Ways To Track A Cell Phone Location For Free

ways to track a cell phone location for free

If you are wondering what your kid is doing while being out with friends or willing to know if your spouse tells you the truth – tracking the mobile phone is for you. You need only a few things – a mobile phone, internet connection, and one of 4 ways to track a cell phone location.

So there are two principles for detecting phone location. Even though the first one is quite limited in scope, it requires only a phone number. This method will show you only the approximate location without a movement record. The second method – use a dedicated spy app. This option will give you more accuracy in determining the target phone location and additionally can offer other features. 

Part 1: uMobix – The Best Undetectable Phone Surveillance App

uMobix Facebook Activity Tracking

uMobix is not only a location tracking app. It is far more than that. It brings a wide variety of features to surveil a target device. With the help of uMobix, you can monitor calls, social media activity, messages, media files, apart from GPS location. All of the updates are shown on the app’s dashboard and are available for you in real-time. uMobix is not only a good old cell phone tracker. It combines well-known features with unique functions that were not available before. With this combination of features, you can be the owner of the situation and keep track of all the needed activities on a target device. 

uMobix unique tracking features to track a cell phone

uMobix will be here to help you in this fact-finding process. It’s one of the most effective tools when it comes to monitoring target phone activities. It’s an excellent tool for parental control. With uMobix, you can track and manage your child’s digital life. You can use the app to track your spouse or partner in case you need to collect the needed evidence of infidelity or keep track of your employees. If you need to go over the person’s activities on their device – a cell phone tracker is a perfect choice. But what makes uMobix so special? Let’s look into it.

Location tracking

One of the most wanted features when it comes to tracking a cell phone – is detecting location. The reason why it is so needed – is to know precisely where the target device is physically. This gives a carte blanche in your hands. uMobix provides an advanced tracking tool that shows you the target phone's exact location when you want to know it. View daily reports of your target device location history and see where your child or partner goes during the day. All available in one place – your dashboard. You can check the time, date, and exact location when you need it. This gives you a clear picture of all the moves of your target phone. 

Text message tracking

Tracking a phone’s location is no longer something unique. Dozens of apps offer this feature. uMobix understands that and is offering not only a location tracker but much more than that. One of the features that are of great use is text message tracking. It means that once you activate your uMobix account, you can also monitor all incoming and outgoing messages.

Moreover, uMobix will let you know once any of those messages is deleted. You can see when any message was deleted and what was in this message. To track all the messages, you only need to go to your dashboard and see, with real-time reports, what is going on on the target device. 

Track call logs

You will see the true value of uMobix once you try the track calls feature. It lets you monitor all the calling activities on the target device. You can see incoming, outgoing, deleted, or missed calls in your dashboard. There is no need to get into the device behind your partner’s back. Get all the information you want about calling activity on your dashboard with uMobix. When you want to know more details about your kids or employees, what they do during working hours – find it out with the mobile tracking software. 

Part 2: SpyBubblePro – The Best Way To Track Your Spouse Location

SpyBubblePro.com logo

Each relationship can go in the wrong direction. And there is no way to secure yourself from this. But in case it happened to your couple, you might want to know what was the reason, and if this reason is cheating. With SpyBubble, you can check all the needed information and find out if your spouse lies to you about their location or other online activities. With modern technologies, the SpyBubble team managed to create an outstanding tool to track a cell phone location. 

With the knowledgeable approach to spouse cheating, SpyBubble pro managed to create software that will help to finish your anxiety and find out if your spouse is loyal. With the set of exclusive features, get your hands on your spouse’s personal life online. Install the app once, and start your way to find out the truth. 

Facebook/WhatsApp Spy

This great feature will allow you to get inside the most precious social media platform. Get access to your spouse’s Facebook account. With the help of SpyBubble pro, you can know what they do on Facebook every day in real-time. On your dashboard, get instant reports of their chat, see with whom they talk and about what. Don’t miss the opportunity to know which content they view and where they leave likes or comments. It might help you to collect some needed evidence of infidelity with screenshots. All the data will be available for you on the dashboard daily.

Android/iPhone Spy App

SpyBubble pro is an invisible Cell phone tracker. Being compatible with both Android and IOS devices, it is extremely easy to set up. The functionality for both platforms is wide enough to let you track all the activities on the target device. 

To install the software on an IOS device, make sure you know the iCloud credentials (ID and password) for the target phone. With android devices, it goes in a more simple way. To install the software, you only need to take the target phone for a couple of minutes, and you are ready to go. Even though the installation requires physical access to the device you want to monitor, the SpyBubble team made it quick and easy. 

Find hidden pictures & chats

On the app market, we have dozens of apps that are created to help you hide any pictures or messages. These apps let you hide everything you want on your phone from the prying eyes of your spouse. SpyBubble pro is here to detect if any of those apps are used. Not only do you get access to the photo gallery, but you can also notice if your partner is secretly hiding any media files in restricted apps. Find out with the help of screenshots sent on your dashboard which photos are hidden from everyone. 

Part 3: Trace a Phone Number Within Minutes With GeoFinder

geofinder.mobi logo

One of the methods to track a cell phone location is to detect it with the help of a phone number. GeoFinder gives a legitimate opportunity to track a cell phone location by the number. There is no need to install any software on the target device. What you need – is only a phone number. You might not always have a chance to install a spy app on your spouse’s or child’s device, but you want to know exactly where they are. This is why you need a mobile tracker that requires only a phone number. 

The demand for a cell phone tracker these days is huge. This fact is undeniable. Reasons why people want to track another person’s phone are different. Some people want to make sure their kids are safe from any online bullying or know where they are while being away. Others want to catch their spouses or partners cheating. Or simply regulate the working environment in a company. All people deserve to know the truth. The market for this kind of app is big enough, but not all of the apps are worth it. 

Not everyone is interested in subscribing to the app that allows only to track location. It’s always cool to have some secret weapon with additional features. Such functions of spy apps give you a broader picture of what is going on on the target device. Apart from detecting phone location, get a chance to know with whom they talk, exchange messages with, and what they do on social media. We gave you three amazing apps to help you in this journey. The choice is yours. 

Part 4: How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

But you may ask, what if I don't have access to the device I want to monitor. Of course, nobody will guarantee you the same amount of features at your disposal. Nevertheless, it's better than nothing. There are other ways to track a cell phone for free. Methods vary based on the target's phone software – if it's Android or IOS. So in case you are wondering how to track a cell phone location without installing any software, here are the best ways. 

Google Services

In case you need to detect an Android device's location, you need to have a Google account. OF course, you might have different reasons why you need to find a device. It might have been stolen, or you just want to know where your kid is. To find it out, simply go to android.com/find or install a Find my device app. Both of these services will let you track a target device. You will need to know the google account credentials, and here you go. You will see on the map the approximate phone location. With google, you will be able to lock the phone remotely or erase it in case it was stolen. 

Find my Phone

If you own an IOS device, Apple has a really great feature – the find my Friends app. It looks like a small social media platform created for all IOS users to exchange their location. Widely used by families and couples so that everyone knows where each family member is at the moment. To add people to your friend's list, you will need to send a request to your contacts that you want to locate. This app detects the exact location of everyone on your friend's list in real-time. 

Reasons to Track a Phone

Reasons to Track a Phone Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Now we know the most effective methods to track a cell phone for free or for money. It turns out each of these options works good, and these days, it is no longer a problem to track a cell phone location or even get inside your child or partner's digital life. The question is why people want to know where the phone is or what their beloved do on their devices. 

Always know where your device is

As already said, the reasons for tracking a phone are different. It starts from knowing where your kid is on the way back home from school and goes to locating a device in case it was lost or stolen. When you want to track your own phone, you can always track a cell phone for free using built-in Android or IOS apps. They will help you to detect where your phone is and give you a remote opportunity to lock it or erase all the data. The key to use these features is always to remember your account credentials. Furthermore, you can always send a message to those who found your lost phone or stole it from you. Using such apps will definitely increase your chances of getting your device back. 

See where your child or employees were

Another common reason to track a phone is to monitor your child's activities. Modern parents realize all the threats in a digital world. Installing a tracking app on your child's device will let you detect any threat or abuse before any trouble. Social media is full of online predators and drug dealers. So the reason for using a mobile tracker is apparent. And the feature to track a cell phone location is commonly used and provided by many apps. Such as uMobix or SpyBubble pro. 

When you are an employer and want to see if your employees work properly, and there is no drama happening behind your back – using a spy app also helps to know the truth. 

See how much of a distance you have covered

Modern gadgets are not only calling and messaging tools. They are your best friends in terms of tracking your day-to-day activities. Your phone can track how many steps you made, how much distance you covered, and much more. With built-in navigation, you can easily monitor your moves and see weekly or monthly reports about your activity. Using your device as your fitness assistant is a great way to monitor your fitness journey without other devices' help. 

Remember your activities

Your phone stores an unbelievably big amount of data about you. Sometimes you might think your phone knows you better than yourself. Modern gadgets are smart enough to learn your schedule, to know what you will do and when, predict your actions and know your habits. You can customize your device to fit you perfectly. With all the available features, modern phones can track your every step. Might seem creepy, but at the same time, it is so helpful that a lot of people cannot imagine their lives without their gadget anymore. Any time you can check what you were doing two weeks ago or last year, how many steps you made, and so on. Our gadgets do know a lot about us these days. 

Have a long history

Our gadgets hold so much memory inside them. Only think about it for a moment! Our messages, chat histories, media gallery, various apps, notes, health records. And this is only a tiny part of what our phones know about us. Your partner or your child's phone can tell you a lot about a person's habits, preferences, and social life. So getting it into your hands might become a guilty pleasure for a lot of people.


Any medal always has two sides. Some people want to know more about their kids or their life partners. Some people like to keep track of their own devices. It all has a common reason – our phones obtain a lot of personal information and tell all our secrets to whoever gets our phone. Here is why this chase for personal data gave basis for cell phone trackers to be born. All of us might have different reasons to know more about a person's private life. But all of us have a noble goal behind it.

    1. You can track a cell phone location for free with GeoFinder. It is a phone number tracker allowing to check the exact target person’s location. The phone number is the only thing you should know. The process is totally anonymous.

    1. The main aim of the spy apps is to know the truth. And the uMobix is not the exception. You can track a cell phone location, watch out for all the online activity and read the messages (and the deleted ones too) with the help of the tracker app. The demo version can be used before the paid subscription will be ordered.

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