡 What to do to scan my Android phone for spyware?

To be safe from hidden spy apps for Android we would suggest installing antiviruses. Even free ones might help getting rid of spying apps and malware. In addition, you can check your device for root access and return it back to normal under the safety of license use. This will work for removing the majority of hidden Android spy apps.

💡 How to remove spyware from my Android?

In most cases, spyware manufacturers provide you with an uninstallation option. You can activate it in the tracking console. Another way is the factory reset, but it will erase all the data as well.

  1. I was fascinated by the idea of employee spying apps in 2018 when I tried a couple of them. In this post, I must say Xnspy and Spyic deserve a spot. However, in terms of features like geofencing and price, Xnspy meets my needs perfectly than any other tool out there. Thumbs up for Xnspy!

    1. Dear Alex,
      Thank you for your comment. We’ve been testing different spy apps for almost two years now. Unfortunately, Xnspy didn’t prove reliable; therefore, we cannot recommend the app on our website.

      • The logs are not loaded in real-time. Many other apps have been provided this option for a long time.
      • There is no monthly subscription available, which is truly inconvenient.
      • Customer support is not helpful and often leave customers with unsolved issues.

      Among those spy apps we’ve listed, there is Spyic. We mentioned that the support there is a downside too. Other than that, this spy app worked much better, but not like the apps that shared the first places. A mobile spy app should be equipped with the well-organized process for users to go through installation smoothly, which includes providing truly professional support on the website. That is why we consider this point essential. Both Spyic and Xnspy fail to do so, yet, Spyic worked better overall, that is why took the place in our list.

      The best spy app for Android is among the ones we’ve mentioned in the article. Readers can dive into our review and decide which one will suit their needs most. (

    1. Hello, Keijei!
      Yes, you can spy on any iPhone without access to the device. For doing so, you’ll have to provide iCloud credentials and overcome 2FA authentification. Once done, you can monitor any iOS device instantly. Our spy app allows you to view gallery, read messages, view phone calls, and observe social media activity of the user.
      You can go through the list and pick up the one that you liked the most. Or provide more details as to your purposes with using a spy app. I’ll help to choose the right tool for you.

  2. Is it true that some applications that pretend to be “spy apps” are actually not. Most of them are designed to run in the background and collect data (text messages, location information, phone number history, etc.)…

    1. That’s right. That’s why it’s important to choose a quality spy app for Android. Read our reviews, we check every app.

  3. Each developer listed in the article has its pros and cons, but only one spy app has really unique and useful features, and that is uMobix.

  4. Thanks to Chris Young for addressing this sensitive topic with a comprehensive guide. I have also used such an effective program Spyzzz, so you can add that to your review as well.

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