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the best iphone spy apps you can find on the market

How you come here trying to figure out how to spy on iPhone? I know how it feels, man. Once, I’ve been like you but not anymore because iPhone spyware helped me detect a cheater. Hope, it won’t happen to you. I know that some of you do it for protection because cyberbullying is in place. If you want to provide you pretty girl with extra-protection, let’s start!

What is iPhone Spy Apps?

iPhone spy apps are tracking applications that help you see the information of another iPhone without the person knowing. Besides, you don’t need to be close to the person you’re spying on because the undetectable apps let you do the research remotely. This is a genius and most sophisticated way to spy on iPhone in the digital era. Spying on iPhone without installing the software is possible as well but it’s a little bit more difficult.

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To use the spying app, just take your time and install it on the target device. Such apps are quite expensive but some programs have free trials. Some applications require biometrics or passwords to get into the phone. Some of them don’t. When you’ve managed to install it, let the game begin! What’s more, your app will have a control panel through which you’re able to see the mobile activity of your girlfriend or wife remotely.

Top 10 iPhone Spy Apps

Here they are, out winners, our gods, our saviors. No need to surf the net yourself because we’ve done this for you. So read up and try them out!

– mSpy

mSpy is a super-convenient tracker that’s easily installed on any iPhone. The app enables you to see her messengers and notifications anytime. The support team works smoothly and is a bonus for those who might get lost. Just 2 minutes, and you have plenty of features to make you closer to your gf as she might ever imagine. No jailbreak is needed, by the way. Besides, all the instructions and guides are pretty clear.

Unfortunately, you can’t record the calls and see some secret camera activities. But, for most cases, you won’t need that.

– FlexiSpy

This partner in crime is super flexible and fast. You might record her ongoing calls and see the messages from all of her favorite social media. Get into her WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Twitter, Tinder, Instagram, and many other websites. It supports iOS 15. It can run in hidden mode as well. Guys who made this monster must be sick!

To the drawbacks of the app I can add its price (that starts from $60) and no jailbreak option. You’ll have to enter the password and need an Internet connection on her iPhone. You need to know that usually the installation takes up to 8 minutes.

– SpyBubble (*review)

The iPhone spy app SpyBubble is compatible with iOS and can be purchased all around the world 24/7. It has a super-cool refunding policy which provides you with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Of course, it enables you to track any messages, activities, and location of your significant other. The app has a free trial plan so you’re welcome to check it out before purchasing. They claim to be easy yet powerful which they certainly are.

However, the app doesn’t allow you to spy on iPhone for long because it drains lots of power. Moreover, the support team asks you to pay $10 any time you call them. Think twice before doing that.

– SpyEra

SpyEra is a great iPhone tracker. It spies on messaging apps, tracks GPS location, links you to the camera of the device, and records live calls. SpyEra offers a no-jailbreak option which makes it reliable. SpyEra provides you with access to all the pictures, screenshots, photos, videos, and audios from your gf's iPhone. The tracker can even show you what she’d typed. For this, it uses iPhone Keylogger.

SPYERA - the best iPhone monitoring software

But, some users say it can’t give you truthful information sometimes. But, it depends.

– TheTruthSpy

A real truth-digger. Not surprising it has such a name. TheTruthSpy helps you to read the chats, listen to the recorded calls, and monitor the location of the chosen person no matter how far you are from your girl. Subscriptions start from a $21.99-plan and the support team works well and doesn’t require an additional fee.

How to Spy on iPhone with TheTruthSpy (100 Free & Undetectable)

However, not all the users have gotten help from the support. Besides, it sometimes refuses to record calls. But, not always so think about it.

– XNspy

The best iPhone spy apps like XNspy let you not only track but also block some websites or pages on the target phone. For example, block her ex’s number so she definitely will be with you. Also, it tracks all of her messages and notifications and delivers it to your phone.

XNspy - Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Among the cons, I can put limited features on non-jailbroken iPhones which can be a problem and prevent you from finding out everything about her.

– Spyzie

Spyzie is another iPhone spy app for you. It offers a great variety of spying options – checking her email, WhatsApp, messages, location, browser history, Instagram direct messages, screenshots, Keylogger, Snapchat, photos, data export, and phone logs. The app gives you the name of the callers and shows who has called her anytime. The app doesn’t require biometrics of the person you’re spying on. You pay for the app and it does all the job. Besides, you won’t have difficulties with the app because it contains many useful guides that explain even more than they should’ve.

Spyzies iPhone Spy App

Unfortunately, Spyzie can’t spy on all of her social media. Besides, the target phone gets overheated and buggy so your loved one may suspect something. Also, sometimes it doesn’t show her group chats on Viber or WhatsApp.

– Cocospy (⭐ Review)

Jealousy may not be the reason of your stalking. So don’t blame yourself and use Cocospy because it’ll help you with the protection of your significant other. A cunning stealth mode hides the app to the depth of her phone and lets you keep an eye on her notes, email, social media, and SMS remotely.

Cocospy iPhone Spy App

Speaking about calls, you can see call duration, time, a name of the caller, and many other things.

– Highster Mobile

As far as I know, this one works well on all the iOS devices so help yourself! This secure spy app for iPhone is super-clear in usage. It takes up 1.95 MB of space so the memory usage won’t get suspicious. Very cost-effective and licensed app. Your gf is always in the open. You can view the route and location of your significant other on a real map. I highly recommend trying this one.

iPhone Monitoring Software Highster Mobile

You have 3 options to install it:

  1. Over-the-air option. You will need access to the web browser.
  2. QR code scanning. Just ask to give you the device to scan an “important” code. The downloading begins automatically.
  3. USB code. You install the files via the USB cable.

My hungry soul is upset because they rarely often discount. What’s more, the installation can be long (up to 10 minutes). Also, some people had some problems with communication logs. Hope, they’ve fixed it.

– MobileSpy

This baby is a controversial one. It’s affordable for the Standard Package – $19.99 per 3 months. On the one hand, the application lets you track text messages, calls, alerts, GPS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram password, photos, Gmail, contacts, and notes. But, on the other hand, it has a huge drawback that spoils everything.

MobileSpy - Spy iPhone Without Jailbreak in 2022

I can’t recommend this app anymore because its software has been hacked numerous times. Even if it hasn’t, I’d say it is not the worst yet not the best option. It’s versatile and performs quite well but not anymore. Sorry.

Best iPhone Spy Apps FAQS: What You Need to Know

If you still have some questions concerning the tracking apps for iPhones, this list is for you. Please, read up!

🔥 Can I spy on iPhone without installing software?

Well, it’s hardly possible since all the iOS devices are secure. Without a special app, you’re powerless.

🔥 Can I spy on a phone without access to it?

Just install the spying app that doesn’t need jailbreak on the target phone. There are plenty of them, as you see.

🔥 I am not getting any phone logs from the iPhone I’m tracking. How can I fix this?

You didn’t root. Or, perhaps, you forgot to give full permission to the app. Try this, and see what happens.

🔥 Can I track the location of a cell phone with an iPhone tracking app?

Hell yeah. This function is one of the basic ones good spying applications offer.

🔥 What Free Undetectable Spy Apps for iPhone are the best?

Well, I’d say the undetectable apps are SpyBubble, mSpy, TheTruthSpy, and Highster Mobile. At least, my friends and I have tested them ourselves.

🔥 Are these brands compatible with all of the iOS devices?

Well, it depends. I guess that they’re 100% compatible with iPhones, sometimes with MacBooks and iPads.

🔥 Can I spy on iPhone without Apple ID or Password?

Yeah. Just choose the app (like mSpy) that’s remotely installed. It uses the stealth mode that conceals the app on the target device.

🔥 How to tell if someone has a spy app on your iPhone?

The phone gets buggy and overheated very fast. Sometimes, a person receives strange SMS and emails containing links to unknown web pages. What’s more, the phone gets unexpected power drainages and system shutdowns.

🔥 Can I track a lost iPhone using the iPhone spy app?

Of course. Just track it with a GPS tracker, then receive the phone’s location. If you’re interested, your iCloud has an option “Find iPhone” which you can use anytime.

I wish you all good luck in your investigation. If you doubt whether or not to use the iPhone tracking app, do it for your comfort and relationship. But, be careful cause these apps can drive you crazy. Watch yourself and don’t get obsessed with surveillance 😊

    1. Yes, it is. Almost every app offers its own subscription plans. But think about the fact that every paid spy app for iPhone is, first and foremost, a guarantee of security for both you and the target of your surveillance.

  1. Hey Guys! The quality of the app you choose will have a large impact on its ability to do so. It’s also important to make sure that the app you choose doesn’t come with any major security flaws, as it could compromise your privacy to an immense degree.

  2. I just want to know if my girlfriend is cheating on me, or if she wants to get rid of me so badly that she makes up all kinds of nonsense. I even think sometimes that she would do anything – even fake her death. I’ll try one of those spy apps, and if it turns out the girl is having an affair with another guy, I’ll just be devastated(

  3. I had tried Flexispy and Highster before, but then I saw a video on YouTube about uMobix features and I was impressed! First of all I have control over my children, and secondly I can keep an eye on my new friend, who seems not to be clean in his hands.

  4. Thank you so much, I have already tried several ways, but my clever daughter blocked all apps very easily. Using your recommendation the application uMobix, I have access to literally all the data from her phone. I hope the app will continue to work inappropriately!

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