10 Signs A Man Slept With Another Woman

10 Signs A Man Slept With Another Woman

Life is filled with so many ups and downs. And one major down is finding out that the man you have settled with is being unfaithful to you. The unfortunate thing is that some men have been cheating on their spouses and gotten away with it for months and even years.

Well, if you have suspicions that he is sleeping with another woman, then you should look into these signs to confirm your suspicions

a man is asleep, and in his dreams he has other women...

«1» He comes home in a different outfit

He left with a white shirt, and he comes back wearing a blue one instead. At first, you do not notice, but he gets comfortable doing it until you get to the point you ask yourself, is he cheating? Well, if he does this all the time, he probably is. Otherwise, what reasons would he have to keep changing outfits every other day?

If this happens once, it might have been an accident, and he will most probably tell you about it. But if he tries to change as soon as he gets home or acting shifty to distract you from noticing, then something is up.

«2» He does not want to be called randomly

Another sign that he has been cheating on you is if he has you on a call schedule. The schedule then keeps you in a box on the hours you can reach him. If the timing is within his working hours, then that is reasonable, but if the schedule extends even past working hours, it becomes weird. You must, however, not jump into the conclusion but first ask the reason you are on a schedule. And if the answers are scanty, he is hiding something from you, probably cheating.

«3» He becomes very secretive about his whereabouts

The boyfriend has become very secretive from his girlfriend.

It is indeed true that even in a relationship, one needs their own freedom. That means that you can freely go out with other friends, go for classes and whatnot. But all these should be done while your spouse has an idea of your whereabouts; otherwise, it strikes a suspicion.

Whenever your boyfriend or husband starts becoming evasive on where he is giving little info about where he is or was, then that is one of the indications he is cheating on you. If he is up to no good, he will get defensive and get angry whenever you ask where he is.

«4» He starts focusing on your flaws

When a man who would one time give you the world starts putting you down, something is amiss. A person who is up to no good mirrors the actions he is up and blames you instead. If the flawed features were there when you started dating, then he is just trying to deflect.

A cheating spouse will keep voicing out these imperfections so that you keep doubting yourself, knowing that you will not think if he is cheating, but focus on changing yourself. If he keeps putting you down on things you can not necessarily change about yourself, then he might be cheating on you.

«5» He spends minimal time with you

When couples first get together, they are inseparable. They do almost everything together. But after being together for a while, the duration becomes less and less but never ceases completely. A whole day might go down to a few hours, but there must be a reason for this.

Either work or a hobby might be a reason to cut down on the time you spent with your significant other. If none of the above is a reason for reducing time, and you cannot confirm where he is during these missing in action times, he might be sleeping with another woman.

«6» He starts comparing you with other women

he compares his other half to other women

When a man you have been with for a while starts comparing you to other women, then he might be sleeping with another woman. Most times, when this happens, he uses abusive language and comparisons through conversations. Some examples of things cheating men say to their spouses are, “why can’t you wear like so and so? Why can’t you wear your makeup or hair like her? “So on and so forth.

The statements are meant to throw you off your game so that you feel insecure about yourself as he continues being unfaithful. So if your man starts comparing you to other women in a rather suggestive manner, be aware, do your homework, and if he genuinely is cheating, get yourself the needed help to get out of that relationship.

«7» He starts talking with other women

When your man takes communication with other women besides family members above and beyond, then this is one of the signs he’s cheating. One or two exchanges of texts and calls are okay, but if the channel is anything beyond the ordinary, then red flags are waved. Your boyfriend or husband has no right to have long hearty conversations with other women that you do not know.

If they communicate during weird times like in the middle of the night and he walks away when he picks up their call, then he might be cheating. A one-time scenario is excusable, but if it is a regular occurrence, you better evaluate the situation and get to the bottom of things.

«8» His phone is all of a sudden password protected

Having passwords on your phone is a very normal thing nowadays. It is a sure way to keep your information secret from prying eyes. But if it gets to the point that a man has to hide his phone from his woman, something is not right. Having an impromptu password set up could mean that he does not want her to find something he is storing on his phone- conversations, pictures, or videos shared with another woman. Having a password itself is not a crime, but if you have no idea what it is, that should raise some doubt.

«9» He has unexplainable marks on his body

My boyfriend has unexplained marks on his back

When you are with someone, you undoubtedly know of almost all the markings on their bodies. Birthmarks, beauty spots, scars as well as stretch marks. And so finding an unexplainable mark on your spouse should strike some suspicion. With that said, when you notice scratch marks on his back, bite marks, or hickies, he probably is being unfaithful to you. In such a case, you should confront them on how they got the stamp. If he is truly cheating, he will make up absurd scenarios of how he got the mark. This here is one of the physical signs he is sleeping with someone else.

«10» His sexual appetite reduces

As a woman, you unmistakably know how your man behaves in the bedroom. Without a doubt, you know your man’s sexual desire, how often he needs some, and how he likes it. These things can, however, change due to other factors in his life like stress or health issues, so when these changes occur, do not automatically assume that he is cheating.

Just get to examine the situation to rule out cheating. If he seems to be in top shape health wise and mentally, then he probably is cheating. If he is not getting it from you, then he is probably getting it from elsewhere.

Three Ways to Address Cheating by Your Man

So now that you have the signs that could point to a cheating spouse, this section is to advise you on how to address the situation if you feel the evidence is beyond any reasonable doubt.

Three ways to stop a man from cheating

1) Voice your concern when you notice something fishy

After you have found that he is hiding his phone from you or having long conversations with unknown women, you proceed to confront him about it. Choose a time when both of you are calm and collected. Select a public space other than where either of you lives. Psychology says that holding a confrontation in areas that people are used to, they will tend to run away as they feel their safe space has been invaded.

So much so, go for a date, and while you are having a regular conversation, bring up the topic in a relaxed and calm way. Do not be loud and abusive, even if your fears have been confirmed. Remain civil so that you can hear him out. When you maintain calm, you will get to voice out all your concerns leaving no stone unturned.

2) Put your foot down

Well, this will depend on the result of the confrontation. If he was actually cheating and you have taken the time to think, and you have decided to stay, you must set rules and put your foot down.

You must then clearly voice out how it made you feel and give him a warning that if he does it again, you will leave. But if you decide to go, take time to rebuild yourself and take time to heal before getting into another relationship. Regardless, you have to stay committed to the decision you have settled on.

3) Use a spy app to monitor their activities

As a precautionary, you can always take a step further to keep him in check after he has been guilty once. With modern technology at our disposal, you can use a spy app to monitor him. This is how to know he is cheating on you again without his knowledge.


A heartbreak after finding out that your husband or boyfriend has been cheating on you is very devastating. And the situation can affect you in unimaginable ways. The trauma is unfounded mostly if you had given the relationship your all.

But then, it is better to find out early so that you can heal and not waste any more time on a deadbeat man. As the adage goes, it is better safe than sorry. Better now than later.

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