Get Someone’s Text Messages on Your Phone Incognito

Read Someone's Text Messages

The technology is widespread and used on a large scale by companies. 36% of websites gather information about users in one form or another, so why shouldn’t you be able to use the same tools?

If you need to view a person's text messages without having access to their phone, you might also be interested in finding ways how to accomplish it without spending any money. Thankfully, there are some ways to get someone's text messages without physically getting access to their smartphone, which we will explore below.

Why May Someone Want to Read Someone Else's Text Messages?

There are plenty of reasons one might be interested in having access to messages on someone else's phone. Disregarding all the illegal reasons we won't be getting into in this article for obvious moral, ethical, and legal reasons, we are still left with quite an extensive list.

Read on Someones Text Messages Online

In the US, 66% of parents who have at least one child under the age of 18 say that parenting is harder today than it was 20 years ago because of technology. You might want to see someone's text messages if you plan on being more involved in your child's life, keeping them safe, and tracking their online activity to safeguard them from a distance. You might be an employer tracking your employees' activity and protecting your IP. Or, maybe, you want to make sure your elderly relatives do not engage in any dubious activities online and are not getting scammed.

Are There Any Ways to Read Someone's Text Messages Without Their Phone for Free?

Fortunately, if there is demand, there is supply. We have gone through the most popular apps on the market today and are providing you with the selection of apps that do the job in the best way possible in their respective category. So, in no particular order:

A. Cocospy – Ideal for Sending, Receiving, and Erasing Messages

Spy on Text Messages Online - Cocospy App

Cocospy offers extensive functionality and is one of the most popular brands of niche software. The list of features is really impressive. However, it is worth noting that their free trial option has been removed recently, and at the moment, it is unknown whether it is coming back anytime soon.

What You Get

Cocospy offers its clients such features as call and SMS tracking, location tracker, geofence alert, tracking FB messages, WhatsApp spy, Snapchat, Viber, Instagram spy, stealth mode, website history tracker, SIM location tracker, etc. However, note that if you want to read someone's text messages without having their phone, you will need a prior installation of the software.

Why Cocospy Is the Mainstay of the Industry

The app offers an extensive list of services, including the ability to get someone else's text messages on your phone via the app's dashboard. If you want the whole package, complete with locations, a wide range of tracked messaging apps, and social media platforms, look no further.

B. uMobix – Optimal for Reading Messages Without Phone Access

This particular app is targeted primarily at kids' activity on the phone. uMobix gives you access to monitoring activity on more than 30 common apps and social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, TikTok, and many others.

What uMobix Has to Offer

You will be able to see calls, both standard phone and social media messages, photos and videos, GPS location, and access the keylogger feature on the target phone. It also lets you restrict access to certain apps on the phone, set time for phone or a separate app use per day or week, or even regulate activities on a platform, like setting restrictions on using apps like Reddit, without blocking the app completely.


uMobix covers all the widespread social media sites and messengers as well as gives you additional functionality in the form of various trackers, such as location or keylogging. It gives you an opportunity to read someone's text messages without installing software on their phone free due to the fact that its support representatives may offer users a free trial for 1 day. It boasts great flexibility in what it can provide and how to provide it. If you want to protect your child from the dangers of the world wide web, uMobix got you covered.

C. Hoverwatch – Best Spy Application That Remains Undetectable

Spy on text messages free sms spy app - Hoverwatch App

Hoverwatch is a phone tracking app that is available on Android, Windows, and Mac OS X. The app offers a free trial option, so you can see what it has in store before you actually subscribe and has a flexible subscription plan scheme, with options broken into Personal, Professional and Business categories. The app is constantly updated and has lots of simple solutions for seemingly tricky tasks.

See Someone's Text Messages Online for Free

What separates Hoverwatch from the previous apps mentioned on our list is that it lets you read someone else's text messages from your phone for free due to a free trial, as the rest of the features, quite frankly, are somewhat similar to the previous two entries, complete with all the good stuff.

Even if your kids know how their gadgets operate, the mobile phone tracker's invisibility function enables it to remain fully concealed from the user. The monitoring Android device's owner cannot notice the parental control app, which gathers the most accurate data. To detect the software, tons of technical expertise is required, which your minors, most likely, do not possess.

Also read the full review about the Hoverwatch app.

Helicopter Parenting at a Whole New Level

The most inconspicuous way to spy on text messages remotely is with flexible payment plans and a free trial. There is also a demo available for the app if you want to see the functionality and the interface before you make a purchase, which is always a plus in our book.

D. SpyBubble Pro – Ideal for Remote Screen Capturing

Sms Tracker - SpyBubble Pro App

The greatest program available to spy on an unfaithful girlfriend or boyfriend, which was created with the goal of catching a cheating partner, is on our list. The app lets you check someone's text messages online and much more with regular discounts.

Important Features of SpyBubble Pro

All the features you might possibly need to look into to find out whether your partner is unfaithful are here in SpyBubble Pro. With tools like phone log and text message monitoring, GPS tracking, and social media monitoring, it is incredibly easy to accomplish whatever you have planned. And if the query is full of cunning, SpyBubble Pro comes with a unique feature of being able to access erased phone records and texts.

Positive Aspects of the App

Because this spy app is simple to set up, all you need is five minutes of physical access to your partner's phone when they are not there. It doesn't matter what phone operating system they have, as it is compatible with both Android and iPhones.The program is mostly undetectable, so the target won't ever be aware that it is installed on their smartphone.

E. FlexiSPY – Perfect for Recording Ambient Sounds to Capture Surroundings

FlexiSPY - track text messages

FlexiSPY brings us a somewhat different spin on the tracking app focusing on corporate use and utilizing corporate hardware and software. Employees are the largest hazards to firms, whether unintentionally or through an explicit insider threat. With FlexiSPY, you can track someone's text messages to stay abreast of everything that happens on your business devices with the help of this staff monitoring software.

Edge Over Competitors

What makes FlexiSPY truly unique are its two services. The first one is a dedicated set of computer tracking functionality available for the most common PC and Mac OS suites. The second one is the purchasing of your phone of choice with FlexiSPY pre-installed on it, so you won't need to get physical access to the device down the road, and it also eliminates all the installation hassle if you feel unsure about it. In all other regards, it has comparable functionality to the other entries on this list.

In case you didn't order a phone from FlexiSPY with a pre-installed copy of the software, it has an option for remote installation and a whole service dedicated to it. It also lets you read someone else's text messages from your phone for free through the FlexiVIEW Mobile Viewer App, available on both iPhone and Android.

mSpy – Effective Social Media Message Tracker

Best App to Read Text Messages mSpy

mSpy is another app aimed mainly at parents on our list and was released on the market in 2010, so it has quite a track record to back up its efficiency. It comes with all the necessary basic features you want from a tracking app, including reading someone's text messages without having their phone.

mSpy Functionality

mSpy gives you an opportunity to check out all app features in a demo mode. Besides the standard array of basic features, it provides you with the ability to check emails on the target device, as it is compatible with Apple and Android gadgets and is equally difficult to spot on either of those systems. It also gives you a handy dashboard that lets you monitor the target appliance activity in real time.

Main Pros

The app is incredibly easy to install, provides the user with real-time updates on the target device activity, and the developer offers around-the-clock live support should you run into issues of any sort or have questions left unclear after reading the FAQ section.

Our Method for Selecting the Top Text Messages Tracker

Reading someone’s messages online

While compiling this list for your convenience, we used simple principles to guide us. We looked at the most downloaded apps and services on AppStore and PlayMarket, selecting the potential contestants. After that, we went in and looked at the user scores and reviews left by the actual customers, leaving out obviously paid and bot reviews. Upon doing this, we were left with a list of products we tested for actual functionality, compatibility, the scope of features, and ease of use. And this is how the list you've just read came to be.

Is it okay to spy on text messages?

You might think it to be wrong, initially, to check on someone’s text messages but it is totally human to doubt someone. You are free to want to convey what you feel and talk to them but if they just won’t budge, you should not find it wrong to want to know what’s going on.

Is it okay to spy on text messages

You deserve the information you need to be on good terms with someone. If something is hampering that, you can overcome the barrier by looking over their shoulder and seeing what they are up to. Sometimes, it becomes a necessity to check someone’s text messages and therefore, this might actually prove more helpful than harmful.

Why should you check someone’s text messages?

There can be many reasons to check someone’s phone. Some selected reasons are as follows-

  1. Lack of participation: If someone has started participating less and less in activities that once interested them or if they have backed off from proper discussion about anything, it is a matter of concern. They might be in trouble and checking their messages might help figure out what they are up to.
  2. Less conversation: If someone is involving less in conversation and is always glued to their phone, it could be either an addiction or a matter of trouble for them. In either case, checking their text messages might reveal why they are so attached to the phone that they are giving up human skills.
  3. Isolation: If someone is isolating themselves a lot, they might be going through some problems but if it is with the phone, they might either be in trouble or up to something fishy that they don’t want you to know about.
  4. Secrecy: In a healthy relationship, secrecy is okay only to an extent, post which it becomes a matter to be worried about. Keeping secrets from each other roughly translates to hiding things as well which is not okay if it is happening too often and can actually be the first red flag to point out cheating in a relationship.
  5. Inappropriate activities can be traced: While there are so many problems possible this might be the lightest one to even be worried about. However, if your loved one is involved with inappropriate activities like sending selected pictures that shouldn’t be sent, taking illegal decisions that might land them behind bars and even being threatened.

Most Important Features Of Text Message Spy Apps:

When you avail of this-website app to check someone’s phone messages and records, you should know there are the right features for you. Perhaps not all of them will be of relevance to you. However, to navigate through what all is available in the app is important to find out whether or not it is solving your purpose.

happy couple

We have thus curated a list of features that we find important and suggest you get these in the subscription you choose for the best possible result that can help you avail the right facilities you need for brainstorming and spying your way through.

Keeping a track of the messaging apps

To get proof of your cheating girlfriend text messages, you should not settle for just the text messages- that’s not enough living in the age of multi-app browsing. We use several apps for talking or networking, and unless you have access to these apps as well, you will not be able to catch your cheating girlfriend red-handed.

The exchange of data, that we have talked about earlier, is possible on any app out of the several we use and so it is very convenient to delete the data as well. One can pick out certain messages or images to delete them, thus removing proof of such an exchange. Therefore, having a simultaneous control becomes important and helpful in more ways than one. How much someone toggles between these apps and the amount of time they spend on a particular app is also seen and monitored this way.

From Instagram direct messages that can be read to Facebook messenger and WhatsApp chats and media storage to see whether she is cheating on you, this-website helps you. You can keep track of her activity and let you know about the exchange of data that you can make her account for.

Internet activity monitoring

There are a lot of times people are ignoring you. This can be easily monitored when using this-website since there is a facility for knowing whether she is actually busy or just scrolling through Instagram and doesn’t want to talk to you. This helps detect lies as well.

Internet activity monitoring also allows you to access browsing history and cookies, revealing her interests and recent searches. If something is wrong, you’ll be able to put together facts and come to the conclusion quite easily because their phone feels different. Thus, it is important to have an overall check of her internet usage as well to know what she is doing.

Tracking Locations

Using a GPS tracker will help you and her both, you will be able to follow them through the GPS at all times. You can always cross-check this to confirm whether they are lying to you thinking that you wouldn’t get to know.


You can also be physically present at the place the GPS tracker is leading you to, to know who they are meeting and what they are doing. By giving you a very clear idea of things, this helps you sort out whether they are lying or speaking the truth and what they are up to.

Access to call history

When you are ardent to know how to get cheating spouse text messages, you get numerous reliable apps like this-website. You can also know, in addition, the call history of the person- whether they received or made the calls, how long the calls are, and at what time. Another whole spectrum of lying falls flat here. If it doesn’t match what they are claiming, it is time for you to confront them.

This-website also tells other details of the caller such as their name, location, and other relevant details apart from call time duration and incoming or outgoing details. These details are accessible to you as much as it is for the user themselves and their cloud, so it becomes much more convenient to track down the callers.

Control even from far off

Since there is no need for the target device to be physically present, you can check up on them while you are at an appointment, work, or even when you are away from the city. You don’t need to be in a particular geographical area when data needs to be accessed, you can be miles away and still make sure you have control over the activities of this person.

Spy on Someones Text Messages Online

This feature provides convenience and comfort to be able to stay up-to-date with the conversations on her phone before they get to delete it when they plan to be around you.


Can I secretly view someone else's messages from my phone? 📩

Yes, there is a plethora of apps and services that let you do this very thing, and you can find out more about a small selection of them we have gathered here for you in the article above. All of the apps listed here let you do this.

Can I see someone else's iMessages without accessing their device? 👌

All of the apps mentioned here are compatible with iOS, so you shouldn't have any issues trying to look at iMessages while not requiring direct access to the phone.

Can I get copies of my spouse's text messages? 📋

Yes. Some apps on this list even let you get access to deleted messages and call history.

Can my partner detect that I'm monitoring his text messages? 💏

It is possible, but most of the products presented here have a meager chance of being discovered and are virtually invisible if you enable the stealth mode and the partner doesn't know spyware signs.

Is it against the law to view someone else's text messages? 🧑‍⚖️

No. It has the potential to be used illegally, but all the brands listed here are official businesses, and some have been on the market for more than a decade. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the user agreement carefully before employing the software.

Such functionality is possible and is particularly easily achievable with any software on the list. The difference lies in the list of tracked social media.

What are some of the top-rated applications to read someone's text messages? 🌐

All of the apps presented here allow you to receive someone else's text messages without them knowing in a convenient way that leaves practically no evidence. If we were made to decide, we would prefer uMobix or mSpy.

How to track text messages on someone else’s phone for free? 🆓

Tracking someone's texts is straightforward when you have the right program, and it's better to choose the one that offers a trial period but is not completely free. Some apps require one-time physical access to the target device, while others need the target person's iCloud data to set it all up and start monitoring texts.

How to see someone else's text messages on iPhone? 👁‍🗨

You can read someone's text messages without installing software on their phone. Just sign in with the target person's iCloud account credentials and use the iCloud backup to restore and read the data.

You can save your relationship from being sabotaged at the hands of a stranger and save your loved one as well, through the smart use of this app.

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