Unmistakable Signs that Tell a Girl Might Have a Crush on You

Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend
Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

How many times have you wondered: “does she want to be my girlfriend or my intuition betrays me“? 

The thing is, you cannot enter someone else's head and find out. But there is a body language that never (almost) lies. There are always signs that may indicate something in the girl's attitude has shifted towards you. 

We've gathered those signs together, bookmark them, and check out each time you have this “feeling.” 

10 Definite Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

Ok, first of all, there are no “signs she wants to be your girlfriend“. A girl may have a crush on you, but it doesn't always mean she wants to jump into something bigger right away. Besides, call it old-school, but if you don't make the first move, many girls will force themselves and negate their feelings. It's not that hard as you may think. Girls may need a bit more time to switch attention to someone else, but if they don't see your interest, they will.

She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

Instead of calling it “signs she wants to be your girlfriend,” we will call it “signs she might have a crush on you.” Boys have as excellent intuition as girls, right? But in case you want to double-check, go ahead.  

Note that you can be sure a girl likes you if 5 and MORE signs show evidence. In other cases, there might be just a coincidence. 

Sign # 1 She Occasionally Touches You

“Love means to want to touch” K. Stanislavsky.

Ok, you don't want to argue with the maestro. But, all jokes aside, this makes sense. A girl can instinctively touch you, sometimes even before she knows it herself. According to behavioral analyst Jack Schafer, a light touch from a woman merely indicated she likes you. The reason behind touching someone you like is simple: a sought for intimacy lives on a subconscious level, so you may even not “accept the feeling in your head,” while your instincts do their job.

Sign #2 She Changes Her Haircut And Starts Wearing Makeup

Ok, it may not be exactly a new haircut or makeup. But if she suddenly turns from a grey mouse into an attractive girl, she may do this for merely three reasons:

  1. she likes you;
  2. she likes someone from your company;
  3. something in her life has changed, and she is undergoing some personality changes. The last one is rarer. 

Sign #3 She Starts Talking About Other Men In Front Of You 

Sometimes girls don't want to give themselves away, so they start to talk about other guys who want to date them casually. If you haven't had such conversations before, this may indicate the same thing. A girl who likes you may occasionally mention her male friends or chatting about her dates.

Sign #4 Eye Contact Gets Broke 

Mark Manson, #1 NYTimes Bestselling author who focuses on relationships, claims that if a girl breaks eye contact with you, she may either be intimidated, i.e., attracted, or avoiding it for some other reason (like she owes you something or forgot about something and now feels sorry). So, it does not necessarily refer to definite signs she wants to be your girlfriend, but altogether with other “red flags” may mean she's interested. 

Sign #4 Eye Contact For More Than 3 Seconds

Prolonged eye contact usually means a girl is interested in you. A simple explanation: she wants to inspect you. 2-3 seconds can happen when she spots something eye-catching (i.e.accessories). 4 seconds and more means something is up.   

You can especially say if you're suddenly aware you're in someone else's presence. And it repeats constanly. 

Sign #5 Giggling, Laughing, Smiling In Front Of You

Belly laughing is good, especially when girls do that at your jokes. It usually means two things:

  1. your jokes are really funny;
  2. a girl singles you out the crowd.

It doesn't necessarily refer to the signs she wants to be your girlfriend, but it goes in line with other giveaways that she may express her sympathy like that. 

Sign #6 Lips Licking And Playing With Her Necklace

One of the hidden signs she's into you might be if she's licking her lips while being around you. She may bite them or lick and doing this completely subconsciously. Women don't lick their lips in front of men who don't interest them. She may also do it out of nervousness. If she doesn't feel comfortable, she will touch things around to avoid chatting much. 

Sign #7 She Gets Indignant Around Other Chicks

A girl who likes you becomes jealous when you're showing interest in other women. Girls can't hide jealousy (very rarely). So you can monitor her while flirting with other girls (a bit). If she changes in the face and grimaces disgracefully, then yes, she's jealous. You can refer this to the signs she wants to be your girlfriend.

Sign #8 She's Willing To Open Her Heart

A girl won't reveal her deep emotions to someone who she considers insecure. By revealing something inner, she opens her vulnerability, and you don't want to do that unless you trust a person, right? A girl can be willing to open up in two cases 1) she trusts you as a friend 2) she's into you. 

The dumbest thing you can do is to screw her trust, by the way.  

Sign #9 She Wants To Know You More

A girl who likes you might ask you a bunch of questions about your past, to find things in common, or just out of interest. Girls don't usually speak to others about their past without a good reason. 

Sign # 10 An Obvious Flirt

In the end, there is an obvious flirt. Some girls prefer to go right at you, dropping hints here and there. Not a pleasant feeling, we agree, but the hardest part is to find a way to refuse delicately. It won't necessarily come to signs she wants to be your girlfriend, but it indicates she's trying to show you there's room for sexual chemistry. 

Ok, She Likes Me. What's Next?

Once you've found out she wants a relationship with you, time to decide how to act on it.

She Likes Me

Here are some suggestions: If you don't feel like rushing into something serious, don't do anything. Let us tell you something that may, like, open a whole new world: if you don't act along, the girl will find someone else and switch her attention, sooner or later. So, if you're not ready for a relationship or anything, just act casually. 

If the girl starts to drop obvious signs, maybe you'll need to talk to her. 

In case you think you like this girl, you should do the first move. Seriously, that's your part. 

1) A girl may never do the first move. 

2) If you feel ok to be in a relationship initiated by a girl, you may wait for her to start things. How long? Go to point 1.

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  1. A girl is staring at you, waiting for you to notice her. She’s staring at your hands. She’s staring at your neck. She’s staring at your face. Her eyes follow your every move, and she repeats the movements over and over again when she sees you looking away. You don’t know if this is because she’s nervous or if it’s because she really likes you (the latter seems more likely).

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