Signs of a Cheating Husband’s Cell Phone

signs he's cheating on his phone

In a world where technology advances at the speed of light, human nature has changed little, if at all. This means that there are even more opportunities for dating, flirting, and other personal connections, including virtual ones, and cheating on the phone is gaining momentum, making modern people ponder about what constitutes infidelity in our era.

Is My Husband Cheating on His Phone?

As difficult as it may be to get rid of obsessive thoughts and suspicions, it is important to do so for the sake of maintaining a healthy relationship. It is always advisable to adhere to the presumption of innocence principle to avoid toxicity and discord in relationships with a loved one – that is, do not accuse your partner of something unreasonably or behave as if you know they’re cheating on phone for sure.

My husband is always online on his phone, even in bed.

In our time, the cause of such tension between two seemingly loving people can be an excessive passion for devices – the study has determined that most of the people in surveyed couples are really upset with their partner's device obsessiveness, and in almost half of the cases, this also has a negative impact on their sex life. But paying more and more attention to your smartphone and less time on your loved one is just one aspect of the problem. Needless to say, mobile phones are a very convenient way to communicate without being caught, as it is next to impossible to catch cheater’s texting.

How Do Cheaters Communicate?

While the average smartphone user usually customizes their gadget according to their preferences to make it more convenient to use, the primary purpose of the cheater is to hide the cell phone cheating signs, which is undoubtedly evident if you pay close attention. For instance:

  • they configure all or some of the chats in a way that the popup will not display the content of the message
  • they set up the messages so that you can only hear the sound, but you never see who the messages come from
  • when you open their phone, you don’t see many apps – it's quite possible your partner uses secret messaging apps for cheaters which are hidden in a certain way on the gadget

It is clear that in order not to arouse suspicion, having relationships with two people at the same time requires a lot of endurance and ingenuity, and cheaters walk on a knife's edge. So while the channels of communication remain the same – text messages, voice messages, emails – you may also notice suspicious abbreviations in their dialogues, such as DTF, DADT, ASLP, FFM or MMF, NSA, or NSFS, which all essentially refer to the terms of the meeting or help exchange information with a PAP – potential affair partner.

15 Signs He's Cheating on His Phone

Wondering why your beloved is glued to the cell phone all the time and if this is one of the signs partner is cheating? Let's analyze their behavior and uncork their secrets!

1. Password-Protecting His Phone

If his data on the device is protected from your eyes, akin to a chest of gold at the bottom of the sea, this is among the alarming signs he's cheating online. Some cunning people agree, seemingly without unnecessary conflicts, to tell you exclusively the password from their gadget, and you, elated and unsuspecting, may not even remember to check whether it remained the same after some short period of time. However, it is best to calmly ask the reason for the password change under the right conditions – if he answers reasonably and updates you without any problems, great; if his reaction is boisterous, he must be hiding something.

2. Constantly Changes Passwords, Even for Individual Apps

There are strange names in my husband's contacts

What raises an even bigger red flag is your partner's tendency to password-protect every single program – an unusual habit for someone not rolling in the millions or being engaged in secretive activities. You may have previously noticed how annoyed and weird he gets when you approach him while using a gadget – and therefore imposing restrictions on your entry may be the next step and one of the obvious signs he's cheating on his phone. People don't act too protective of the inside of their media accounts or instant messenger near their loved ones unless they got a reason.

3. Hiding His Phone from You

Perhaps believing that without his smartphone constantly appearing right in front of your eyes, you will be less tempted to gawk at his secret chats and examine the gadget for photos and other content that may cause a frown and are clear signs of a cheating husband cell phone. Needless to say, this is an extreme situation, and you just need to clear the air between you and your partner by talking first. Perhaps the reason is not infidelity but the fact that a wall of misunderstanding has grown between you two, and your partner prefers secrecy and staying in his closet.

4. Always Keeping His Phone on Silent

The reason for keeping his device on silent may be dictated by a desire to relax and be in silence. He may be doing this to spend more time with you. Among other things, the silent mode on their phone is a great excuse for your loved one not picking up the phone exactly when you call. It can also be difficult for them to anticipate the behavior of a girlfriend on the side – getting out of an awkward situation when messages arrive one after another is not easy, and this strange popularity will undoubtedly cause you questions. So he decides it’s best to have his smartphone on silent, at least when you're around.

5. Deleting His Call Log and Text History

Why to be so particular about the history of communication, you might ask, and you'd be right. This looks more or less justified if your partner has an old phone that cannot pull through due to memory overload and requires constant maintenance of a certain memory state. But it can also be one of the signs your husband is texting another woman behind your back and trying not to leave any digital traces.

6. Spending a Lot of Time on His Phone

You see, it can sometimes be tricky to tell the difference why your boyfriend or girlfriend is so busy with their smartphones. A busy workload is a fairly common reason – but it can also serve as a front when your partner really needs to show up in the life of their new passion.

There is nothing shameful in approaching a partner at such a moment, asking what they are doing, and looking at the screen. Of course, do not abuse it constantly. An outburst of anger that follows a normal mood or a hasty screen turn-off may indicate that you have approached at an inconvenient moment. Why he reacts like this is a big question – your partner should be able to provide you with an explanation without much reluctance.

7. Becoming Defensive When You Ask About His Phone Usage

Your attempts to talk about the suspicious use of a smartphone can cause rejection in your partner – so it is important to get your point across. No need to state something or blame your partner straight ahead for cheating while on the phone. Communicate first that their behavior makes you nervous, and you feel bad about it.

If you are dear to your loved one and nothing bad is really happening, most likely, they will give you a completely logical explanation, leaving not a single drop of doubt in your soul. However, be prepared for the fact that your partner may have a counter request to see your device – and they have the right to do so if you want your request to be satisfied.

8. Having a Second Phone or SIM Card

This is already very fishy because if you live in the same house, it will take some effort to hide the fact of having another device from you. Failure to substantiate the reason for the presence of a second device does not mean anything good. In most cases, the second device is needed for communication at work, but if you have never seen and, most importantly, have not heard your loved one communicating on it in your presence, even not at a close distance from you, be vigilant.

9. Continuously Receiving Calls and Texts from Unknown Numbers

It's hard to tell who the calls are coming from if the contact isn't named – even if it is, don’t be so sure it's a real name. Try to pay attention if calls and/or messages from a certain number arrive on your partner's device from time to time, but for some reason, they are in no hurry to name them somehow. This may be one of the signs a man is cheating if he drops such calls or goes to call back in another room after some time has passed, believing that you have already forgotten about it. Also, try to check whether, for example, during a conversation with an alleged male, you do not hear a female voice.

10. Turning Off His Phone at Random Times

Once again, some people just can't wait to finally be able to turn off their phone, disconnect from the outside world, and spend time with loved ones without anyone bothering them, but if this is your case, most likely, you would not have doubts about the fidelity of your significant other. Noticing some other characteristics of a cheating man, it should cause special worries if your partner turns off the gadget in your presence only and does it regularly.

11. Going to Another Room to Take Calls

Acting in this way, the cheater can cover up his existing affair for a very long, with constant calls supposedly coming from work at any time. Of course, it can be inconvenient to answer important calls if there are screaming children in the room or you have guests, but being one-on-one and seeing your husband or partner suddenly get changed in the face can mean that they have something to hide from you. Once sneaking up to the room they went to, you can get them caught cheating on the phone by eavesdropping on the intonation or the conversation itself.

12. Having Multiple Social Media Accounts

Such a different man in different social networks

This is a perfectly logical step if your partner wants to lead a double life and in no way let you suspect that you are not the only one. If you are the “main” person in his life, then most likely, the account you know about will feature a lot of your joint photos and other content. At least you can suspect something if the application on the partner’s gadget is blocked.

If, on the contrary, you turn out to be a side chick, then it is quite possible that you will hear excuses that he does not want to post photos online, he is not interested in socials, and so on. Next among signs he's cheating online and not only is that he keeps you a secret from friends and family.

13. Having a Lot of Apps He Doesn't Want to Show You

There are certain applications that, if found, can signal secrets being hidden from you, and your partner is well aware of this. These can be programs that allow him to hide other applications, privacy-ensuring products, VPN services, and more. Yes, for example, signs your husband is sexting still may be on his phone, but in order to open and, most importantly, find the application, you need to properly investigate this topic online.

14. Constantly Texting or Messaging Someone

There are many reasons why a modern person can spend too much time with the gadget – it can be work, addiction to online entertainment, and even depression. But at the same time, you should observe cheating husbands and cell phones if they relax and smile a lot when texting with someone while communicating coldly with you.

Seeing them so obsessed while chatting with someone means that tons of messages should accumulate on the gadget. If you somehow get hold of it after that and see that it is empty, then see point 5 of this article because something is most likely going on.

15. Having a Lot of Notifications from Dating Apps

The discovery of dating apps becomes a real tipping point for many and brings them very close to ending the relationship. Unless otherwise agreed at the beginning of the relationship, then catching cheaters on cell phones searching for new acquaintances and even flirting, aka online cheating, is not something you can put up with while in a serious relationship. This means that your partner is lacking something in your bond, and instead of discussing it with you, they consciously choose to hurt you.

How to Catch a Cheating Husband

What to do with a cheating man

Catching a cheating husband won’t be an easy thing. But you still have options, whether with or without direct access to his phone.

How to Catch a Cheater with Access to His Phone

His phone is the perfect place to find evidence of cheating. If you have previously noticed weird signs he's cheating, such as those indicated in this article, it is quite possible that you will be able to find some kind of clue in such locations on his phone as:

  • SMS and call history, contact book. Go through the messages for purchases you don't know, for example
  • messages and calls in messengers. This is a more modern way of communication.
  • go over email apps
  • if possible, check the video and audio files that can be deleted from the device but are stored in the cloud

How to Catch a Cheater Without His Phone

While this may seem a little tricky to some, there are convenient online tools today, such as uMobix, that operate remotely to help you catch a cheater without having direct access to their gadget. uMobix is easy to configure – you just need to enter the credentials to your husband’s iCloud account and check your dashboard for updates – and it remains undetected for him.  

Among other things, uMobix is capable of tracking:

  • browser history and social media chats, along with shared content,
  • cheating spouse text messages codes, calls, and contacts’ book
  • provides full access to Instagram
  • acts as a voice-activated recorder cheating spouse via streaming for Android, and so on.

Mostly, such solutions for remote tracking are designed for phones with cloud storage, like iCloud on an iPhone, retrieving data from there.


How to tell if your husband is lying about cheating?

Behavior such as hiding their devices from you, making accusations towards you, and often catching him in a lie on various issues can be quite indicative.

How to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp?

If you live in the same house and, for example, use the same computer from time to time, it is quite possible that their active session is still there. There are also online applications, such as uMobix, that track WhatsApp along with other messengers.

Why my husband looks at other females online?

The availability of all the online content nowadays allows everyone, including you, to look at attractive people, and this is normal. But if we are talking about using specifically dedicated services, like dating sites, then your partner may want to meet someone other than you for reasons such as emotional starvation, falling out of love, feeling lonely, etc.

How to find out if a spouse has another SIM card?

If you call them from time to time under some pretext and their phone is out of range, this may raise doubts about their SIM card change. Alternatively, you can use a spy app, which includes a feature that allows you to check the SIM card change at any time.

What is the best app to catch a cheating spouse?

Currently, the uMobix app is among the best offerings as it provides a wide range of features and works both with and without access to the target gadget in some cases.

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