How to Track an iPhone Online

Track an iPhone to catch your cheating spouse

If you're looking for apps to catch cheating spouse, you've come to the right place. We'll tell you how to track an iPhone location and offer you other ways to catch that cheater in the act.

Solutions to Track an iPhone – What Possibilities Open Up?

If you need to secretly track an iPhone, there are some ways to do so. In the next section, we'll look at iPhone spy apps and consider other ways to track someone. We bet you will be surprised to find out how many possibilities open up. For example, if you have a phone tracker, you can see someone's messages and conversations to figure out if they're cheating or not.

Trace the iPhone of a cheating girlfriend

Locate iPhone on a Map

If you want to track an iPhone free, you may use Find My. This app lets you see where the phone is, ring it and lock down your phone if you cannot find it. If you know your target's iCloud information, it is possible to log in to the online user space and see where the phone is. However, there are more discreet ways to track someone's phone. If you have a need to track your girlfriend's iPhone, there may be better options for you to try while also being discreet enough.

Social Media Monitoring As the Way to Get Info

One way to track a person's phone is to monitor their social media accounts, such as Facebook. For example, if your target's iPhone has its location shared, you can see where it is via Facebook. While it's not the best way to track husband's iPhone, it can help you get to the bottom of some questions and also may be good as well since some people do use Facebook and other social media to cheat. In addition, you may view their messages and see what they are posting that's not public by using tracking apps.

The Proven Surveillance of Visits to Dating Sites

If you want to track wife's iPhone, consider looking at various dating sites. If you access your target's history, you should raise an eyebrow or two if you see any visits to any popular dating sites, particularly those designed to cheat. In case of the need to track an iPhone without iCloud, making a dating site profile and trying to find your spouse may be a good option.

Check Browser Incognito Visits on the Person's Device

Apart from the ability to track iPhone location by phone number, you should also consider what they are browsing. Your target may be browsing incognito, which could indicate that they're hiding something. Through phone tracking apps, it is possible to see what they are up to, and the browser incognito is great because it lets you look into what they're hiding without giving no outward signs.

How to Spy on a Cheating Spouse in Real Time?

You are able not only to find iPhone by phone number but also track them in real-time if you install an app that sees what they are doing by taking screengrabs and logging keystrokes. Usually, these apps will alert you if any significant activity happens; you may change your notifications based on what you wish to track.

Get Access to Reading All the Messengers

It would be best if you considered reading their messages to always be in the know of any updates. In addition, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, or other messaging apps can contain secrets you may want to see. For example, through message monitoring, you could see messages that your spouse might be hiding from you.

Track Your Child's Phone in the Context of Parental Control

Finally, tracking your child's phone may be a good idea if you're concerned about their well-being or wondering if they're doing something inappropriate. If you have a family plan, it's simple for you to monitor your kid's phone. You don't need to locate iPhone by number since a multi-faceted solution will be at your hand.

Is There Any Way to Track an iPhone Without Find My iPhone

Ways to Track an iPhone

Apart from using Find My iPhone, which is limited in functionality, you may install tracking apps on your target's phone, many of which are installable through iCloud logins. Once ready, use an iPhone locator by number if you want to see all their whereabouts or activities. Let's look at three apps that we love.

XNSPY – Top Quality Tracking App for iPhone

XNSPY offers many ways to track an iPhone, with many unique features that make it a spy app to consider. One new feature of XNSPY is screen recording when using social media apps. That way, you will see every activity your target does, including deleted messages.

The software allows monitoring a target's calls, emails, photos, and videos, seeing where they are through its advanced location tracking, supervising browser history, etc. In addition, XNSPY has a keylogger, recording every single keystroke the person of interest makes.

An Accurate iPhone Tracking App – Cocospy

If you want a powerful iPhone number tracker, consider Cocospy. This app has all the features of a phone monitoring app you're looking for, including the ability to pin down someone's location in real time. 

⭐ Review of the Cocospy Tracking App

Pay attention that Cocospy requires no jailbreak or rooting, so supervising your spouse's or child's activities secretly will call for minimum efforts. Keeping tabs on what your close ones are doing on iPhone is possible via a convenient dashboard with accurate information being updated every 5 minutes. 

Moreover, if compared to monitoring Android gadgets, spying on iOS devices requires no installation, so judge for yourself.

High-Tech Location Tracker – Check Person's Whereabouts with LocationTracker.Mobi

If you're looking for a simple number tracker, has your back covered. After purchasing a plan, send a picture to a website, get a tracking link attached to it, send a message to your target via any online chat, and see their real-time location. It is possible to customize the message to entice the target to open it. Once opened, your target will be asked to turn on their location. Once they do that, you will see where they are.

Spyic – Phone Tracking with a Great Features Set

Spyic is aimed at parents who want to see where their children are; this app has various features to keep your kids safe, though it can turn out to be quite useful for other cases as well. See messages and receive an alert for problematic activities, spy on whereabouts, block unwanted apps or the device itself, etc. It's a solid app all around. It works well and has an extensive set of features, including the ability to track iPhone by phone number. We recommend visiting the website and seeing whether it works best for your situation. 

Keep in mind that some apps may have a sale or free trial that lets you test it out before you buy it.

Track an iPhone with Find My iPhone – Main Possibilities

Find My iPhone App

Find My iPhone is a free app that lets you track your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. If you lose your iPhone, you can use Find My iPhone to locate it on a map, play a sound to help you find it, lock it, or erase it.

Turning on Find My iPhone

Open Settings, then click Find My. You'll see various options there, including sharing your location with friends, having your phone visible even if it's online, and more. Keep yourself open or be as private as you want.

Tracking Your Phone 

Log into Find My, which is possible through an app or a desktop browser, enter your login information, and see where your phone is. It is possible to ring your phone if you misplaced it to see exactly where it is. That said, if you have all permissions on, Find My should tell you exactly where your phone is, making it easy to follow. Depending on what model of phone you have, however, you may not be able to see where your phone is if it's offline.

Recovering a Lost iPhone

In case your phone is stolen or lost, the first method to recover your phone data is through iCloud Backup:

  1. First off, mark your phone as Lost and remotely lock it with a passcode through Find My.
  2. Sign in to iCloud with Apple ID on a new device.
  3. Tap Restore from iCloud Backup.

Another way out is to recover your data is through iTunes Backup:

  1. Run iTunes on your PC and connect another iOS device to your computer.
  2. Click Summary and Back Up Now.

Disabling Tracking

Going to Settings and turning off Find My can help avoid people tracking you through Find My. That said, there are other ways a person may be able to track you. For example, if someone has installed a tracking app, they can still see what you're doing even if you believe that you have your phone's tracking turned off.

How to Track an iPhone Location by Phone Number – Three Ways

Track an iPhone Location by Phone Number

1. GPS Cell Phone Locator

You can find phone tracking apps that enable you to find a phone through its phone number. Usually, these apps may require the target to give permission. However, if you install an app on the target's phone that's a tracker, you don't need permission.

2. Free Phone Tracer

Find My can be a phone tracer to use for free, but you do need to know your target's login information. However, some phone tracers do have free trials to take advantage of. Most phone trackers are never truly free, as they come with many advanced features.

3. Online GPS Phone Tracker

You may find several GPS trackers online. Some have a paid plan, but they enable you to track your target's phone with precise tracking. Usually, online trackers come in the form of an app that is installed on the target's phone and allows for constant surveillance. These apps are discreet as well.

Methods to Track an iPhone with an Android Device

There are a couple of options to track the iOS device from Android, some of them are listed below.

Track an iPhone with an Android Browser

Use your Android's Internet browser to visit Find My or other websites dedicated to tracking phones. This process makes it simple to track a phone via the browser.

Track an iPhone Location with Google Maps

Go to Google Maps on a target iPhone. Once there, click on a profile picture and enable location sharing. This will allow you to see where the person is on Google Maps at any time, provided they have a connection.

Track an iPhone with uMobix Tracking App

Finally, it is possible to track an iPhone by phone number with the uMobix tracking app. It enables you to see where a target is at all times. uMobix can be installed remotely if you know the target's iCloud information. Otherwise, you will need to install it manually.


Can I track an iPhone location from another iPhone remotely?

Log into Find My, provided you know the target's login information, and see the phone's location. Otherwise, install a spy app and track it via your iPhone. In addition, there are websites you can find on your iPhone browser that may enable you to track your target.

How to track an iPhone when it's off?

Modern iPhones enable you to track them, even when the phone is off. To do so, be sure that the iPhone has offline tracking enabled. Go to Settings, Find My, and then turn on online tracking; make sure the switches next to Send Last Location and Find My network are also on.

What are the methods to track an iPhone without iCloud or app?

Some websites, such as, enable you to track phones simply via a picture. However, the target will need to turn on their location services. If they do not do this, you may need to figure out another way to see their location.

How far can a tracker track an iPhone?

A tracker uses GPS to see where the phone is. Provided the phone has a signal, it can track a phone anywhere worldwide. Please note that some factors, such as signal strength, can determine how accurate the tracking is.

Can I track any iPhone? What about older and newer phones?

All iPhones have GPS tracking features, but depending on how old it is, there may be difficulties tracking it. For example, 11+ versions allow you to track offline phones. If you have an older phone to track, you may experience some difficulties tracking them. 

Can the iPhone tracker show erroneous data?

Phone trackers mentioned in this article work hard to give a user the best information possible. However, some factors may give a user inaccurate tracking data. For example, if a phone has offline tracking enabled, the information may need to be updated. In addition, poor phone signals may lead to inaccurate GPS information. That said, today's phones deliver accurate information and can even be tracked offline if enabled. However, mistakes still do happen.

Final Thoughts

Tracking an iPhone is possible through online tracking apps, spy apps, and built-in apps such as Find My. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, your child is in danger, or you want to track an employee's phone, you can pin them down on a map easily.

With tracking, be sure that you do it ethically. Look up your local laws related to tracking and be responsible for your actions. This page is for informational purposes only.

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  1. If you have enabled the “Find My” feature on your iPhone and have an iCloud account, you can log in to on any web browser and use the Find My iPhone feature to track your phone’s location.

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