Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Cheat

While pundits say to look for the root of the problem with infidelity in psychology and emotional causes, we cannot ignore what is written in the stars. Is there any truth in the horoscope and zodiac signs? See for yourself!

Which Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely to Cheat

To set the record straight, a person is not destined to become a perfect or cheating partner simply by being born under a particular zodiac sign. If you are someone who relies on the zodiac signs to make inferences about a person's actions, you must understand that beyond that, there are still many, many layers to it.

most unfaithful male-female zodiac signs

However, having analyzed some features of a person's character and drawing parallels between experiences of interaction with them, we cannot discard such useful observations. Let's use these to get a better idea of zodiac signs cheating, given the art of astrology:

#1 Are Scorpios Cheaters (October 23 – November 21) ♏

It's just amazing how a mix of passion, commitment, and loyalty coexists in one person. Being careful in choosing a partner, Scorpios will show you their best side as soon as they make sure that you are the one. But you better not offend the representative of this water sign – those who hit the nerve will know the real taste of Scorpio cheating venom and revenge!

#2 Are Virgos Cheaters (August 23 – September 22) ♍

Friendly and kind, Virgos are far from the top of zodiac signs that cheat on you. They have a strong moral compass and rarely cling to opportunities to commit adultery, even if such are presented. Virgo cheating is rare; most of their actions as an earth sign are dictated by practicality and logic. They will treasure their soul mate, especially if they are also prone to constant improvement and stimulate Virgo intellectually.

#3 Are Aquarius Cheaters (January 20 – February 18) ♒

Being ruled by air, Aquarius is a natural flirt and free-spirited type that can be anchored with you – but you'll have to exercise your wit to never experience Aquarius cheating. They love to live in dreams and will be very grateful if you share their emotions with them and always support them. Becoming an ideal for Aquarius is not easy – but those who succeed without pretense will be able to build a long-term relationship without Aquarius cheating.

#4 Are Capricorns Cheaters (December 22 – January 19) ♑

Touted as the most closed and cold sign of the zodiac, Capricorns have the best in store for deserving people. The demeanor of this earthly zodiac sign may seem bossy and controlling, but in their personal lives, Capricorns cheat rarely. They are reliable, respectful, and probably the second most loyal zodiac sign. In their face, you will get a supportive partner who opens up like a good wine.

#5 Do Aries Cheat (March 21- April 19) ♈

The reputation of Aries men as cheaters runs ahead of them. I'm doing it for a thrill – this probably best describes Aries cheating motives and makes Aries male one of the most unfaithful zodiac sign man. The fire burning in this heart can only be pacified by one person, their true love. Finding a soulmate makes Aries less reckless and can grant you exclusivity. In addition, they are honest enough to say everything as it is in the eye.

#6 Are Pisces Cheaters (February 19 – March 20) ♓

This water sign is on the hunt for deep emotions, and their mind is like a house of secrets. They open the door to their mind too ajar and can easily become interested in spontaneous acquaintances. Pisces cheating and physical boundaries can be nothing to Pisces if they feel a strong connection to someone on the side. The truth is that you can't change this good-natured but so easily manipulated zodiac sign – still, they can be faithful depending on their attitude towards you.

#7 Are Sagittarius Cheaters (November 22 – December 21) ♐

If you are not afraid of spontaneity and ease in relationships, then Sagittarius will gladly keep you company. But be careful: this is one of the fire zodiac signs that cheat if they feel their freedom is somehow limited. Don't try to shoehorn your adventurous Sagittarius girlfriend or boyfriend – let them play by their own rules, and the chances of Sagittarius cheating will be very low.

#8 Do Cancers Cheat (June 21 – July 22) ♋

These people call the family their mainstay and rarely tend to stray from what they have been invested in. Statistically, Cancers are rarely caught in infidelity and are often interested in long-term relationships. You will just feel it and do without Cancer cheating. However, you should be aware that this sign will not tolerate emotional walls in a relationship and will feel hurt if you are not genuinely grateful for everything they do for you.

#9 Do Taurus Cheat (April 20 – May 20) ♉

If your partner Taurus says that they are easy to please, this is the purest truth. Being down-to-earth and loyal people, this earth sign is difficult to categorize as zodiac signs that cheat the most. Their feelings do not cool down if you:

  • give them romantic gestures,
  • do not act rude,
  •  try to look good.

Taurus loves to be challenged, but this pertains more to their career than seeing instability in their personal lives. To avoid Taurus cheating, keep up with them.

#10 Are Libra Cheaters (September 23 – October 22) ♎

Ladies and gentlemen, behold – here comes the zodiac most likely to cheat. While you can look at the physical Libra cheating situationally, they will 100% cheat on you in mind if they are just… bored. They quickly make new exciting acquaintances behind your back and do not notice how they have already been drawn into something much more than friendship. To cope with your Venus-ruled cheating spouse, you must understand what they need – best in a frank conversation – and keep them fulfilled.

#11 Are Gemini Cheaters (May 21 – June 20) ♊

Talking to these friendly, intellectually savvy people makes you feel like you could listen to them forever. Geminis are skilled talkers who will grab your attention with their humorous nature and give you no ground to suspect Gemini cheating, whether being married or not. But they need constant excitement, and Gemini cheating in relationships can arise from their acute intolerance of repeating routines. This sign can stay faithful if they love you very much and you get to live a fast-paced life together.

#12 Do Leos Cheat (July 23 – August 22) ♌

Extroverted leaders, who do not want to remain in the shadows – how to find the key to the fidelity of a Leo woman or man? Leos are not the most common of the cheating zodiac signs. But they may try to fill their need for universal recognition with the help of numerous love affairs. If you and your Leo are doing great in a relationship with a little bit of volatility from time to time, you don't have to worry about Leo cheating.

What Zodiac Sign Is the Most Loyal

The most loyal zodiac sign

You probably couldn't help but notice that most claims of infidelity can occur in the air signs of the zodiac, rarer in water and fire representatives. Unlike signs most likely to cheat, earth signs are more stable and less likely to make drama out of the blue.

👩 Most Faithful Female Zodiac Signs

Cheating is a big no for her, while finding true love will revive her and give her even more stimulus. We are talking about the Scorpio woman and her devotion to one partner. She cherishes the feeling of love and makes the fire of passion stronger.

When you are with this woman, you can forget about the most unfaithful female zodiac signs. Capricorn women are not only dedicated to their work, but they can also give an honest and courteous attitude to their partners.

👨 Most Loyal Zodiac Sign Man

If you're looking for ultimate loyalty, you're likely to find her in relationships with Taurus and Scorpio men. Of course, they have to make sure you don't play games with them, but once they give you their heart, it's not just for the time being.

Toxic Zodiac Signs in a Relationship      

There is a direct link between the zodiac signs most likely to cheat and their toxicity. It's no secret that often, the cause of betrayal is the desire to assert oneself, the inability to talk with a partner and play the role of a victim. Once we've enjoyed the book's wrapping, it's time to get to grips with its essence.

After upsetting the Cancer's emotional balance, you'll most likely experience a passive-aggressive attitude, for starters. Over time, they may become obsessional and moody. Runner-ups to this zodiac sign are Gemini and Sagittarius. They both know how to ingratiate themselves perfectly and enchant you with romance and big promises. The reality is often much more prosaic.


Why Do Scorpios Cheat?

This is not the zodiac sign most likely to cheat per se. However, if a Scorpio lacks interaction with you or you have offended them greatly, then cheating is possible.

How Does Each Zodiac Sign Cheat In Relationships?

People can cheat on their loved ones in different ways – for example, some are limited to fantasies, and others do not disdain physical betrayal. Aquarians are known as emotional cheaters; Taurus, Aries, or Leo are among those who would rather leave a partner first than cheat; Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Virgo will hide cheating from you as long as possible.

What Month Cheats The Most?

These are June and October – in these months, Gemini and Libra are born who betray and deceive the most.

What Is The Most Powerful Zodiac Sign?

This sign is often found among politicians, leaders, and other high-ranking and successful persons. This is Leo, who knows how to create control over the situation and make people respect them.

What Zodiac Sign Cheats The Most?

Statistically speaking, the top of zodiac signs most likely to cheat is almost always headed by Libra.

How To Text A Libra Woman?

Libra women appreciate it if you communicate with her in a respectful tone and manage to interest her in a brainy topic. Be sweet and try to make her smile.

How To Get A Capricorn Woman Back?

As a representative of the practical sign of the zodiac, the Capricorn woman will not expect words from you but decisive action. Don't promise something you can't deliver, or you'll lose her forever.

How Can You Tell If A Capricorn Man Is Cheating?

One of the signs that Capricorn is cheating is how he has started to distance himself from you – physically and emotionally. He may no longer give you the attention he used to.

How To Tell If A Pisces Man Is Cheating?

Being one of the signs most likely to cheat, Pisces will lie, even if you confront them. They will be less romantic and attached to you, more irritable and rude.

How To Win A Scorpio Man's Heart?

Scorpios are people who do not like fuss and are self-driven. If a Scorpio man is interested in you, he will let you know when the time is right. Meanwhile, try to establish an emotional connection with him.

What Is The Most Toxic Male Zodiac Sign?

Gemini representatives can often hide their true colors until you get comfortable with them. But very soon, it will be difficult for them to hide their duality and frequent mood swings.

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