Who is My BF Texting? Find the Answers Here!

Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting Now
Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting

Are among millions of women asking, “Who is my BF texting?” Read this post to discover how you can find the truth.

Who Is My BF Texting? How to Check Boyfriend's Text Messages for Free:

Sexting is one of the leading reasons millions of women worldwide keep asking, “Who is my bf texting?” If you are one of them, never worry because you can beat a cheating man in his game. You can use the same technology he uses to cheat on you to catch him. We composed this post to show you how you can use technology to learn the truth.

Here we discuss how to track all his devious texts. Consequently, you will be in a better position to know your fate with him. You will also stop wasting your valuable time, energy, emotions, and commitment on an avid cheat.

Find Out the Truth: Who Your Boyfriend is Texting or Calling?

how to find out who is constantly texting him on the phone

If you have been asking, “Who is my bf texting?” but without answers, your quest for the truth ends here. Let's clarify how to catch all the women he has been calling and texting. So, how can you reveal the truth? Here are smart and safe ways of catching him.

  • Do a reverse phone number lookup

You can confirm your fears using this method. You only require a few minutes to look up the numbers he calls and texts. It lets you do it confidentially by tracking all phone numbers back to their owners. The method pulls out the callers' first names and last names. You will also discover their smartphones' general locations, carriers' identities, and their former owners. 

Additionally, you can use this crucial lead to check out the owners' other online activities. For example, you can search out their social media accounts if they have any.

This is just one way of finding out who your boyfriend is texting and verifying your suspicions. You can also use other non-technical ways to prove your suspicions. If you notice the following strange behaviors about him, then your fears are real:

  • He has become overly possessive of his phone when you are near;
  • He receives strange text messages late in the night or early morning;
  • He walks away from you to read “special” texts and receive calls;
  • He takes an abnormally long time to respond to your messages or answer your calls.

Signs That Your Boyfriend Could Be Texting Someone Else

Signs that your boyfriend is texting someone

The previous section introduced you to non-technical ways to catch your boyfriend texting another girl. Here is a more detailed coverage to help you verify your fears.

1. He Won't Let You on His Phone

You have to suspect that he's calling and texting someone else when his smartphone becomes his second shadow. No faithful man would deny you unlimited access to his smartphone and still convince you he will marry you. The reason is that a man who can't trust you with a phone doesn't trust you with his life.

He won't let you near his phone under any circumstances

Most men develop this behavior when they are seeing other women. They know one of those cheating SMSs could land at any time. Others even lock their screens with secret passwords. If he locks his smartphone and denies you access, you should suspect him rightfully.

To dispel or verify your doubts, check out how he reads some text messages. If you see him get excited while reading some messages and not others, suspect something. Moreover, he won't allow you to see those texts that make them laugh while reading. All these are cheating symptoms.

2. He Won't Answer Calls Around You Anymore

If he doesn't want to answer specific calls when you are around him, he's cheating on you. Most men develop this behavior because they fear you will hear who they are talking to. This suspicious behavior mostly develops when they are receiving calls from their paramours. When confronted, they become defensive and claim it was an urgent “business call requiring privacy.”

he tries not to answer the phone if you are near him

So, when you see these two strange behaviors, look for ways to confront him. These symptoms are a solid basis to find out who he's texting. Take charge before he plunges you into misery. Remember, acting late could break your heart by wasting your time.

Ways to See Who Your Boyfriend is Texting

We have many ways to answer the question, “Who is my bf texting?” Here are three main strategies for finding out who he has been sexting secretly.

1. Look at His Phone

Accessing his mobile phone is not impossible because he is a close person to you. This method of knowing who your boyfriend is texting is necessary if he has refused completely to let you access it or he's locked the device with passwords. Now, here we are assuming that he lets you have his phone.

If circumstances are this way, you can spend more time with him when he's relaxed and free from all distractive engagements. However, be discreet because if he catches you, he will play the victim and blame you for “suspecting his innocence.”

Look at His Phone

First, wait patiently and smartly if he ever leaves his phone with you and goes to the shower. When he does, take his phone and scroll through it to see if it has any cheating messages. If you find any, forward them to your phone or photograph them as evidence. Don't forget to lock the door behind you when searching his cell phone.

Second, wait until your boyfriend forgets his phone in the bathroom to find out who he's texting. You can rush there and get the shower on to keep yourself safe. During this period, search his phone and find what you are looking for in it.

Don't forget to remove all the search tabs after your spying mission. Otherwise, you could leave behind a trail of evidence that might make him smarter.

2. Confide in His Friends or Your Friends About Your Concerns; Maybe They Can Help You

If you still want to know who your boyfriend is texting, confide in his friends to discover the truth. This formula is effective if you have a good rapport with his close friends. However, ensure you can trust them with such sensitive information. Also, they should be close enough to him and command his respect. Otherwise, if he can't trust or listen to them, your efforts might not bear the kind of fruits you desire.

Confide in His Friends

But be cautious as the relationship should not be young or casual. Use this approach if the relationship has reached a formalized stage that could lead to marriage. Otherwise, your friends might look at you as another “weird and insecure girl that has invaded their friend's life.”

This method could save you trouble, especially if these friends can intervene in the situation and resolve it whichever way. For instance, they could be knowing his relational history with other women he might have cheated.

3. Is There An App To See Who Someone Is Texting? Spy on His Phone With uMobix

Lastly, you can use our app to see who your boyfriend is texting. This method is the most effective of the three. The reason is that the first two are unreliable. For instance, waiting for him to forget his phone might take longer than expected while the situation worsens. The second option is not guaranteed, especially if you are new to this man.

So, this option is the only guarantee you have to catch him. Also, it eliminates all unfounded suspicions that could result from your personal insecurities.

spy apps really worked

With our app, you don't need to use manual methods to catch the cheating guy. You only need to install it on his mobile phone. Just ensure you have a few minutes to install the app on his phone. From there, you will only need to check out your uMobix control panel to know what he's doing.

Our app will help you to access his texting history 24/7 and anywhere. It shows you who your boyfriend is texting, their numbers, the times of the day or night he texts, and other crucial details. You can also analyze the information to know who among these women he chats with the most. Lastly, never worry about his “cleverness” because you can still catch him even if he deletes all his texts.

FAQs: What You Need to Know

We gathered letters from our readers, combining them to answer your questions based on our life experiences. So, they can help you to find out who he's texting at your expense:

💬 What should you do if your boyfriend is texting another girl?

If you catch him texting another woman, be careful and patient before responding. You have to keep off the temptation of bursting in anger because you could aggravate the situation. Also, you should only respond based on the nature of the messages you identified. If they aren't romantic, no need to worry. But if they are, approach the matter soberly and maturely.

💬 Is texting other girls considered cheating?

It's not because no man is an island. Therefore, you have to be mature enough to know who the girls are and the nature of their messaging conversations. Cheating or not cheating will depend on these two factors. Otherwise, you could be rash to condemn an innocent person only to discover he was texting his cousin.

💬 Should you forgive your boyfriend for texting another girl?

The question of forgiveness can't go unaddressed in cases where cheating has been confirmed. Therefore, we advise you to forgive him from your heart. But keep in mind that forgiveness doesn't mean you retain him in your life. You should only readmit him in your heart and life if he shows genuine remorse and desire to change his cheating behavior. Otherwise, forgive and disconnect from him, moving on with your life.

💬 Is deleting messages cheating? I cannot find out who he's texting. Help me.

Deleting messages is not cheating. However, it could be cheating if you notice his inbox is always empty whenever he allows you to touch his mobile phone. In this case, the deletion could be a smart way of hiding any trail of evidence you could use to catch him. So, ensure all these conditions are in place before you conclude that he's cheating.

💬 Why does he text another girl if he has a girlfriend?

He might text other girls for various reasons that might amount to cheating or the lack of it. First, those girls could be his old friends the way you too have male friends you text. Therefore, don't worry about it. However, if he deletes them immediately after reading them with a big smile, he is most likely cheating on you. So, prove your suspicions before making any move.

💬 Should a man in a relationship have female friends?

Definitely, he needs enough female friends the way you, too, need male friends. These friends could be of any age, including his mother's or grandma's age! The only problem here is the nature of the transactions he has with those female relationships in question. Otherwise, his life could lack a balance since he also needs friends from both sexes.

💬 Will he keep texting another girl if he's not interested?

This question lacks a straight answer because men have different ways of expressing their lack of interest in a woman. For example, he could go out with other women if that's convenient for him. Also, he might decide to call other women in your absence. No guarantee exists that texting is the only way he will use to show his new interest.

💬 Should I be worried if my boyfriend texting his ex?

It depends on many factors. First, you should be worried or relaxed based on the kind of messages they exchange. Second, the nature of their relationship could warrant texting and calling. For instance, if he has a child or children with his ex, he has a right to communicate with her regarding their children's wellbeing.

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  1. Listen to me, if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you, you are the problem in the first place. You’re attracting guys like that to you! So dump your boyfriend, change your mindset and look for a new real relationship.

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